Community Spotlight: The Girl and the Griffin

Author - Pilot FM9CUY

Alis Propriis Volat

(She flies with her own wings)

- Latin Proverb

Champion League gameplay is often associated with the latest robots and the most premium weapons. But not so for Lottie-Rose, the founder of the first all-female clan in War Robots and the girl who pilots only Griffins.

Yes, you heard that right. She wreaks havoc in Champions League with an all-silver hangar. In fact, she tells me she replaced her component weapons with Orkans! Lottie-Rose often notches up 1mil+ in damages with her Griffin based hangar, supported mainly by her favourite Pin-Tulumbas build.

However, it hadn’t always been easy. She had started off in 2015 after she saw an advert and downloaded WR on her iPad and gave it a go. Lottie who up ‘til that time played only the “traditional, girly games” was hooked on the variety of game-play and style that the game offers. Influenced by the thriving community surrounding the game,  she quickly decided that she wanted to climb to the top and compete with the best.

However, being only 16, Lottie didn’t have the resources that many players could invest in gathering a premium hangar. Not daunted, our young pilot decided to single-mindedly focus on her favourite bot and strengthen it to challenge the best of the best.

And thus, the Griffin Gal was born.

Lottie-Rose often gets asked whether she gets “bored” playing her 5-Griffin hangar. To which she emphatically answers “Never. Griffins are easy to use, yet impossible to master”. To her, the game is always evolving in terms of robots, maps and weapons; She has to constantly change her tactics and reinvent her gameplay to advance her place amongst the best of pilots.

Lottie-Rose tells me that one of the best aspects of the game is the expansive, bustling community that has grown around it.  When she had first joined, it was the discussions and interaction between players in various platforms like Facebook and Youtube and the high-score screenshots (that we are all guilty of at some point) and such that made her connect with the game even more.

It wasn’t all rosy for Lottie-Rose however. Being a young female gamer, one of the few back when she had joined she faced a host of issues online. Along with a few unfortunate encounters, and after being ignored by “big-hitter clans” due to her unique gameplay that didn’t follow the contemporary meta of “all-Lancelot style of play” Lottie-Rose joined IRON Crusaders. It is here that she built up the first all-female clan in WR, the IRON Maidens.

Interested, I asked her about how exactly IRON Maidens came to be and hearing the tale, I can safely say I wasn’t disappointed. Seeing as more female pilots were joining the clan she was in, Lottie-Rose asked an all-female clan to be set up. She was given a challenge: to gather 12 women in a month; a target she achieved in only four days.

By now, something else had been bugging me. I asked her why she felt the need for an all-female clan. In her own words, “this (WR) was a totally male-dominated game with a very few female pilots around (those that were, were highly skilled and respected by the chat groups). Pilots either thought I was there for one reason (you can guess this – far from it), I wasn’t respected for my ability (ok, I had none then), or they spread cruel rumours about me and called me fake. Because of these, every time I posted or commented, I found myself having to justify myself with personal statements being made against me.  I wasn’t accepted at all.”

But thankfully, Lottie-Rose tells me that the situation has changed a lot, and for the better. The number of female players has grown a lot and they are much more common in chat groups and clans. The Griffin Princess(as she is known in her clan) feels that due to her style of play and skill, she has been accepted as a “good pilot”, not just a “female pilot”; a distinction that she maintains is very important to her.

You go, girl!

By now, I had grown pretty curious about how she competes in the highest leagues with her all-silver robots. I mean, I had a couple Griffins but can’t think of taking them to Champions! So, how does she do it?

Turns out, Lottie-Rose is very fond of her hangar of 5 Raven-skin Griffins. She has used only these on her 10,000+ battles of which she has won almost 5,000. Two RDB(Pin+Tulumbus) Griffins are a staple in her hangar along with Three DB(Ork+Piñata) variants. Having a huge damage output, her Griffin frequently takes her above the 1mil+ damage mark without any WSP or Component weapons.

