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Author - Lanf

We’ve got big plans for clans this year. Upcoming features will take teamwork to the next level, inside and out.

You might have missed:

Recruiting and joining

For all pilots looking for allies, we will implement recommended clans list. It shows all the clans from the region you choose, the ones with friends inside and free space on the top. In turn, clans will be able to select their region and display it if needed.

Furthermore, if you’re recruiting, you will be able to filter pilots based on their rating and choose a range of applications that come in. This feature will be especially useful for top clans. Speaking of that, top clans list will be shown for pilots already in clans — and later for everyone, with the introduction of clan leagues. That’s right, we plan to make...

Clan leagues

They work pretty much the same as the personal leagues. For each match you will receive both league points and clan league points that affect the overall rating of your clan. If you play with your clanmates, the amount of clan league points increases.

Besides boosting competitive spirit and easy way to see whether clan matches your league or not, players also receive special rewards at the end of each season. That includes (but not limited to) unique icons and more clan quests each day.

Clan quests

Pilots in clans will gain access to everyday clan quests. Amount of these depends on the league: the higher your clan — the more quests you can receive. They focus first and foremost on teamwork, like “Make X damage as a team” or “Earn Y league points as a team”.

You don’t need clanmates to accomplish these tasks. However, teaming up will help a lot and speed up your progress as other clanmates’ stats (damage, league points, number of destroyed robots, etc) will count for your quest, too. Just keep in mind that quests might vary for different pilots.

As for the rewards, players can receive gold, keys and robot components. Clan quests will be available along with standard quests.

* * *

For all lone wolves out there — don’t worry, there will be personal analogues of clan activities later. But we really want to bring clans to a new level and encourage both teamplay and brotherhood spirit.


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WarDoggslast month

For the clans their should be a link or option for clan rules if the leader chooses to set rules and or another option is to set co-leaders or have certain ranks for the clan members to help the main leader when he/she is away

Shahwani5 months ago

I lost my war robots account, i message "" many times from hotmail and gmail but have not got any reply.. Please anyone help.

Lyle Stotz5 months ago

Pyrotech442, I think no matter what Pixonic does it probably doesn't matter. We all get the same opportunity to set our hanger up the way we like. That in itself is a skill.

Lyle Stotz5 months ago

Ya, what's the point in even being in a clan if you don't squad once in awhile.

PixelPower65 months ago


Pyrotech4425 months ago

Zacha901, lol that would be awesome, but the cost to get one would be like 4 billion silver, and I don't even have close to 3 million silver.

WHEREISTHEEVENT?!?!5 months ago

Secret interview with pixonic developer that they don't want you to see!:

FireffIY25 months ago

Stallworthwar I am having a problem with retrieving items that I purchase could you please check it out I already talked to my internet subscriber they say it's fine

Zacha9015 months ago

Pyrotech442, Maybe the silver weapons will be components and components silver

Charlie5 months ago

ugonnahateme, Good points there! But to be fair with tempests, their only job is to provide suppressing fire onto the enemies and keep them in hideouts and stall them from taking beacons. Yeah, tempests aren't really good damage dealers though they can fire at an intimidating distance. Ancile lancelots are rubbish in many ways, not just in high leagues. They only bully starters through tanking nowadays. Speed and fast massive DPS are the key in every battlefield in the current situation. It's not unfair to say though, Dash and stealth modes have monopolized the greater fun for a relatively few at the top. Non-payers still suffer from bad matching system. Teamplay? Such a long way to go....

ugonnahateme5 months ago

@pyrotech, yeah, tempests are a waste of upgrades. High leagues players hide and move too well, won't be landing many bullets. Quick hitting weaps, like zeus and splash are the way to go. Windows of opportunity are small. In fact I don't even use an ancile lance anymore, they too slow. Lances in higher leagues good for long maps with long range weaps. Guys don't think bullets shoot through walls and auto target high speed bots.

ugonnahateme5 months ago

Clan incentives are good idea. Been in some clans and always amazed me how your own mates could care less about a beacon, or they never squad lol. Even as a lone wolf seen clan squads that don't even play beacons in KOTH lol. Might as well be solo. Still looking for a home tho, the right home. Yes I'm in champ league and I play beacons.

Pyrotech4425 months ago

Iván7, That's the point, it encourages your clanmates to earn more rewards. As a matter in fact, most high level league players won't care as much because since they have all the level 12 mk2 equipment they need, new tempests or anciles are pointless to them.

