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WR Friday. New Map: Rome

Author - Lanf

We had a talk with our lead level-designer Mikhail Vovk as he shared lots of details about the new map, Rome. Can robots battle in the Colosseum? Are the map and real Rome alike? And what’s so special about Rome that we’ve chosen it among all the other places?

Let this road lead us to Rome.

Note: We await Rome to enter the game in one of the closest updates (4.0 or 4.1).

From the vast ocean to Italy. What should we expect from Rome?

Unlike Carrier, our previous map, Rome isn’t something fundamentally new. It’s an arena map, medium in size, a type of maps well-known and beloved by our players. Just like Dead City, Valley or Moon.

The setting is the near future but based on a real (and very famous) place. If you look at Google Maps, you will see the same buildings or scheme of roads. So those of pilots who know Rome quite well will definitely feel at home.

Why Rome? Were there any other options?

A recognizable map based on a real place with a remarkable landmark. We also were thinking about Paris, Hollywood or Washington, for example. But I’ve been to Rome myself and felt like it was an ideal map for War Robots.

Furthermore, it seems very symbolic — an arena map with the most famous arena in the centre. We’ve never used European cityscapes before. And this definitely makes Rome a unique map.

What is so special about this map?

One of the main features of Rome is city development. In the centre of the map there is a big construction, Colosseum, with almost no covers around it — only from one side. It’s done on purpose — Colosseum can be used as a big shelter itself.

Playing as a team, you can effectively protect this point and defend all ins and outs. This allowed us to make fewer covers with the same level of protection.

In turn, there are lots of hiding places along the edges. There is even a small labyrinth with dense development that is ideal for knife-fighting lovers. 

Anything else cool on the map besides the Colosseum?

Nearby stands the Arch of Constantine, covered in security glass. In the background players can see panorama of Rome but with futuristic elements. Walls, buildings, even an underground station which hints at the connection with the rest of the city through public transport.

We wanted to show elements of old architecture and fit futuristic style into it, like big digital screens or circular projections flying in the air. The same as it was in Deus Ex series, for example, where old Prague architecture and modern elements intertwined naturally.

Public transport, old architecture untouched — seems like war affected Rome much less than Dead City. Why so?

Great question indeed and there’s an actual explanation for that. Just like Shenzhen, Rome was guarded by a protective dome during the war. All the damage you can see on the map was the result of robot battles inside the city and panic among people.

By the way, the Colosseum itself was rebuilt. You can see passes for robots that look not like holes in the walls but rather fortified entries.

So yes, the Eternal City remained undestroyed and still stands.


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Pyrotech4428 months ago

Kamikaze, So true. These whiners just want to win all the time, and if they don't, they quit. I saw many players showing youtube videos of them getting really close to a haechi, but they just sell all of their robots, all of their components, and just be done with it for good. I was almost tempted to stop playing, but my perseverance and willing to not give up led me to a kumiho with level 12 orkans, a hover with level 12 punishers, a bulgasari with three shocktrain, and even a raijin with an ancike and ember! the best part? I just started playing WR less than a year ago!

I mean they say that it is zero skill to use these new equipment, but they are wrong. The kumiho with orkans, for example, is quite powerful, but no shields make it quite vulnerable without dashing smart. There are several techniques like the "super dash" that require skill to use. As well, the spectre may seem overpowered with four medium weapons, but two orkans on a rog can easily take it out if you time it right. In summary, these robots may be more powerful than the previous ones, but that doesn't mean there is no skill required to operate them. handing over a dash bot to a noob and you can still beat them.

Pyrotech4428 months ago


I mean, this is a new meta. They are considering the once-dominant lancelot...mid tier. the Rog is gone for good, thanks to kumiho, and also say goodbye to the griffin, which now is reblaced by raven. And the new weyland makes support setups on the raijin obsolete, haechi replaces fujin, the pursuer takes down hoth the gepard and stalker...and it just goes on forever. The days with the destrier in higher leages are over. And don't even start with the weapons.

I just got a third shocktrain a few days ago, and even though they aren't upgraded very high (levels 7-9 mk2), they can nearly one-shot a cossack! and not onl that, a bulgasari shocktrain with level 12mk2 equipment can bring my kumiho to nearly half health in a single shot! But the problem isn't just the's the matchmaking as well. These cossacks level 1 or 2 are facing my level 9 dash bots with level 12 equipment.

