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Nook Jusst

Nook Jusst6 months ago

1000 Au for Magnum x2, 1500 Au for Taran x2, 1000 Au for opening a 4th spot, 4000 Au for Carny. 10,000 Au total.

Let's say one gets 70 Au/day, and they have the time to play EVERYDAY (or at least login and watch ads): 7x70 = 490 Au/week, 490x4.5 = 2205 Au/month -- that's the amount a player can get a month without paying or participating in challenges and winning awards.

10000/2205 = 4.5 months. Meaning in 4 AND HALF MONTHS a player, who plays EVERYDAY, does not spend any Au on upgrades, will ONLY have a hangar consisting of: a Plasma Griffin, Carny with Thunders, RDB Griffin and Punisher Leo.
I'll repeat: 4 AND HALF MONTHS!!...

This game used to be fun for the beginners.... Soon, we won't have anyone to play with...

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Nook Jusstlast year

Just reading all this makes me tired and frustraited. Playing this game against MK2 gear with lvl 10 items has already taken its fun out of it. Now I ll be eliminated twice as fast with things like Immobility. Why Pixonic, why..

You have a solid platform to build long term relationship with your player-base. Why making this game so complex? It’s no longer skill based, it’s gear based. With these ‘hot-fixes’ to fix game balance you are making it even more overwhelming. Ever thought about making the MM and lag from Dash bots fixed first? Sigh.

Fyi, I am not spending a dime until you start respecting and listen to your community. Check FB once in a while to see what your audience is saying. Even your Round Table reps were ignored and silenced, come on... Majority of players leave never even getting to Expert league. I know, cuz I run clans. So until then, no soup for you.

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