Patch Notes



The event will start soon after 8.2 lands on your platform.

At the International SpaceTech Science and Technology Conference you can see the whole world of technical innovations of corporations. However, this year the holiday was overshadowed by a mysterious event - an alarm signal announced an invasion to the station and a threat to all conference participants. What is happening and who is to blame? To find out more, join the investigation! All the details are in the event tasks and in the interface of Operation E.

You will find these new items in Special Deliveries and operations throughout the event:

  • New robot: Seraph
  • New weapons: Blight, Hazard, Decay
  • New pilots: Trixie Hope (Repair/Advanced Repair Unit), Jill Summers (Seraph)
  • Special editions: Freedom Skyros, Freedom Cudgel, Freedom Mace, Freedom Hammer
  • Paintjobs: Liberty Khepri

New robot: Seraph

Seraph was specifically created to fight Titans. The robot activates its weapons in flight, striking enemies with a discharge of electricity. Seraph also has a unique Forcefield defense system. The Forcefield partially blocks received damage, but the defense it provides decreases as the robot takes damage.

Skyward The robot takes off and activates energy weapons that deal damage to several enemies in front of it. The built-in guns deal increased damage against Titans.

Forcefield For the duration of the ability, the robot has protection which partially blocks received damage, the defense level decreases as the incoming damage is blocked.

New weapons: Blight, Hazard, Decay

Radiation guns which fire in short bursts of 3 shots. Each shot following the first deals increased damage of up to 200%.

New pilots: Trixie Hope (Repair/Advanced Repair Unit), Jill Summers (Seraph)

Trixie Hope: Thanks to the Trixie's little assistant, the cooldown of the Repair Unit and the Advanced Repair Unit is reduced by X seconds.

Trixie Hope is the youngest staff member of the Technical Engineering Lab at the SpaceTech Innovative Development Institute. She is always accompanied by Professor, her personal assistant drone. Professor has a special program which will speed up the recharge rate of your active repair modules!

Jill Summers: After the flight, Seraph repairs some of its durability

At first glance, Jill seems to be made of rock. This strong-willed woman has always strived to be the best, and the military academy and family traditions showed her the way how to do it. She tried to be the winner at everything, working towards her great goal step by step. Her great passion was to become the sword and shield of SpaceTech when her moment came. To be the perfect weapon to serve and defend.


Leaderboards are competitions in which prizes are awarded for completing certain tasks. When you complete Leaderboard tasks, you get points. Upon reaching a certain number of points, you will receive Milestone Rewards. The players who took the first places will receive valuable rewards.

Additional rules:

  • You can claim milestone rewards as soon as you reach them.
  • The rewards for the first places are available to claim only after the Leaderboard is over.
  • You can claim rewards for 24 hours after the Leaderboard ends. If you don't claim them, they will be added to your inventory as soon as the Leaderboard disappears.
  • If two players share the same amount of points, the one who reached that amount earlier will take a higher place.
  • If a player has not earned any points, they will not receive a reward, even if they take a prize place.


  • Fixed Luchador and Eldritch Khepri's destruction animation
  • Smuta, Razdor and Kramola SFX volume reduced.
  • Fixed the display of Skyros on the hangar screen
  • Fixed the Luchador' knockback radius


New tasks from the list will appear daily and help you progress through Event Operation story.

  1. Welcome to the International SpaceTech Conference on Science and Technology — a huge part of the SpaceTech Fair event!
  2. See the triumph of technological progress — the Seraph robot! Learn how to play with and against the new robot.
  3. It's time to warm up! Take part in a few battles.
  4. It's time to warm up! Win a few battles.
  5. Capture beacons.
  6. Destroy several robots.
  7. Do your best! Collect Honor Points from any source.
  8. Do your best! Get Honor Points for killing Titans.
  9. Deal damage to DSC robots.
  10. Deal damage using SpaceTech robots.
  11. Capture beacons in matches that you win.
  12. Deal damage to Yan-di robots.
  13. Capture beacons in matches that you win using SpaceTech robots.
  14. Liberate beacons using SpaceTech robots.
  15. Deal damage to Icarus robots.
  16. Destroy robots by piloting robots with jump or flight capabilities.
  17. Destroy robots by piloting robots with three or more weapon slots.
  18. Destroy robots in a single, victorious battle.
  19. Get Honor Points for being in first place for repairing others.
  20. Get honor points for top places by kills and damage dealt.
  21. Make double kills multiple times.
  22. Make a triple kill several times.
  23. Destroy robots with stealth capabilities.
  24. Destroy robots with stealth capabilities using SpaceTech robots.
  25. Deal damage to SpaceTech robots.
  26. Deal damage to SpaceTech robots using robots with stealth capabilities.
  27. Deal damage at a range of 500+ meters.
  28. ???

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