When asked about if she ever wanted to swap in some component weapons, she simply stated, “I don’t like them”. According to her, the silver and gold weapons are effective plenty, if played right.

On being asked if she could tell one thing to anyone in Pixonic, what would it be, Lottie-Rose told us that all she wants is for the game to give some sort of skill-rating. Often times, she feels that her Griffins aren’t appreciated enough for the skill it takes to pilot them.

She thanks all the people who have gone out of their way to help her in the game and helped her with the struggles of being a female gamer. And, from what I saw, she truly has a genuine love for the game, she even told me not to tell anyone(But, I this was too amusing to be kept under wraps) but she even campaigned in her Church to install better Wi-Fi, just to play the game.

In closing, Lottie-Rose is truly an inspiration for gamers, WR players or not. Her skill has allowed her to reach the highest levels with entry-level and mid-tier weapons, all the while facing the struggle of being a female gamer in a largely male community and maintain a respectful and positive attitude towards others. And yet, she has unfurled her own wings and owned the skies like the Griffins she adores.


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ოᎷᏗᏒᎥᏕᏕᏗო4 months ago

DMalorkus, I’m a female and I play this game and my name should show that I’m also a female and I have no issues with getting blocked maybe from time to time I will be targeted by one person who keeps only coming for me but that’s aboit it

monster mayhem4 months ago

hey rose i would like to ask how u feel about shocktrain cuz i honestly hate it. and if u can wreck shocktrain bulgasari bots i can give a ton of respect cuz i have two griffons that i love that are rdb and get wrecked every time i use them ( btw plz give some tips on jumping i always get killed by snipers as soon as i jump!!! plz and ty)

Mr. Timmons5 months ago

Mimikyu94, I agree ravens are going to totaly kill grifins popularity unless they cost components or tons of gold.

Carl SE5 months ago

Scott Lebrasseur, Ok, I looked up Discord. Voice chat for gamers.
That shows there's a means for bullying if ass-hats are so inclined, but does that prove it actually happened?

backtothefront5 months ago

Scott Lebrasseur, Ok, I looked up Discord. Voice chat for gamers.
That shows there's a means for bullying if ass-hats are so inclined, but does that prove it actually happened?

backtothefront5 months ago

DMalorkus, Alex, I'm truly wondering about this. Did that really happen, or did she just perceive it to have happened??

I say this because there are a lot of odd things that happen in these battles, and I know that I have been blocked in areas before...and I've probably blocked others. But I know for a FACT that it wasn't intentional towards me, and if I have done it to others it wasn't intentional from me either.

If pilots are avoiding getting shellacked, and there is another pilot behind them, that despite the rest if the groups attempt to flee, wants to get into the fray...that pilot is by virtual mass, being blocked.

I highly doubt that could be intentional. I can't even imagine doing something so effing stupid to another pilot, and I have an even harder time imagining anyone else doing it either. It's asinine. Further more, how would these pilots that allegedly did this even communicate that they were ALL going to do it???

Sorry, but I'm calling cow feces.

backtothefront5 months ago

Sky Woman, Who is jealous, and of what??
Total admiration of Rosie for her ability in the game as a 'person'.

Should we start writing articles showcasing what color pilots are, or which way they prefer to swing sexually??

No one should place an iota of importance on anything other than how they play. Period.

backtothefront5 months ago

Duyern, Dude, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. I haven't read anyone in here say anything that is sexist. What I have read, is that quite a few people think that coming out and stating that you are of the opposite sex than one might think would be into this game, as if it is some sort of sexist.

If a pilot is a 'hardworking gamer' as you've stated as your benchmark...then what do the parts they possess have to do with the cost road salt??? It has zip, zap, squatah to do with anything. And it shouldn't be made to.

We are 'people' piloting virtual robots on our phones for Godsakes. Faceless and all equal.

Mimikyu946 months ago

I agree that griffins are great and powerful but in the upcoming updates, I think griffins are gonna be facing a big drought because of the new bots, Raven and Bulwark.
( check the 3.8 test server vids)

Mimikyu946 months ago

Say hello to Raven, the Next Gen Griffin capable of jumping in midair.

