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Alberto Perez Valencia

Alberto Perez Valencia8 months ago

With these you are going to stop the influx of new players that at least were occupying part of the places vacant from oldtimers tired of being mistreated and disapointed at your lack of comunication and perceptivness to all the feedback and info we keep sending you to fix the issues that are destroying the game and making so many thousands or hundreds of thousands of great oldtimers to be temporarily replaced by newcomers that shall shortly go away looking for a game more player friendly. I might say it doesn't affect me but whatever affects the game at the end finally has adverse consequences to all of us who who are not new to the game. And you keep either adding more content to a game that already has way to much that we can't manage to keep up with but also don't do a thing to fix all the known issues that need fixing asap and causing so many to abandon. You need to pay atention to what affects the majority of your player base, not the minority of newcomers neither the minority of real old timers and wallet warriors that are in since it started. It's the 80% of players in between that need urgent changes or otherwise you'll end losing them in a while. Good luck with your choices and decissions, but you are fixing and mending things that that might need fixing but are forgetting the ones eroding the foundations and central core of the game (matchmaking, tankers, VIP 2.0, economy etc).

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