Community Spotlight: the Woman of the Sky

Author - Pilot FM9CUY

These days, Friday turns her couch into battle central as Theresa and her daughter pour over the screen, shooting reds and comparing kill scores. Her brother joins them too, eager to get in on the action.

Theresa, better known as Sky Woman to the community, got into WR through a Call To Arms put out on Facebook by her brother. Though her first match consisted of her running around in circles, she has come a long way in these six months. She’s now an officer in her own right in her clan Honey Badgers.

For Theresa, the game had started as a way of connecting with her brother. She rushed to level up to join him in his league so that they could run squads together. Soon enough, her daughter, Clare (Fire Woman) joined in as well, lured in by all the exuberant yelps or passionate sighs her mother would make at that small screen. For the Kennedy’s, it has “become something of a family game”.

The Kennedy’s, all ready for battle

When I learned that Theresa isn’t an avid gamer, I had to ask her. What was it that glues her to WR then? Turns out, she absolutely loves the “realistic” aspect of the game. Her favorite parts in any game are the cutscenes and true to life graphics. War Robots, she accounts has nailed it in “Graphics, sound, animation, everything.”

Even though she feels disheartened at times by the “tankers” and “seal clubbers”, Sky Woman spends a lot of time with Hangar X, continuously trying things out and attempting to emulate feats shown in Youtube videos. “Why practice so much?”, She says that she has a lot of catching up to do, and that “I only hope that when I do badly, that people won't think it was on purpose. I don't like being embarrassed for doing badly.” Her will to improve is partially due to her competitive attitude towards sports as a kid. “But it’s not so much about winning anymore, because the most important thing is learning. Maybe it was always about becoming skilled. If there was something I was interested in, I tried my best to learn it.”

One thing I realized about Sky Woman is that she is completely immersed in WR Culture. She watches tonnes of videos, reads guides, all to soak up the rich wealth of things that the game has to offer, “Knowledge, Strategy, and Experience. (sic) And patience.”

When pressed about her approach to the game, Theresa says that she keeps learning constantly and it never gets stale: “There are so many factors that affect the outcome of each battle, and I am forced to make split-second decisions based on all of those things. Then there are the constant rounds of decisions on my hangar to be made, which I spend so much time doing that I get indecisive. It's fun! And it keeps me sharp.” Now that, that is an attitude that is both admirable and I for one, hope to emulate.

Not only the core game itself, she and her brother Tim Kennedy has been very involved in the community as well. They’re so enchanted with WR, that they are involved in the 6-pack league, a meme page only pertaining to WR memes and other groups.

The 3 Pilots and their Hangars.

Our talks revealed a more sensitive side to all this. War Robots, hasn’t just been a way for Sky Woman to connect and have fun with her family, it’s her own little oasis away from the pain she experiences in her daily life due to medical complications.

That little nugget of information made me question myself. How often do we get frustrated at the game, and life itself and its difficulties? And here was a woman fighting through her pain and smiling all the way through. And if War Robots was something that helps her through this, I truly believe that it makes all our efforts worthwhile.

Theresa had expected a game with a predominantly young male population. But, she was surprised to see a thriving population of older gamers and especially women from all walks of life. This is what we strive for as well, afamily that transcends borders and becomes a center for creativity and love.

Last but not the least, I asked her what her favorite build was. She smiled and said she was absolutely smitten with the Gust-Storm/Plasma Gareth. But, she was quickly starting to love the Kumiho as well and aiming to get a DIESS (Dash, Inquisitor, Ember, Shocktrain, Scourge) hangar.

Our talk coming to a close, I took home some valuable lessons on family, mutual respect and doing the best you can, in any amount of obstacles. I wish Sky Woman the best of everything life has to offer, and good luck in battles about to come, in WR and elsewhere.

Soar high, woman of the sky.


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Becky Jackson2 months ago

No U, Glad I thought to check out the comments. No, just a normal person here who likes to PLAY the game instead of WHINING about the game. I feel bad for whatever happened in your childhood to make you think people don't care. Just leave, dude, since the game is so lame, and go troll someone else.