Metokur6 months ago

It's nice to see another player using an all Griff hanger. I run it often in expert 1; usually 1 plasma, 1DB, 1 RDB, 1 aphid/vortex, and 1 punishers. If i substitute out bots it will be one I got for free like a kumiho or an inquisitor(or both) I don't spend a lot of money in-game (mainly premium and the 1$ gold deals if it's 600+). This game rewards you for playing, even more so nowadays. I have gotten a pair of scourge, 3 vortex, 7 storms, 4 Tempests, 4 gust, a dragoon , etc.
I will admit when they 1st introduced dash and components in was very discouraged about the direction of the game. Since they introduced supply drops and honor rewards I have felt a lot better about playing and really started enjoying the game more than ever.
If you find yourself wanting the new bots and weapons I recommend you play as much as you can. Speed up supply drops(I got my inquisitor in 2 weeks exactly by speeding up drops and getting the 20 drops a week from FB after starting with only 1040 parts). I am thinking of going for a 2nd inquisitor by grinding like crazy over the next week. I only averaged about 650 trophies a week over the 2 weeks I grinded my last inquisitor, and I am already back up to 2k parts. What I am trying to get across is that it can be done and it is worth it to me. I really enjoy running my inquisitor (thunder/storm atm until unlock an ember than it will be ember storm). It just takes persistence and patience. There will be games you wreck and games you get wrecked. Just play your best and have fun win or lose.
Also, I am really looking forward to the Ravens release. I plan to have at least 2 in my hanger (a plasma and a DB).
I really hope they don't make it hard to get; hopefully it will be like trying to get a hover. Since it is the spiritual successor to the Griff it shouldn't be too hard to get a hold of since the Griffin is a silver bot and great all around.

Alex Tate6 months ago

DMalorkus, the fact that 3 people did that is just scum and a dick move, setting up a clan full of 1 gender isn't new Including for females, and if they want to have their own clan that I have nothing against it, However I am not someone to degrade or bump someone up based on their gender is all.

DMalorkus6 months ago

Alex Tate, My wife plays WR and her name denotes she is a woman, she has run into a number of players who will deliberately block her into corners, in one battle 3 players actively tried to block her from joining the battle. Battling is hard enough, when your own team makes it harder, these girls push back against both sides until they prevail, that is worth a few kudos.

Punkah6 months ago

Awesome! And to all the losers saying this n that, face the fact she doesnt need your advice regarding bots (did you read the article? She knows evert bot, loves griffins and is doing just fine), she doenst need team work to kill dash bots (watch her vids) and saying you use something “since day one” is an expression. Obviously she used other bots on those first weeks (that after so many years feellike a blink). but damn you miserable haters that on the absence of important sh*t to brag about have to try to make somthing outra that. Truely inspirational article and a fenomenal player, watch & learn. Maximum respect

Scott Lebrasseur6 months ago

Nice work young lady, I'd say please, try the hover bot, like a whole hanger of them, because to me it is the real future version of the griffens, and I think that if you tried them and practiced with them, you'd love them. To me it takes alot more skill than a Griffen because of less weopon payload and height exposure but man the feeling of taking on the whole battlefield, it's quite amazing to me and something I think a lot of people are missing out on because of Thier misguided preconceptions. Trust me lottie, they are fun as hell. Anyway congratulations killer, your an amazing pilot. -superclutz-

Shanelife2k156 months ago

Alex Tate, Get a 5th bot in there and your rank should bump up. when I got my 5th slot I went from the bottom of diamond to the bottom of expert.

