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War Robots 2.8 Update Notes. Sling me to the Moon

by War Robots - 17.04.2017

Good news, everyone: we’re going to space! The first off-the-Earth map is finally here.

Update 2.8 seems relatively small in terms of change list length, but almost every point here brings a significant impact. Aside of the new battleground (a giant leap for mankind!) this patch includes a new Rogatka, new look for Shutze and new in-game event — which we’ll tell you more about closer to its start.


War Robots Anniversary event

Anniversary event starts on April 28th. More details to come on April 22nd


New map: Moon

Moon is added to map rotation

This battleground is made for quick brawls on close to medium distance. In many regards Moon is similar to Dead City. There are places to utilize long range weapons, but not many. It is more or less symmetrical but has a rather intricate basic structure. Jumpy robots should also feel great here: there are many covers that you can go over on the Moon.



Oh, and speaking of jumpy robots.


Rogatka update

We gave Rogatka a new look and significantly better stats

  • Faster. Movement speed: 48 → 60
  • Stronger. Durability: 135K → 150K
  • Higher. Jump cooldown 10 sec → 7 sec
  • And so much nicer. Rogatka received a new model

Rogatka was out of spotlight for quite some time. With much stronger alternatives arriving (and also Griffin doing same things much more efficiently), once relatively strong Rogatka went from “alright-but-nothing-spectacular” category to “yeah-it’s-fun-jumping-around-but-what’s-next”. 

In 2.8 we’re giving Rogatka a significant stat boost to help it perform in the current ecosystem. We wanted to reinforce this robot’s role as a more nimble alternative to Griffin: it bears significantly less firepower, but offsets this with maneuverability which is hard to surpass. Unlike Griffin, whenever Rogatka engages in a fight it’ll rarely be the one-way ticket. Jump into the fray — cause some mayhem — jump out of the fray.

And while we’re at it, make sure to check our article on Rogatka’s new look.


Shutze visual update

This little guy will never be the same

  • More sharp angles: Shutze received a new model for all its troubles



Performance and bug fixes

  • [Optimization] Improved performance on several maps
  • [Matchmaking] Rating sum for squads is calculated correctly now
  • [Bug] Wind-up animation of Molot and Punisher properly reflects the fire rate increase
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