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Patch Notes

War Robots 9.0 Update Notes: ANNIVERSARY SHOW

by War Robots - 4.04.2023


The event will start soon after 9.0 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Event prizes:

  • New robot: Lynx
  • New weapons: Needle, Spike, Stake
  • New drone: Kestrel
  • New pilots: Sati "Cat" Felidae (Lynx)
  • Special Editions & Paintjobs: Radiant Lynx, Stellar Sirius, Stellar Veyron, Stellar Evora

Tap on the "i"; icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. And follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways.


Recommended Equipment: 2x Stake
Corporation: Yan-di

Yan-Di Corporation is famous not only for its ability to borrow other people's technologies, but for the invention of its own breakthrough innovations. One such innovation is the Lynx saboteur robot. This is a real predator, able to sneak up on an opponent unnoticed and, thanks to a unique built-in weapon, instantly destroy an already damaged enemy.

Ability: Ferocity. The robot gains speed and goes into stealth mode. An additional weapon is activated that can instantly destroy an enemy with a low level of durability.

Lynx Forcefield. The robot has a defense that partially blocks the damage taken, the level of protection decreases as the damage is received. The force field recharges after Lynx takes no damage for a certain amount of time.


Light, medium and heavy robots weapons. They launch a harpoon-like projectile, covered in special material that allows penetration of any type of energy shields. These weapons have extremely low range, but provide an Aegis shield to make up for that.


A drone geared for assassins. Taps enemies with Death Mark and provides you with repairs and speed whenever you score a kill. Great for getting out of the fight safely.


  • Sati "Cat" Felidae (Lynx). Reduces Lynx ability cooldown.
  • Noa Minax (Fafnir). While In flight, built-in weapons gain +35% penetration, Fafnir's durability is reduced by 15%.


  • Angler. Ability Cooldown: 10 → 12, Ability duration: 6 sec → 5 sec, Speed increase: 2.6 → 1.8
  • Seraph. Ability duration: 10 sec → 7 sec
  • Khepri. Durability: -15%, Movement Speed: -5 km/h, Ability Cooldown: 8 → 10, Repairs per tick: +25%
  • Claw. Damage per shot: -15%
  • Spear. Damage modificator (1st shot - 2nd shot - 3rd shot): (1x-1.1x-4x) → (1x-1.5x-2.5x)
  • Ao Qin. Built-in weapon's damage: +50%
  • Ao Guang. Flight speed modificator: 1.28x → 1.5x
  • Dragoon, Hussar, Marquess. Damage per shot: +10%
  • Thermite, Chimera. Damage per shot: +10%
  • Gauss, Volt, Weber. Damage per shot: +10%
  • Ion. Damage per shot: +15%


  • Fixed an issue causing Armadillo drone effect to stack indefinitely
  • Fixed an issue causing Leaderboard progress to not refresh correctly
  • Fixed numerous minor issues in Extermination mode
  • Security improvements

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