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Tostadalast year

Thanks for listening! This is by far the best thing to happen to the game in years. Thank you. Love all the new tech. Love the new roles we can choose to play. And I can finally play what ever mode I'm in the mood for. I just don't understand why you need to tweak WS2.0 I really felt the times and cost we're already to long and too much. This is a great disappointment. Especially for new players that still need to aquire the basic tech. I'll be alright because I already have more then I need and it's all top tier. But the new players will surely suffer and quit.

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Tostada2 years ago

I'm in diamond with mostly lv 6-7 boots with lv 8 weapons. No fancy component bots either. I fight big spenders with mk2 everything here and there. Those expensive weapons don't compare to skill. I like the game how it is. I like the challenge. I'm 68% win. Average 600k damage.

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