Patch Notes


by War Robots - 29.11.2022


The event will start soon after 8.6 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Ricardo Gonzales tasks you with a mission: find his missing clanmate Nessa Riggs. However, Nessa will soon drag you into yet another quest, full of battles and unexpected surprises. But let's talk about rewards for this time:

  • New titan: Aether
  • New robot: Nether
  • New weapons: Spear (light), Lance (Beta), Glaive (Alpha)
  • New mothership: Thor
  • New pilots: Nessa Riggs (Raven), 3V3R3TT (Nether)
  • Paintjob: Adventurous (Raven)

Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. And follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways.

WR in Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots
WR in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


Big, imposing and human-like. Aether is the latest development in the SpaceTech robots line, he was made into an image of ancient Earth gods. The Titan is equipped with two Alpha and one Beta weapons slots and has 2 abilities. Vigor has 3 charges and upon using 1 allows him to heal himself and increase his speed. Befitting a being of divine origin, Aether is also able to ascend in the sky using Skyward. While doing so, it turns on his Forcefield and strikes his enemy with a big laser! It applies EMP, preventing any robot hit from using abilities and modules.

Aether is best utilized when keeping your enemy at mid-range and paired with some fitting weapons. Don’t get too close so opponents won’t flank and outmaneuver you, but stay in 500m range so your weapons and laser could reach.


Somewhat of a black sheep in the SpaceTech family, Nether doesn’t fly, but still succeeds on the battlefield in other ways. Bot is equipped with 4 light weapons and also has Forcefield, which is always on and will regenerate on its own after being damaged. But the main feature of Nether is his Quake ability, which makes him a swift and deadly raider. Upon activating it, Nether dashes forward, increases his damage and zaps your opponent with an EMP lightning. Quake has 5 charges, so you can dash in and out of the fight, while also stacking additional damage and finishing off your enemy.

Depending on your playstyle, you might want to equip Nether accordingly. If you like to charge into the heat of a battle, strike fast, then leap back – shotguns are your pick. But if you’d like to play with an enemy and keep him at a more safe distance, mid-range weapons would pair well. Speaking of which:


Light, Alpha and Beta plasma weapons that fire single bursts of energy without reloading. Due to the heating of the inner core, the second shot deals X% damage and the third one deals Y%. For safety reasons, after every third shot, the core cools down, returns to the standard state, after which the cycle begins anew.


Everett once was a brilliant scientist from a SpaceTech colony. He was always fascinated by the Icarus technology of VR and AI, so he sought to replicate it. While working on the latest Nether project, he managed to create a virtual “copy” of himself, which in turn let him pilot the robot remotely, as if he was in the cabin. After this success he became obsessed with the project, tirelessly working to manufacture and “perfect” it. Until one day, his colleagues found his body collapsed in the workshop and Nether hijacked by someone…

3V3R3TT’s interpretation: After Nether has used his ability, it receives Shieldbreaker for 5 seconds.

Nessa dreamed all her childhood that she would visit the Earth someday. When she was six, she would spend hours reading old paper books, playing with toys and listening to stories from grandfather. But the tide turned the wrong way – on Mars her family went bankrupt and had to start from scratch. She still pursued her dream and ended up on Earth, not just as a visitor, but as a mercenary.

Nessa’s Descend: Upon ability activation, Raven employs Stealth, but its durability is reduced by 15%.


Upon activating, it strikes all enemies in an area with a lightning field for 10 seconds. Anyone in the area gets a Shocked status effect which lasts for 3 to 8 seconds (depending on the upgrades) and disables all shields. Effect is reapplied each time the robot gets hit in the field. Thor is equipped with 2 Attack and 1 Protection turrets.


  • Fixed Seraph’s and Unknown Seraph’s targeting systems
  • Fixed Seraph's speed modifiers while using its pilot Victoria B. and Engine Expert, Road Hog, Spy skills
  • Fixed status effect icon above Seraph displaying incorrectly
  • Fixed news not displaying correctly and not being able to scroll through them
  • Revenant’s immunities now don’t cancel effects from Immune Amplifier
  • Fixed errors appearing when opening some of the Bingo boxes
  • Fixed a bug when music would disappear when you turn off the game sound
  • Sinister Claw now applies Rust and Fragility effects correctly
  • Fixed a bug when Raijin would sometimes “break” his legs after jumping
  • Fixed an error message appearing on post-combat screen
  • Fixed a bug when lvl 30 would sometimes drop to lvl 1


  • Watch the Nether and Aether overview to learn about the new robots
  • Take part in 3 battles
  • Deal 3 000 000 damage
  • Win 2 battles
  • Destroy 7 Robots
  • Make 5 double kills
  • Capture 10 beacons
  • Capture 5 beacons in winning games
  • Earn 9 000 Honor
  • Destroy 8 robots in winning games
  • Take part in 10 battles
  • Win in 6 battles
  • Deal 8 000 000 damage
  • Make 10 double kills
  • Earn 1 500 honor for killing titans
  • Destroy 20 robots
  • Destroy 15 robots in winning games
  • Capture 15 beacons
  • Destroy 6 robots in 1 battle
  • Make 2 triple kills
  • Win 9 battles
  • Earn 36 000 Honor points in any category
  • Deal 12 000 000 Damage
  • Capture 15 beacons in winning games
  • Make 14 double kills
  • Capture 25 beacons
  • Destroy 15 robots in winning games
  • Earn 2500 honor for killing titans
  • Earn 12 000 honor for damaging robots
  • Make 8 triple kills

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