Top 98 months ago

It's me top 9 in war robots since playing the game with all the different robots and weapons waiting is over I'm going to wrong baby time the battle the video graphics are cool can't wait to get new weapons shred them upmy ID:6JZ4H9

FireffIY28 months ago

Hi i am stallworthwar Android is my device since playing War robots I've been addicted like crack ready to play in Rome never been there but readyID:6NLA8E hope to see all you on the battlefield

ETC ROBLES8 months ago

...............DEVs PLEASE READ.................

I the new Test Server, the Hover now has different flight characteristics.
Now it seem more like an extended JUMP similar to the Raven. The initial STRAIGHT UP jump for height has been removed and NOW the Hover jumps in a guided direction and floats on that path.

The advantage of the initial STRAIGHT HIGH JUMP is the hight the Hover can obtain. This allows it to get on top of high obstacles such as buildings or rock formations.

Before changing the flight characteristics of the Hover, take a poll on FB or the website to see what your Hover Pilots prefer.
Thanks for your consideration.

.............DEVs PLEASE READ.................

Sunny Li8 months ago

Should we have chicken mode?

3ddy8 months ago

me encantaria un mapa mas natural con arboles, colinas, rocas, aguaa! poder darle a una roca y que esta caiga sobre un rival xD

ratsensei8 months ago

Okay what war did I miss?

FireffIY28 months ago

Looking forward to the new game stallworthwar

Gofortrump9 months ago

I can wait till that comes out that level is so fun

Commander9 months ago

Can you make a map in Egypt beside the pyramids? That should be a lot of fun, everyone is fascinated by the pyramids.

Vedant (Captain)9 months ago

awesome idea but don't you all think that the arena is larger

Vedant (Captain)9 months ago

awesome idea but don't you all think that the arena is larger


if you get the Edgar Allan Poe references in this poem i wrote, you are great!

they give others gifts, prizes, and awards galore, but i receive nothing for sure! my eyes always got sore, looking at un-receivable prizes, gifts awards and more! things were moderately nice, fair and right. then the era became different, from boas to knights, and now whale bots and nothing more! i feel like the torture will be forevermore! has my luck been abandoned, forgotten, and locked away in yore? or is my luck sitting in yonder, that is what i shall forever ponder. i wander from shore to shore, looking if my luck is anymore. i ask the skies my inquisition, the answer that will complete my mission. will my luck show anymore? i hear a moan, a groan from the skies it has shown. a small panda falls from the sky, and it did not die, from the fall, from a place surely quite tall. it's name is pixonic, he said he was kind and fair and always tries! i think "what terrible lies!" it answers my particular question, with a heaving sigh, why it spoke like that i don't know why. it repeated my question "will my luck show anymore?" it replies "Nevermore"

i cry "pixonic, please be fair, if a little you care! will kindness you ever know? will you ever stop needing more?" quoth pixonic "Nevermore"

there used to be good equipment at a fair exchange, and now everything else has changed when they released a pretty little bot, that dashed, and that everyone sought. a particular bot, that could only be got by a by a time a godawful lot! haechi is it's name, it ruined the game! every update i feel is the same. the rotting pigsty of their office sits gloomy, out of shape, and needing more! will their greed cease from being evermore? quoth pixonic "Nevermore"

after the grinding day by day, night by night, i was almost ready to give up the fight! from the little lotteries, chests, and RNG gallore, i climbed little by little, forevermore. and then pixonic thought "what for"? they ruined the economy, even more than before! they are ignoring our pleads, our cries, but they lock us outside! the dashing monsters are getting worse evermore! will pixonic stop treating us so poor? quoth pixonic "Nevermore"

no more maps!, i shall destroy my bots, with scrap metal, wires, orkans and gore! shall i ever see the balanced battles anymore? shall i see no pilots so rich? who abandoned their old bots from the days of yore? quoth pixonic "Nevermore!"

i inquired to the developers, "shall the game be fair, ever again?" the reminiscence of fairness were shattered deep inside pixonic's core! oh well then... i wallow in misery, saddness and more, toiling around forevermore. "will cossacks, rogs, griffins and more, ever see daylight, or will they be forgotten in the days of yore? please answer yes or no, if yes, my heart will be ever sore! shall i never wail, and and be morose? may i forget about this? my heart truly aches! how many updates will you make, before all of my spirit you take? shall i see fairness or anything more?" quoth pixonic "Nevermore"

Tumdurgal9 months ago

How about some news on the Workshop. Nice to see your getting economy changes in before getting the Workshop out.