Alex Tate6 months ago

Hey Lottie I wanted to ask you some questions about Gameplay and new and recent bots coming into play

Firstly I Just wanna say that I'm not a fan of how people praise others for being the opposite gender, as a matter of fact i see most females doing this as normally most men play games and when women do they act all proud of themselves, I'm not saying that your bad or any less then anyone else because of how you where born, but please know that some people hate it when others do things like this.
Personally I think equality already exists and 3rd world feminists are trying to hard to put themselves as Victims in turn of getting themselves above others. (not saying your one)

now the next question I wanted to ask was, if you had an opportunity to play and use a hover-bot and/or the New Raven would you and why so? also I noticed you loved the Raven skin on the Griffin so maybe you'll prefer the Raven, and if not, You could try the hover bot with a much higher but, more of a Vertical jump then a hover with less of a cooldown for the jump, the Hover bot also possesses slightly more health and a bit more movement speed and all in turn for only 1 light weapon, However if you don't like the Hoverbot then tell me what your thoughts on the New Raven are... The Raven is slightly faster with the same health-pool, Firepower and it comes with an extra jump or 2... altogether the Raven completely outperforms the Griffin in pretty much any situation. Btw I'm a 100% free to play player with a Hover bot If you buckle down you could get one of the 2 in a few weeks if you prefer them.

also, do you have any tips for getting through Diamond league? I've been playing for a bit now and i'm stuck there with all level 9 bots and level 8 weapons, My hanger includes a Tharnage, a Doc with 2 Orkans and 2 Punishers, a Hover bot with Tarans and a Griffin with Tarans.

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

MK3, Yes we know. The heavy weapon on medium slots is a cheat/hack and people who we have detected using it or we got information that they are using it are being taken appropriate actions against.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Jabberwock, Agreed there are robots with much higher learning curves than the Griffin with the Rhino being the most difficult in my experience (honourable mention to the Tharnage and every light bot ever).

Jabberwock6 months ago

Just noticed the comment you stated 6 dates Lottie-rose but u stated that you were a free player with no money whatsoever. Unfortunately I must say that you need to first check the video which you r uploading If you want to lie. How r you having a premium subscription if you r a free to play player. Are those some of your iOS credits which you have got by a giveaway or...... JK 😂

Jabberwock6 months ago

Well although I am only at silver league and not at all experienced as you but still looking at the state of matchmaking in the current game (which definitely you didn't had to go through) I can say that "wreaking havoc "in champions league where the game is pretty balanced is much easier than dealing the same in the silver-gold leagues which are the most affected by the match making changes. In my leagues majority of the matches are won by the team for which the dash bot is playing . No skill works at all. Also I do not get the hype of being a girl in a "male dominated game ". Was it that you were given an inferior starting setup or were denied of some high quality stuff only exclusive to males. Everyone is equal in the game . I can see that it must have been difficult for you to grind all the way to the top through the Griffs although I don't see how you managed to obtain Griffin at the very beginning which is only possible if you would have been invited to the game via facebook but it contradicts your statement that you stepped into the game through an advertisement, but still I must say that I also run a RDB Griffin and I also end up doing the same support work that you did in the video of yours. Unfortunately Griffin has nowhere near the learning curve which some other bots do such as rhino which require high sills to play effectively. But still kudos to you

ΔStriker-6 months ago

Awesome. Also the all lancelot gameplay thing is kinda true lol

parrana6 months ago

Burningarrow, If you dont like it, why are you here, plus she could whip yo butt so suck it, plus you are pathetic

parrana6 months ago

Pilot FM9CUY, You will never see a dragoon spectre in battle, spectre hardpoints are medium and dragoon is heavy

parrana6 months ago

SooooSad-TooBad, It is not possible for a level 1 noob to buy a griffin unless someone invited them through facebook, there would be a chance to get a griffin for free

parrana6 months ago

Tulumbases are most likey replaced by orkans or tarans in higher leauges or made into MK 2

Neon6 months ago

I have a feeling she’s gonna stop using Griffins when Ravens come out. Ravens are pretty much the same as Griffins, except that they can double jump and store more jump charges.

