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Warbozz Rakzar

Warbozz Rakzar8 months ago

There has to be a reason behind the time increases, one possibility is that they are trying to get us to use the old bots

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Warbozz Rakzar11 months ago

But then you realize tankers will be using this stuff too,... thanks Pixonic. Also if they are squading these could hold you down and in place ready to eaten alive be shocktrains, Deathbuttons, snipers, just everything

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Warbozz Rakzar11 months ago

Everyone these are the steps to breaking Pixo’s control;

Step 1: find your open wallet
Step 2: close said wallet
Step 3: lock your phone
Step 4: open a window
Step 5: take a step back
Step 6:and....
Step 7: YEET

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Warbozz Rakzarlast year

Bruh, PS2 games have more exiting updates than this. I mean they are basically making this into a mobile pay to win Armored Core game

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