MR CROCK2 months ago

Estoy en desacuerdo con lo que hicieron con Kang Dae!!!

Charlie3 months ago

Anyways, three big hails to Skywoman and her family!

But folks, think about it, this is just another corporate narrative that attmepts to lull us into compliance and accepted unfair play.

Why dosen't our dear Pix hear out our cases and at least handle some of those problems head-on we the majority of players face all the time, such as unbalanced weapon capacity (diversity killing shocktrain in particular), weird matching system (always enemies being 4-5 quad shocktrain specters) and silver bots surpression (always shrimps to be fed to the gold-hungry whales)?

Indeed, War Robots is such fun, but it can be better, fairer, can it not?

Berry163 months ago

We need more girl pilots!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😏😏😏

kevin3 months ago

stupid developer.. economy changes with long time upgrade time? i uninstall this game before my weapon max upgrade.. very stupid. this is only a game.. only,, not life, not women, not family.. stupid people if you play this game take every time in your life.. all bot and weapon max >> 1years.. crazy developer.. bye bye new player, you will lose if you start this game. dont play this game.. only pay pay pay for win.. before bot and weapon max upgrade, pixoshit release new bot and weapon.. bye bye bye bye free player..

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!3 months ago

Anyone know a good tanker's clan?

Tankers are the resistance! I'm a free2play champion and I want to tank down with clanmates and go seal-clubbing to disrupt the game and to discourage and repel new players by showing them how screwed up this game is and hurt pixonic as much as possible. Plus I already have my final hanger, just looking to farm gold now to mk2 more stuff.


Warren Dixon3 months ago

Really cool. A family that plays together stays together

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!3 months ago

Sky Woman, I stand corrected, If the theme of your gameplay is that all competitors and equipment is equal at level 6, like skirmish, then skill does make more of a difference. Sky Lady, there are far better video games that can bring you and your family together that are far more worthy of your time, than this trainwreck of a game. What you are doing here is allowing the monster that is, pixonic/ to use you and your family as an advertisement and a publicity stunt for their rapidly deteriorating image. You are representing them, promoting their company and game, and consequently condoning their conduct, their abuse, their lies, their cheats, and that is why you are receiving negative feedback like mine. It is the overwhelming majority of the War Robots players who share the same voice. It is not ok. Your promotion is not ok. I stand by my statement that you and your family are lame for giving so much of your time to this game. I play this game too, I know in order to accept the nonsense you're forced to deal with and the incompetence and abuse of this company by the very act of simply choosing to keep playing this game, makes you a loser. I am lame for playing this game, at least I know It.

Sky Woman3 months ago

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!, If you're feeling a little disenchanted with the game, give 6 pack league a try. When everything is level 6, skill and team work are everything. Plus it's really fun!

As for being out in nature, we did that a lot with my kids when they were little. Now that they're all grown up, and I can't be as active anymore, we're playing video games. It just is. People can judge.

No U3 months ago

No U, Wut do u even mean, “met some wonderful ladies”

No U3 months ago

BOOKPFMOM LOOK AT YOUR NAME. I feel like ur actually one of the people in this “community spotlight” trying to make it look like ppl care. I also feel sad for the kid who’s childhood will be spent playing a very badly made game

Stapleton3 months ago

Sky Woman is awesome. BOOKOFMOM has it spot on x

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!3 months ago

You guys are lame... Seriously. Go outside. Have a picknick. Go to the lake. Show your daughter how to enjoy nature. Or at the very least... compare scores and compete with each other with a game where skill even remotely enters as a factor.

Voidtraveler3 months ago

Not sure what the author thinks 6-pack league is, a meme page?, but here is a link:

BookofMom3 months ago

Sky rocks! They are obviously enjoying family time with this game, so back off - not to mention names WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?! - and anyone else who decides being negative is the easy path. I have met some wonderful ladies through our Facebook group. Glad to see features on players like Sky and her family.

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