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Tosspot7 months ago

I have 4 shock trains on spectre i earned my way to champ and i assure you that setup is easier to take down than you think. Build some old school sniper bots and learn to use them and the scourge shocktrain dark times will end. I use fury tempest and I eat spectres for lunch on most maps but not all. Small maps I'm finding mercury thunder pins work on them well with jump smash ability even at lvl 9.or you can use the small shielded bots with lock on weapons. Tip when specter jumps its Stealth apears active but it's not for about 1 to 2 seconds. You can hit it airborne if you are waiting for it to jump.

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Tosspot7 months ago

No way I just got a taste of the new upgrade times exodus from lvl 6 to lvl 7 10 days. That's crazy! You said you would increase upgrade times but that way too much pix. I spend gold on time and have payed cash for it. You just ended that your loss pix. I will put all new weapons on the back burner until you come to your senses. The weapons I already have will go to mk2 lvl 12 now and my wallet is closed for the time being. Too bad too, you got us some cool weapons now I can't and will not get to use them. Bad move pix. The new gun looks cool though. So sad.

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Tosspot10 months ago

I think this interesting and as this apears to skill sensitive I highly suggest you keep it easily accessible to all players to make it fair
Example I got the kumiho as soon as it came out and had the opportunity to use it on test server so I clobbered everyone in my path for months. I was past the learning curve before most people got there dash bots. Yea me! But honestly unfair to those foolish enough to cross my path. I was winning the matches almost on my own and few could stop me. Mk2 was clearly a pay to win now gimmi and that's cool pix programmer's need to eat too but on modules let's give everyone just a few up front and see what happens. Thx pix now pony up the castle map and thank you for the 20 chests today very classy.

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Tosspot11 months ago

WR is really putting it all together this year. It was a rocky start with the new not so available bots maybe could still use some tuning there. BUT I see much improvement in play waiting for that castle map to get done its my favorite in testing. 5ZT0OQ
I could use a few active players still in Smash Bros . Join a fun clan join smash bros.

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