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War Robots newbie. My English skills are bad, so excuse me. :) \Country: South Korea\ Favorite robots I have: Pursuer, bulgasari, and Kumiho\ Robot I REALLY hate: Spectre\

Gaming CBPlast year

Do you even know that shocktrain and Spectre are RUINING the game, you little Spectre fanboy? And are you afraid of amount of money that is for replacing Spectre to other robots?
(Kill my bad English)

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Gaming CBPlast year

But, why the hell did you buff Dragoon and Ember? They are too unbalanced compared to other heavy weapons.

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Gaming CBPlast year

Thanks Pixonic! I was afraid of getting destroyed by orkan Spectre.
Also, my tempest Raijin became a bit more powerful as a mid-range sniper.
But don't add unbalanced robots anymore. Don't cross the line. :(
(Sorry for my f**king bad English BTW)

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Gaming CBP2 years ago

More keys instead of components in Supply Drops? Are you kidding Pixonic? I was waiting for Bulgasari components in Supply drops!
But it's a relief that American Robots' cost changed to golds.

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