Катюша Фурия6 months ago

Ios platform is full of girls and very strong, and there is nothing special about this. There are both English and Russian girls team

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

MK3, I really like the Rhino a lot better than the Griffin actually but it seems to have really poor health considering its main function: to break enemy lines with a frontal assault. Trying to attempt this is suicide. In a world where speed, survivability and agility rule the Rhino falls behind and is in my opinion the least optimal of the workshop bots to purchase.

parrana6 months ago

well if she is using raven paint, then it is advised to use aphid vortexes, raven paint suits them better

MK36 months ago

LoucustMaster117, Have you tried the Rhino? Its sort of like an upside-down griffin, except less jumpy.

MK36 months ago

Pilot FM9CUY, lol. spectre- 4× medium Dragoon - heavy. Skills to get 4× dragoon on spectre.

Type-136 months ago

RDB and DB are glorious, I've pushed diamond 2 on Android in the 2 months since I started playing, with an RDB Griff in my hangar since I was able to buy them, and it has never failed to impress against unshielded bots. For someone to go to Champs with them as a staple is incredible. Keep on rocking.

Vinay Vinay6 months ago

Raven is not a better paint job than shark or emeralsd
Or standard

SooooSad-TooBad6 months ago

Good on you Sir. You've got more patience with this game's matchmaking system and the bad experience it creates than I do.

SooooSad-TooBad6 months ago

Lottie-Rose, Hi,

I found your story interesting however after seeing your comment I felt a few things need to be said.

To say you've never used any other bot than Grif's is not factual unless you somehow purchased Grif's immediately after installation of the game and used only griff beginning with your first match. If you and the story had stated that you've used nothing but Grif's since you've been in Champions League (or whatever league you started exclusively using Grif's) then I wouldn't be taking issue with what has been claimed.

Your "wake-up moaners" comment lacks perspective and the proper context of why people are "moaners". Here's why. You've been playing this game since 2015. In early 2017 the matchmaking was dramatically changed which had a huge negative impact on the game (the lower the league you're in, the worse the impact). One of the things taken away was the seal-clubbing with gepards-magnums (did you ever own that combination prior to having access to the heavy bots?). That combination was replaced by something far worse: tanking. Then of course Pixonic introduced the dash bots late last year and the shocktrains a bit later.

I say you lack perspective in that you were probably in Expert's League or higher with grif's at level 10+ when these changes hit. You've never dealt with the tanking issues in Champion's League. What I mean is if people tank in Champions League the only way it has negative impact is if the tanker is on your side in a game and not helping the team. Since you're in a clan, and I presume one of the well behaved clans, this isn't happening. That said, there is no negative impact to you since you are in the top league.

For people in Gold and lower Leagues the story is quite different and the negative impact is huge. I regularly see level 11-MK2 dash bot hangars racking up 1+ million in damage with 1.4-1.5m being the usual damage for these players. So when you say people are moaning. Reality is they are complaining about a matchmaking system that is crap because it allows this sort of thing to happen. Huge disparity in firepower and damage capability. Huge disparity in ability to absorb damage. You don't see that happen. I will go as far as to say this is something you never had to deal with. If true, I suggest you create another account on another device and spend some time working your way up in the current environment to get first had experience of why people are "moaners". Everyone who's had to grind their way up in this current system knows Matchmaking is bad (including Pixonic), yet nothing is being done to change it.

FYI - If you think I'm just a new player doing more "moaning", you'd be wrong. I've been playing the game since mid-2016. I am currently in Silver 1 with a cossack 6, Leo 6 and Grif 6, all with level 6 weapons. WIth that I can regularly score in the upper 300k-500k range and have scored as high as 900+k with that combination. That's right 900k and one of the robots is a lowly cossack. If you're wondering why I am in Silver and only have 3 level 6 robots, it's because I am on my 5th account. I like to mix up my hangar with light and medium robots I change in and out and they are completely ineffective beyond Diamond Level.

Why are the light and medium robots ineffective above Diamond League? Again, it goes back to the crap Matchmaking system Pixonic has implemented and refuses to replace.