Saggaz525 months ago

They want money, they're going to rob a bank, FDP bunch! Have you lost an idea or are they really greedy? Everything costs the eyes of the face! Those chavinhas to open chests, is total deceit! Whenever you fall into something good, there is a sudden stop or simply, jump to a next one, without any nexus! Little trickster, disloyal! To the bugs, you send messages to the support pitomba and the fucking message to not even to destination. Why create this shit, will not you serve customers? WTF?!

Dliver5 months ago

Hopefully you'll do a better job with the ranking system than you did with the punitive ranking system that currently exists for individual players.

Pilot6ppoer5 months ago

It is good but i think that purchasing molot t with components is not a good idea .

Nightfury6 months ago

Jabberwock, I haven't seen anything so far as to what the event will have. I am assuming it will have tasks similar to the other events, but it will probably be more focused on component items. And yes, WR Royale tokens will likely become the new currency for the WR Royale. I am not absolutely sure it will come out today, but it probably will.

Jabberwock6 months ago

Nightfury, bro is it true that the events to come tomorrow are only giving gold and wr royale tokens

Nightfury6 months ago

Pyrotech442, This is good on paper, but does not take into account Pixonic's long term plan. Component robots, such as Carnage, dash, stealth bots, and the like are meant to make the older, slower robots obsolete. The problem is that not everyone can get the new robots quickly due to the fact that some people spend massive amounts of money. I agree, though, that since carnage, raijin, fujin, and rhino will be component bots, that they will need a significant buff to compete with the newer component bots.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

One more thing for pixonic if you are reading this, please work on thing in the game and do NOT create so many new robots and weapons at once. It's plenty hard to get the components I specifically want and whenever a new item is added, a new issue arrives. I insist making the next update a huge balancing update to fix the old problems with dash bots, shocktrain, and the huge difference in power between the obsolete destrier and dominant haechi.

Pyrotech4426 months ago

BALANCE SOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. dash ability rebalance: only one dash at the start of the game, so dash strider isn't instantly to the next beacon and dash bots don't get such a head start
2. kumiho rebalance: 3.33% health nerf (145k at level 12) and dash nerf to a reasonable 7 seconds
3. haechi rebalance: 3.33% health nerf (145k at level 12)
4.spectre rebalance: 5% speed nerf
5. Shocktrain rebalance: chain range nerfed to 100m, physical shields deflect shots by shocktrain
6. Stealth rebalance: Occurs immediately after hitting button so no hitting stealthing robots in mid-air or whatever
7. All robots get an additional 10% health boost (yes, even dash bots) so that light robots can last a it longer from such firepower and less one-hit-kills
8. Gamemode rebalance: remove TDM from the random mode! The main purpose for people to use the random mode is for beacons, but there are no beacons in TDM, so it's pointless
9. change fury's price to 2500 gold. The natasha is nearly just as good, and dash bots make it beyond obsolete, like with how pursuer beats stalker and gepard
10. carnage rebalance: 5% health buff
11. Fujin rebalance: regenerates even when shield is deactivated OR shield regeneration rate buffed to 5%
12. Arbalast rebalance: 10% damage buff
13. magnum and pin rebalance: 5% damage buff
14. Ecu rebalance: 10% health buff, 30% buff when placed on medium slot
15. machine gun rebalance: 5% more accuracy
16. ember and dragoon rebalance: 5% damage nerf
17. Trident rebalance: reload while firing, 20% damage buff

Let me know what you think about it ;)

Pyrotech4426 months ago

My thoughts...
2. new rewards is nice, but this is a good way to get some gold so you could either power your clan or use it for your own benefits to improve your hangar performance with or without squads.

Kapra6 months ago

Sky Woman, Join the Force Zero clan. Go to the website for more information. Clan I.D is 50037 send an invite

Nightfury6 months ago

Iván7, your problem is??? players in inactive clans will leave to go to active clans, and with the new clan invite and other things coming it will be easier to find a good clan.

Nightfury6 months ago

they have already told us they are fixing both. Tankers will be discouraged by making your league more important to getting rewards than battles themselves. And, a new hanger look is coming, with a better inventory layout.

FireffIY26 months ago

Happy birthday to war robots form top 9

Gavin Turner6 months ago

Jay Tee, HAHAHA!! Couldn't say it better myself! Their lame @$parin excuse to fix broken game issues most players are complaining about, is that it'll take a huge game code re-write... yet they keep cramming more and more stuff into the game.
FIX TANKING PROPERLY for honest players against cheaters like ID's - 6N7OBI & PX4D09 (Black Hawk X). Complained and nothing was ever done.
Fix our crappy Unequipped Robots and Weapons layout so we can organize it better rather than have it in a mindless jumble!
etc, etc, etc

Jay Tee6 months ago

More broken features and half cocked ideas coming to soon......