ANIHLATOR 3039 months ago

Discord server;

ANIHLATOR 3039 months ago

ANIHLATOR 3039 months ago

Spask Crondusk9 months ago

GH05TKAT , GH05TKAT, this article is focus mainly on the new map or rome, they are introducing this from the test server and explaining strategic ways to use the map as an advantage. They are asking for option about this map of what they think about it, they are not asking for your critic of the game as a whole. If you have an issue please leave it in the next update patch. We don't want your confusion critic opinion in this article, that is it and same goes to some folks here as well.

GH05TKAT 9 months ago

Kamikaze, Wow.....really....i will thank you so much for your true insight on economics.
I will take your advice and leave and at the same time tell you that you are a complete waste of sperm ...the best part of your cognitive gamer skills dribbled down and onto
the disposable paper sheets of the 24 hour massage parlor.


“Decent equipment because i’ve put effort into how i play”......
Please keep up your outstanding performance of doing nothing but play this restricted game while the rest of the world around you passes you by because “we” have actual responsibilities of reality.

Your very funny I thank you for your response and telling me that your a blind animal that gets led by that virtual carrot and believes you are actually achieving something of importance playing a very silly game as this.

I am quite amused by your immaturity and I will let you know that you triggered this response by calling me a “whiner” when all I did was give my opinion that this company does not care about real gamers and that I wished people would look elsewhere for their happiness in gaming.

I gave a perfect example of just one company who in my opinion does care about gamers because of my experience with playing their games. Mind you I only gave one exam-led but in fact there are many major companies with multiple game franchises that are far more superior and more fun to play but I simplified the example.

Again, smack down trash talk has been a hilarious part of one game in particular that actually continued in another franchise , Halo’s multiplayer and then Gears of War multiplayer....the list goes on from sports games to racing games and omg....the list is way too long.

It has always been amusing and I absolutely welcome the trash talk that you started.
Please , I wish you peace Kamikaze, truly I hope to cya on the GRID in another MMO.
Actually , I think it might have been fun playing alongside you and your “wonderful” Inquisitor...I would’ve loved to go back and forth about how you suck at this game and you saying the same crap talk about my “actual” skill set.

Cya round ”Tuffy” buh bye

Kamikaze9 months ago

Rome is an extremely fun map to play, and gives snipers the benefit of the doubt. The building section gives knife-fighting players a huge advantage, because shocktrains really don't do well there. It was a fun map to play on (I'm a test server peep) and really has some good graphics and scenery. I really hope this map comes out soon, along with avenger (heavy punisher), chimera (heavy spiral/hydra), and workshop 2.0.

Kamikaze9 months ago

GH05TKAT , This is clearly an off-topic comment. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A MAP, NOT THE GAME IN GENERAL. Really, people like you piss me off, because you're whiners, and complain when you don't get your way. All companies have to make money somehow, whether you like it or not, and while I don't completely agree with how PIXO is doing it (haven't spent a penny, and I have an inquisitor plus a few miscellaneous component weapons) I still don't complain, I just continue to play no matter what. Also, if you say you quit playing, WHY'RE YOU STILL COMPLAINING AND COMMENTING ABOUT THIS GAME, if you've really quit the game, just leave war robots behind and forget about it. This game is falling apart, partly because you WHINERS ARE STILL HERE. Seriously, this game could do without you people. I have decent equipment because I've put effort into how I play, unlike people like you, who just sit around complaining, not even trying, or have "QUIT THE GAME". Go sit in a corner and suck on your thumb like the baby you are.

That one guy9 months ago

This map needs trees, It looks cool but without any trees it seems hard and lonely.