In my opinion, based upon observations of your videos, the primary reason you're beating up dash bots as you claim is because of clan team play with the secondary reason being skill. I've "beat up" dash bots in the past with level 8 griff's and orkans myself, but only because I either had help or the dash pilot had no skill. That said, one on one in a custom game, given the same skill level, a dash bot is going to take out a griff 8 of 10 times or better without team help and that is fact. Two pilots with the same skill where one has more firepower and range, the guy with more firepower, range and speed is going to win nearly every time. I'll even go as far as to say the outcome is 50-50 when the grif pilot has more skill because of the unpredictability of the dash bot movement and it's speed. If the person with the dash has any reasonable amount of skill they'll make their opponent miss. Sometimes the pilot will guess right and shoot where they are going, but in most instances that's not the case.

I had one question. Where does your clan rank in Champions League? I check who is on top of the clan leaderboard every now and then but don't recall seeing your clan's name before.

Lottie-Rose6 months ago

To clarify. I don’t own anything other than Griffins. Never used any other bot in 10,000 battles. Constantly fighting top clans/players. It’s not an article about just being female. It’s an article with an underlying message ... I am a free player with no money running silver bots in Champions beating up da$h bots (oh and btw Is female and 16) ... so the message is “wake-up moaners about it’s pay-to-win only, coz if I can survive then it’s proof skills are better than money.” I think I earnt my style and those that know my style know how I fight. Anyways, I’m grateful to play this game every day and enjoy the community around it. Peace x

Dsnipe6 months ago

That is badass nice job

SooooSad-TooBad6 months ago

Denis Dujela,

Reading your comment I was wondering, how is this post misleading and dishonest?

Wouldn't you agree that anyone in the Champions League is doing really well since they made it to that level? Would you agree that since the post clearly states that most the players are male that even newbies would be able to figure out that most the players in any League is dominated by male players?

Let me add to what you said about Champions League by saying ALL Leagues above Bronze sucks, because pilots can manipulate what League they are in by tanking.

Matchmaking punishes people in lower leagues. The lower the league you're in the more you're punished. The sad thing is Pixonic is doing nothing to replace this broken MM system and is only attempting to address the symptoms.

Spask Crondusk6 months ago

Lottie-Rose, Hello Lottie-Rose,I as a male gamer wouldn't mind to have a female in the battlefield, it is awesome to know that we have female playing war robot and will encourage to ask them to advertise the game so we can have all males and female playing the game. Also this article is special for one person and an inspiration for all the female as well, congrats Lottie-Rose. Hopefully I get a chance to see you in the battlefield but until then stay alert from death from above. I will be hovering with pinlumbus all over you with a few leo punishers and a paid Patton.

spask signing out

PS: have fun and dominate the battlefield for honor of skills.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Lottie-Rose, Try Hover it is just like a more floaty version of the Griffin that trades firepower for survivability.

Cryomancer_Ashe6 months ago

Burningarrow, Well... If there was some 1v1 system in place, I'm pretty sure that she'll blow up your behind. So rant all you want.

Cryomancer_Ashe6 months ago

Way to go, girl! The whole community needs more people like you. Playerbase and developperbase alike. I'll probably apply to your clan if I didn't like AuNv so much...

According to your playstyle, I would say that you could do nicely with a Trebuchet Butch in your hangar. It can really help in large maps, and while that it's somewhat hard to get, unloading a quad salvo at point-blank range is pretty fun.

Looking forward to see you on the battlefield! On the blue side, hopefully. ;)

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

LoucustMaster117, Err, afaik, she did try out ST, but didn't like it. See, I mentioned she replaced component weapons with Orkan, right? That was the ST. Also, that's a lvl 2.

There isn't a trick. She really just uses Griffins. We checked.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Lol she does a match with all Griffins and when it is over: Shocktrain Upgrade complete.