Pcbentley Biz6 months ago

Im glad to see a focus on team play and clans, ffa is not why I play WR. Battlefeild tactics should always be the priority in this game, It is why and what made the game popular (and $ for pixo) in the first place.

This has the potential to bring back a lot of the brawler pixo lost due to stupid overpowered noob weapons.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Sees silver weapons now cost components... Trollxonic

Tumdurgal6 months ago

Clan leagues because individual leagues have worked out so well. Now the lone tankers can clan together and tank down to feed on the weaker clans.

Tumdurgal6 months ago

200 Molot components? You have got to be shitting me.

Kamikaze6 months ago

I dont know about you guys, but im really psyched about this. My clan is really active, and we're great friends too, so this'll definitely benefit us. I have been waiting for something similar to this a while, and am super glad it's in the near future. I also have some hopes this'll come out with workshop 2.0? Great work Pixonic, probably one of the best ideas yet.

Kamikaze6 months ago

I dont know about you guys, but im really psyched about this. My clan is really active, and we're great friends too, so this'll definitely benefit us. I have been waiting for something similar to this a while, and am super glad it's in the near future. I also have some hopes this'll come out with workshop 2.0? Great work Pixonic, probably one of the best ideas yet.

AnarchoDom6 months ago

So the clans with rich players that already have all the OP gear will get richer? Great, just great.

BTW, it would be better if you could first make it so that not all game modes with teamplay are under the damned random button.

Business as usual at Pixonic HQ: add features before fixing what’s wrong.

Type-136 months ago

Type-13, Also, I agree on the inactivity tracker, I am a member of a clan with 2/3 inactive including the founder. It is rather frustrating at times.

Type-136 months ago

Dave Gilbert, If they make clan size upgrades a rare clan quest drop or a reward for clan points at the end of a season maybe?

Type-136 months ago

This I like. Next update along with mobile reload option?

Dave Gilbert6 months ago

for these changes to have the best effect clans need to be able to grow beyond the current base levels many clans struggle not because they lack people willing to join but because they simple don't have or can't afford extra slots beyond the current 36 member limit most other games have clan limits set at around 75-150 members as their base levels , the suggested changes would definitely give a distinct advantage to the larger clans that could afford to purchase the extra slots when they were available while smaller clans are going to find these changes will see a number of their current membership leave to join those larger clans.
also as a clan founder/leader it is sometimes hard to establish just who has become inactive in the clan as there are no indicators of how long has elapsed since a members last login so while you may have 36 members on the books it's possible several are no longer active in the game but due to differring timezones the founder is not able to establish those who can be removed to make way for new recruits.

Iván76 months ago

I don't like it. This things will be good only for active clans. This thing will kill many clans with low activity

Pavan Kaza6 months ago

I believe in team work. There may be different people in the clan but the bond that ties them under one roof is the Team Spirit. That's what i love in the Clan Culture.
I'm against Discrimination based on Region, Language or any other field of comparison. I wish everyone with a lot of Team Spirit. See y'all on the field.

Sky Woman6 months ago

I've been wishing for a recommended clans list all along! Good timing! Hopefully I will be good enough to join/apply for my ideal clan by time that list comes out.

The Big Drop6 months ago

Really pleased to hear about the proposed improvements.

Has any consideration been given to perhaps expanding the ranks within the Clan itself?

i.e. FOUNDER which would be the person who spent the Au and created the clan and represented by a Star (★). The Founder would retain all the dutys as the Crowned Leader but could appoint a leader. Also, as a Founder, they would be immune to being kicked out of the Clan but if they ever left the clan they could no longer reclaim the Founder status.

The current ranks, the Clan Leader (crown) and Sergeant (Chevrons) would remain the same... An additional Rank would be awarded by Clan Leaders and represented by a symbol to be determined that would represent loyal or Honorary members of the unit.

Additionally, at the end of the Clan League Season it would ge really nice if a clan leader and/or leader could name a special MOST VALUABLE PILOT and award them an additional bonus of silver as a reward hased onbthe final standings.

Warren Dixon6 months ago

Sounds interesting. I like the change.

OZXEE6 months ago

Good idea keep up the good work pixonic!

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