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Thunder Carnage is lyfe! Even though it's dying in expert league...

(W)Worrior5 months ago

Guys why the one with 3 bursts...

If that is so the rush ability would be wasted, but pros and cons
Pros for the purple mender:
Able to heal allies immediately if in the process of engaging
Able to heal a wide range of allies while rushing with ability

Cons for the purple mender:
Unable to use ability at its full potential if ally can only be reached at end of ability

Pros for the blue mender:
Lookin good right there!
Lazy to type... mostly are the opposite of the purple

Cons for the blue mender:
unable to save ally in time if engaging due to lag of time

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(W)Worrior5 months ago

War Robots,

Instead of just bringing water to the horse,
why don't you help the horse to bring itself to the water instead?

Like if there is a repair robot in the team, can you put an indicator saying that it is a repair robot,
So if for example, my Carnage got heavily bursted by a Orkan Haechi but manage to survive (due to the fact that the orkans is low level) , An ally weyland noticed me and approached me, but because there is a object blocking my view, i don't know that it is a Weyland, so if you add an indicator saying that it is a repair robot, i can happily use my rush and run to it :)

And everyone's happy!

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(W)Worrior5 months ago


they are nice people! Don't say that about them! they are currently not worried about new players yet because there are tons of them so they always have a chance to climb up the league!
But for my thunder carnage (maxed out), gust stalker(LV 8), shotgun griffin(all lv 5) and orkan fujin (lv 6-8) in expert league, they are not dying yet! Because there is a mode called FFA, they trying really hard to balance the game for current high league players,

Longer upgrade time is for money players to be satisfied because if they don't make the upgrade time longer and just throw in this shit called 'cheaper component' weapons, the rich players will just be like "WTF,I CASHED FOR THIS HAECHI RIGHT HERE"
and get furious and just quit the game :)

Cheaper component weapons is because Pixonic wants every player to get a chance to try out those cool weapons, let's calculate
you currently have 3500 ember components and you need like another one and a half months to get it and upgrading it till max is total of 2 and a half months

but for the new update, they are making it CHEAPER so you can just buy it instantly, but the upgrade time is longer, which means the 1 and a half months is gone, but for the upqrade time has been increased so it should be around that 2 and a half months

So Pixonic wants players to get access to component weapons FASTER but in order for the cash player to be satisfied they decided to increase the upqrade time which is actually bullshit because the time to get them to MK2 lv12 for current version and for later version is going to be about the same so why complain about it when they are making it so fair?

Now talking about the Royal thing, the newer you are in this game, the more likely the chance you will get components instead, for my new FB gameroom accountS, i noticed that i most likely get 1500 components straight up the first draw but for my older account in android they normally just allow you to draw cards that is 1-3 columns higher than the current possible reward.

Oh yeah... for that shit you called taking right there, if your unhappy then go FFA! everyone's happy when they see tankers in FFA, they just get killed instantly! why bother go teams then? like you said, your a 3year Veteran and i'm just a 6-months noob in Expert League II with a shit hanger! Go FFA, i believe that you can surely trash them the moment FFA starts (@.@--) so screw off if your gonna talk about tanking, sometime tanking can be good! i witnessed them before! fall to the expert league if you dare!

Matchmaking system is just something Pixonic did for compulsory purposes, i always get matched up with champions, i somehow always get No.4,No.3 and No.2
if your going to keep complaining there and wait for some updates, why don't find out some solutions for yourself while waiting?

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(W)Worrior6 months ago

Yay! now there will be more rhinos for me to kill!

No... now there will be more haechi with orkans to disable my shield...

Yay! now there will be having support robots, finally no more hiding when HP at 3000 waiting for shield to go back at 83600 just to depend on it!

No... now there are more dangerous weapons... how is my thunder good enough for it...

NO!!!!!! why is there no robots that can shoot robots while in a mode like fujin/rajin from far range while deploying drones to fire!

Yay! Now it finally looks like a real combat game!
Just wondering... why can't you guys make MK3 that can actually allow you to select one new ability? for example you can mount a built-in shield generator in a griffin so that it is protected from long range shots while jumping but of course you can make them way weaker...

Actually you guys, instead of having weapon slots for the healer, why can't you mount them with auto-firing guns? So while in the game, the healers can focus running towards their teammates while the auto-firing guns just do their job keeping the enemies at bay. Or else the healers might just take advantage of the healing effect and just fly solo while in combat.

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