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War Robots Web Shop

War Robots Web Shop is a new way to purchase resources and Premium. You can buy Silver, Gold, Power Cells and more and send them to your account or gift them to a friend.


To purchase resources via the Web Shop, you need to log in on the website and specify the in-game ID. Resources will be credited to the selected account almost immediately.

1. Press 'BUY'
2. Press 'Add new account ID'
3. Select the correct platform (Android/iOS/Amazon/Steam) and enter the ID
4. Press 'Continue'
5. Complete the purchase

Congratulations! Your War Robots account got even stronger!

Note: Sometimes, the items will be added to your Inventory on the website first. It can happen when your transaction needs more time to be fully processed. But don't worry! As soon as transaction is complete, we'll automatically send the items to the specified account. They will disappear from the website Inventory and appear in the game.

⭐ Some offers will come with a discount if you choose to purchase several packs at once. You can select the amount of packs and review discounts in the drop-down menu next to the 'BUY' button.

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