Panda9 months ago

Das pretty neat

Creepergomoo9 months ago

Very low amount of cover... Will snipers reign on this map? I also want to know if artillery will be completely overpowered if stationed in the center beacon- especially if brawlers are protecting it

Skullgrinder9 months ago

Can I get free gold my pilot ID is XJ2KB4

GH05TKAT 9 months ago

Too little .......way too late.......
I am absolutely dumping this PIXONIC mess of a terrible reward system.
extremely long wasted time of upgrades.
Complete waste of hard earned (not trust fund rich bitch) money.
PIXONIC rules what you can have as a gamer .
You cannot or ever will have it your way as a gamer , PIXONIC simply put
Is a greedy development group that restricts and controls what they will allow you to have as a gamer.
Two years has been completely wasted with this garbage reward system that is obviously rigged for you not to win any thing worth coming back for.
This new idea of making equipment and bots easier to get but longer wait times of upgrades?!?!?
Let me tell you from my experience of a loss of more than $1500.00 worth of trying to upgrade to keep up against top tiered masters.
You will never be able to achieve their level of bots and equipment. They have been selected and given this equipment by PIXONIC or simply put this group has a ton of cash to throw around and a ton of time to do it , if not the time then more cash to be thrown away to a company who only owns one game.

I have stopped playing this mess of so called game of nuke the caveman....what I mean is that no matter what you upgrade and how much you spent lose. They throw a carrot in your face like your a dumb animal and led to believe you will eventually get to play against top players. Never going to happen.

I have benn a console gamer for many years then add to that a pc gamer then add to that now a mobile gamer.i enjoy competition and MMOs. Halo,Gears of War,Call of Duty.
These companies have developers who are gamers at heart and it always showed in the gameplay. PIXONIC is a developement group that knows how to make money and get paid well for doing it. At your and my expense. PIXONIC is a terrible companies who does not care about you as a gamer.
What that means is a prime example of another mobile developement group called
PIK POK. At the start let me tell you , please go and experience their games. I started out playing a game of theirs called Breakneck. OMG....hands down fun fast fun !
The reward system is extremely simple and works extremely well to the upgrade of your speeder. What counts most and struck me immediately I’ds that I came back not for the rewards but for the leaderboard climbing. It is exhilarating. You honestly feel a sense of quick reflex skill. The leaderboard competition keeps you going strong to achieve a top tier.
They have a reward system in their MULTIPLEOWNED GAMES that allow you as the gamer to choose and customize the way you want to play as a gamer should be allowed to experience. The other games to mention are INTO THE DEAD 1&2, DOOMSDAY,OREO TWIST LICK DUNK, SHADOW WARS, TURBO FAST......and a group of sports games of SOCCER,FOOTBALL....ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE FUN AND A TRUE GAMER EXPERIENCE.

As a gamer I wish for you to make a very simple you want to customize the way you play your game or do you want someone like PIXONIC choose the way you play?
You can and have the freedom to play other games that the developers who make them simply just are gamers themselves and truly want you as a fan not as a cash cow.

The Big Drop9 months ago

I'm really impressed with the Rome map. You have out-done my expectations from earlier test-servers. The mix of old and new, ancient and modern is fresh and verily well done.

Rome sets the standards high for both the Castle and Bridge Maps yet to get finishing touches.

Terry Adrian9 months ago

Awesome map that I can't wait to play on. I like the old mixed with the new kind of style that gives it that blade runner kind of look. One of the best maps yet in terms of looks and detail. Looking forward to it!

Sayayincacaroto9 months ago

hello friends excellent game ... I would like to contribute some ideas I do not know how feasible they are ... you imagine a world that is affected by the explosions where part of the buildings deteriorate with each explosion ... where the bots to explode fall fragments far ... also would be a great jungle world with streams and swamps in which submerge to escape the enemy at the cost of being without weapons for a moment and save the life of the bot?

Warren Dixon9 months ago

I love the concept and this should be a whole lot of fun to battle in Rome. Hopefully the update come very soon (July 4 - 4.0), now I have nail biting anticipation for this really cool map.

Iván79 months ago

i had more than 1650 honor points and less than 2000 honor points (i had about 1900) and after this last update i loss all my honor ponits!!! please get me back my honor points!! or give me the reward for those points!
Id: 915ZAI

Dsnipe9 months ago

This will be great for the new maps in War Robots. There will be bolts and blood everywhere. Nice job Pixonic

tadiho9 months ago

this will be fun, i can tell from it great design and detail, so many detail. Maybe the most detail map in WR, but the playstyles, hope there will be less camper now with the new chimera it won't as fun as carrier, but hey this map deserve it perfect place as the (maybe) most beautiful map in the game

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