Caught red handed

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

WARNING Don't watch the video it is death by 'and'

Denis Dujela6 months ago

It’s easy to figure out. She has 2 mk2 griffin/tulumbas/pins so she sits back & hides a lot. She probably goes in this order... 1. Griffin/tulu/pin 2. DBGrif 3. DBGrif 4. Griffin/tulu/pin 5. DBGrif. The order would change depending on the map. I bet on long maps she uses her tulumba griffins 1st and 2nd or 1st & 3rd. I also bet that she is almost always last or 2nd last to die in her squad and that’s because she has 2 range bots both mk2. Elite pilots can last almost a whole match with 1 range bot, having 2 is easier. She has not figured out how to be successful in champion, all she has realized is how to survive as best she can. Her million + matches are not vs full dashbot mk2 clans, her million matches come when Matchmaker adjusts to try and keep her at 50% which is what MM algorithm is programmed to do. Fir the newbies in this game, they might think wow that’s great. But fir the experienced veterans, what she’s doing really is no big deal. Champions league still sucks. We are all still waiting for true balance in the game. This post about a girl doing well in griffs in champion is very misleading and dishonest.

A Junejo6 months ago

Shanelife2k15, are right about the gender thing. When we play the game, it doesn't matter which gender your teammates or enemies are! We had a lady come in our clan a while back, she announced her gender herself to the guy inviting her to clan. I guess she expected special treatment because of it. Why?

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

[AAF] pakistani, Now, now I'd be very interested in knowing how you got 4 Dragoons on a Spectre. You're Gameroom, yes?

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

Sky Woman, Thank you!

Well, you are no less interesting. I've been reading the introduction you've put up at the fan forum!

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

Shanelife2k15, Hello.
While I would support your views in some cases like a lot of the behaviour some Twitch female gamers engage in, I have to disagree on other points. Is a woman playing a game special? Yes. You and I, as male gamers do not have to expect unsolicited texts or indecent material in our message boxes if we identify ourselves. Sadly, it is not only true that female gamers regularly get unwanted attentions and propositions only because they are female. We can't just discount the function of gender in gaming community when a section is specifically targeted for that sort of behaviour.

And, there is a very selfish reason why I wanted to focus on this. I want my girlfriend to play the game with me. We all want our partners, friends, wives, sisters, daughters to enjoy gaming with us, not just WR, but any game- without having to expect unwanted, unwarranted behaviour in the community. Part of making such a world possible is to normalise female gamers, it's not a secret that there are much fewer female gamers than male. Encouraging them to play even if they are facing such nastiness must come with the show of support of others' side.

If one is a female gamer who has persisted in playing even if she keeps getting harrased for her gender, I say it's a cause for encouragement.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Shanelife2k15, I know what you mean but most of the "Female Promotion" thing here is done by FM9CUY (who is a good guy) and anyway only one of my female friends actually even plays video games (Rules of Survival) so I am glad to see more girls getting into it and besides, lets be honest here War Robots could use all the players it can get.

LoucustMaster1176 months ago

Shanelife2k15, I know what you mean but most of the "Female Promotion" thing here is done by FM9CUY (who is a good guy) and anyway only one of my female friends actually even plays video games (Rules of Survival) so I am glad to see more girls getting into it and besides, lets be honest here War Robots could use all the players it can get.

[AAF] pakistani6 months ago

Aww, how cute. GIrl, do you want a Spectre Dragoon? I can help

Alex Tate6 months ago

I remember about a month ago accidentally joining a "females only?" clan was there for about a month clueless because of course 80% of clans in games aren't active anyway Till i saw that and I did about 3 backflips total and left.

Sky Woman6 months ago

To the writer, very well written article. Kudos! 👍

Sky Woman6 months ago

Inspirational article about an inspirational player! Not sure how you are able to play while at church, but that part was hilarious. Love watching your videos Lottie-Rose, and so does my family (those of us who play)! I can't wait to share this article with them. Stay strong and please make more videos! Newbies like me enjoy learning from your skills. ❤️

P.S. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with people who make themselves look jealous and insecure with their words. No fun! 😡

