Patch Notes

War Robots 6.4 Remastered: Open Beta Notes

by War Robots - 5.10.2020

After a week of regional beta testing on Android, we're ready to launch War Robots Remastered for a wider audience.

Note that the high graphics preset is temporarily unavailable. Many struggled with the increased download size of the game. Taking HD assets out allowed us to cut the file size more than in half – from 2 GB to 800 MB.

The "High" quality preset will become available later as an optional download for powerful devices. Until then there will be two graphics presets: Performance (improved graphics with an optimal balance between picture and frame rate) and Minimal (not that good looking but the fastest of them all).

Special thanks to the participants of the initial test – you're legendary!

Supported devices:

  • iOS: iPhone 5s or newer
  • Android: must have OpenGL ES 3.0 support. Use this app to learn more about your phone or tablet. Run the app and check the line at the top of the screen. If the version of OpenGL displayed there is earlier than 3.0, then you will need to upgrade your device to play Remastered.

Emulators: info and tips

We do not recommend playing War Robots on any Android emulators and do not support any emulators officially.
In October 2020, War Robots Test Server participants reported that Remastered works best with Nox emulator. Bluestacks and Memu might cause errors. Please contact your emulator developer if you encounter any issues.

Known issues

- The Yamantau, Dreadnought, Rome and Factory maps are temporarily unavailable.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support team using the in-game form (Settings → Help). If the game doesn't launch, please contact us using this email:


- Fixed an issue that caused Ao Jun ability to cancel too soon or fail completely.
- Fixed an issue that caused pilot ability of Kyle Rogers (Hawk) to provide infinite damage bonus when combined with certain drone microchips.
- Fixed several visual glitches on Jaeger robot.
- Improved loading optimization.

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