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MrSandvich Costiniano

MrSandvich Costiniano7 months ago

I kinda felt bad for Pinata and Orkan since they were my best rocket launchers for my Griffin. This was since it was the best build for my Griffin in Beacon Rush. Even Rogatka Orkans.. ;-;

I wish Rogatka and Griffin would get a buff so that I can use then effectively in leagues. If I'd pray to God for you, I hope you're happy.

If that came in update 4.4, I would've MK2 them in handy. At lest Destrier is my favorite robot. I hope there will be a Skirmish mode out of Destrier just like his Thunder build thing I requested to you, Stan, Tofsla, and one of you developers of this game. Thanks for everything.

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MrSandvich Costiniano8 months ago

With these Suppressing robots, I could put them on with Lockdown weps and Insta-kill combo! And then, BAM!! Sorry! Time's up, you're dead! But if I'm facing them, I would just grab my Shotgun Spectre and bash their face!

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MrSandvich Costiniano11 months ago

That's cool. So, I can think of a descending Rogatka or a Helldiving Carnage.

...that's a bit insane.

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MrSandvich Costinianolast year

Even Weyland, too. I think. What if they overheal? Maybe extra HP and healing nearby allies for a long time will make the Ubercharge?

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MrSandvich Costinianolast year

The Mender is like the Medic from Team Fortress 2?! OMG!! That's so awesome! There might be and update very soon that you can make taunts.

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