WR Friday. How do the maps sound?

Author - WR_Tofsla

For this WR Friday, we picked a slightly unconventional topic. It's a short one, but still pretty special.

Have you ever heard coyote screams on Canyon? Chances are, you never did.

Many play War Robots while in a middle of something, being that waiting in a line, a long commute or a boring lesson — you name it. And to stay wary of their surrounding (and to not get caught *wink*) pilots turn in-game sounds off. This by itself is an absolutely right thing to do... however!

When we eventually bring up the way someone's brand new Redeemer sound, people tend to get confused. "What, things make sounds in War Robots?". Oh yes, things do make sounds there. And plenty of those, in fact!

If you ever wanted to hear how Valley or Moon sound outside of the battle, the opportunity is here. We uploaded every single map background track from the game to sate your curiosity. Enjoy!


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RougePilot4 months ago

Wait, in Shenzen, we don't see cars moving, so why do we hear city life?

Manideep65 months ago

I listened to them in the game

Dan Souder5 months ago

On the subject of sound, beam weapons sometimes take over and that is all I hear. Maybe turn them down a bit.

malina5 months ago

hi robots I play 2 years and I like the maps. best I have a month

Pyrotech4425 months ago

maybe the ambient sound could be slightly louder especially in higher level with orkans and pinatas so loud it's hard to hear any ambient sound at all

i..boss6 months ago

Dsnipe, That idea is in the game over 2 years ago lol

i..boss6 months ago

Can you PIXONIC make the ambient music of maps to be Music on settong, not sounds, becouse it would be great to shut down and listen ambient without sound of guns while playing

Sky Woman6 months ago

When my daughter starts a battle, I like to guess which map based on the first few sounds I hear. I think I spend too much time alone in hangar x, practicing my jumps, etc. Haha 😅

Seriously though, the soundtrack is cool!

Darryl Locklear6 months ago

we need more maps before we need more bots.
Thank you

Pyrotech4426 months ago

I love the sound effects and are really cool, but the big issues come first: tanking, matchmaking, and balance. tanking issues are generally fixed (thanks pixonic) with prizes based on ranking. Balance comes in next. The shocktrain has been nerfed, yet the thing is still overpowered. I tested it on a noricum gepard level 12 vs bulgasari shocktrain. In one hit, the shocktrain nearly one-hit-killed a level 12 gepard. Yes, a LEVEL 12 GEPARD!!! Nerf 5% damage needed to this overpowered beast.

he kumiho and haechi is insane. 5% health nerf is required because the kumiho is way too fast for its health. If not, increase the cooldown to 7 seconds, same as rogatka.

Fujin and Carnage could go for a 5% health buff as plasma makes them kind of like one-hit-kill. All non-component light robots need a 10% health buff because they are one-hit-killed easily.

My gepard was one-hit-killed by a natasha kang-dae no problem. Around 100,000 health at level 12 is nothing to a gepard against component weapons like shocktrain. 110,000 may give it a chance to escape if it's lucky.

Spectre needs a speed nerf because come on, more firepower than an inquisitor yet faster? Slow it down to at most 50kmh or even a more reasonable 45kmh.

Ember needs a nerf, making ancilots uneless and die in 3 seconds. 5% nerf is good, which also brings redeemer back up the league.

A solution to all dash robots for being way too fast (especially strider) all dash start out with just one dash at the beginning of the round so the strider doesn't zip to the center beacon in 2 seconds and help with the double dash issue.

I can go deeper, like buffing the trident 10%, buffing arbalest 5% damage and splitting charge time in half, buffing punisher 5% to compete with gust, fix bug where plasma passes through robots without dealing damage, buffing the ecu by 10%, and so on. However, we have to stick to the main problems. Please consider my ideas pixonic and in the next update add no new equipment/robots without making balance changes.

(P.S.) reduce fury to 2500 gold because natasha has similar firepower, same health, and same speed.

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

Rohith , Hi!
Don't worry, it's not something you'd usually notice over the din of loud weapons. Most of us don't.

Rohith 6 months ago

I never anything else other than the beginning, is there anything i can do?

DOMINATOR7X6 months ago

Love the soundtracks! I noticed them.

*SQUATCH*6 months ago

I noticed the sounds but usually play with my own music playing.

Dsnipe6 months ago

I think that it is a good idea to put sound on every map.

Grzegorz Jabłoński6 months ago

Brak regulacji głośności, grafiki, a nawet brak wyboru trybu gry, tylko losowy + nowy (mało ciekawy). Dźwięk w tle, po co? I tak jest zagłuszany przez broń.

Warren Dixon6 months ago

One night the moon sound put me to sleep

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

A big contrast from the clap of Thunders, roar of Orkans and distant booming of Tridents...

Karl Hungus 6 months ago

If you added a volume slider that would be so 1980's AND I could have sound while chatting on discord

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

Krieg Deadeye, Yeah, I was surprised too at the sheer beauty of it. Usually there are so many robots and weapons going off the ambient sound can't be heard at all!

Krieg Deadeye6 months ago

Never knew the sound differences of Yama, Spring and Dead City until now! Thanks for this I can listen to beautiful ambiances!

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