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REIGESS9 months ago

Well, this new update is a step in the right direction, although I don't really understand removing modules from some mechs and reducing the slot types in others. I feel that all mechs should have at least 3 passive spots and one active for modules. I do appreciate the consideration given to some of the original mechs, but that hardly makes up for the treachery they did in the 4.5 update when they underhandedly took all of those components from us players that had earned them through chests, and were saving them up for that conversion system. Their "compensation" for taking our parts wasn't really that, they just gave us the items the parts were for and some silver. WHAT A JOKE. I'll never forgive them for screwing us over. I'm considering leaving this game altogether. Darkness Rises looks pretty good at the moment.

I will say I'm happy the hellburner got watered down a bit......I hate them bastards mechs. Now, if we could only see the spectre and shocktrain go away, I'd be pleased. That shocktrain should've never been introduced. Not withstanding there have been way too many gimmick mechs introduced that are rendering the older mechs somewhat useless.

Sometimes in feel like if, who owns Pixonic, and pixonic themselves actually cared more about the results of their actions, this game wouldn't be in the garbage state it's in now, and more players would still be playing.

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