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Am I Evil8 months ago

The last 36 times with bronze chests I have had 10k silver 23 times ,12k silver 11 times ,7 gold 1 time a Pinata 1 time so the rebalance will be taken with a pinch of salt.
And the only reason for reducing upgrade times is to make you buy more silver with cash as the amount after last upgrade has diminished each battle by around 50%

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Am I Evil2 years ago

This "gambling/roulette/card turning" or what ever the current event thing is not anything like what it is supposed to be.
When you can guarantee the main "prize" will be the last one to gain it cannot be described as is just a shop fronting as a gambling event.
I have seen lots of videos of people buying the event items and every single one has the same result (the main "prize" being the last one).
I used to love this game I used to be on all day everyday until my battery died and on again as soon as I had charged it but now I only get on when my phone needs charging (playing Battle of Titans on phone as my iPad gen4 is no longer supported and I can't upgrade iOS to 11 so BoT won't work on it) and only then after I have done my other games.
Pixonic has destroyed a once great game where gameplay , tactics and skill counted to a pay to win game (don't get me started on the price to do that £99 for a bot is extortionate) with no other option but to either play the current game state (king of hill atm) or hit random (yes I understand there is custom game mode but that all depends on others you know being online) that with the recent holding of the win as the reds have got a chance of winning (waited 1 min 27 seconds with no red bar left to lose for example).
Components good be a decent addition but the the amount you need 10,000 parts is stupid 1,000 would be more obtainable and would make playing to win them more attractive.
These changes makes for a game with nothing to hold the core members we are leaving by the dozen each day as will I as soon as my new iPad comes.
Thank you pixonic for putting money first , second , third , fourth , *********** eighty eighth and cash cows aka players sub zero -7.

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