Shanelife2k156 months ago

If women want to be taken seriously in a game maybe they should just play the game instead of insisting everyone knows they’re a woman. I honestly don’t care what gender you are, but it bugs me when people have to bring up the fact that they’re a certain gender when doing something, as if it makes them special. I honestly think this woman is great at this game, especially since she only uses griffs, but honestly it seems like the whole “I’m a female gamer, respect me” thing is just a way to get attention. She clearly has the skill to stay in champion, so why does gender matter? If you want to complain about being taken seriously, just use that skill and it will show. Emphasizing gender is literally just a marketing campaign aimed at the liberals who think “male privilege” exists. I do respect her and her play style immensely, but I don’t respect using “Look there’s women playing” as a way to try to mend the already forked PR this company has dug themselves into. In short, try harder pixonic, you’re not fooling anyone anymore, and congrats/respect to lottie you’ve come far as a gamer keep up the quality plays and remember, you’re human first, regardless of circumstance, and I respect the never-give-up attitude towards the game.

Over-Rogue Gaming YT6 months ago

Inspired reading the story.Really a huge respect for deciding to make a female player clan and also for running a full hanger of griffins in champion.

EGCChoW6 months ago

I love this article it’s so inspirational keep doing your thing, see you on the battle field someday.

Dominic Montecalvo6 months ago

This was a fantastic read and an inspirational story. In keeping up with the constantly evolving meta, I’ve frequently heard that in order to stay competitive, one must “ fight fire with fire” , yet this player has shown that you don’t need a large bank account to have fun and compete at the highest levels. Certainly well deserving of respect. Although I feel that by including age and gender made this an even better story, I feel that it should not matter and should not be made an issue. This player worked very had to develop the skills and tactics needed be competitive with a hanger full of silver bots and has certainly earned that Champion badge. The next time I’m in church and the’re raiding funds to improve the wi-fi, I will remember this story and contribute generously !
Dominic M

Talha Javed6 months ago

Talha Javed, Well, look at that. They think I'm a Lancelot...well I am as loyal​ as one tho

Pilot FM9CUY6 months ago

Duyern, Hello!!

Well, you actually might be in luck. Lottie now plays in a mixed clan. So, why not contact her over the FB groups and see if you can join?

Talha Javed6 months ago

Stay determined Lottie. And rock on with those Griffins. Show the world of WR that expensive stuff isn't the best stuff. It's skills that matters the most

Duyern6 months ago

BTW: To all of you sexist guys out there, this girl probably has more skill than you could dream of. I’m a male so don’t think I’m some sort of feminist or whatever, but girl gamers can be just as good as boy gamers. The gender shouldn’t separate us, the skill should. So don’t be some smack talking noob like burningarrow. I only see gamers as noob, casual, and pro. You should respect the hard working gamers.

Duyern6 months ago

Rose, you are a damn boss at this game. I’ve been playing for about as long as you (maybe a tad bit longer) and I haven’t made it to the champion leagues yet. I also haven’t spent thousands of dollars on this game like everyone up there. I respect you so much for not using anything but griffins and no component items! I’m gonna get to the top like you one day, cause eventually I’ll be able to lvl up my items faster and not get destroyed by all these damn shocktrain dashbots. I hope that you keep playing this game, maybe one day we will face each other. You are an AMAZING gamer. I would be honored to be in your guild, but ya know... it’s an all female one. I know you will forget this by the time you start playing again, but my nickname is Duyern so if you ever see me in battle, know that you destroyed a big fan! Keep being amazing Rose, keep being amazing...

Lottie-Rose6 months ago

Burningarrow, The main point of the article is that you can compete at the highest level for free as lots NG as you know how to play and whatever age/gender. Obviously you missed this point sir.

Problemchild19046 months ago

Get on Lottie,All my respects to YOU YOUNG LADY. Put the smash down on these FOOLS who are to jealous to respect your skill to be in championship league with a Griffin hanger AND a GIRL .A couple of weeks back on the fb community group when you were chatting about game play & getting quizzed from many different Angeles's i was in the group at that time just watching it all .everyone of your questioners were treading careful. And all your responses were respectful and well spoken.And then The young lady.....YOU were ask to SEE your hanger. And that you did.And dam Girl i was & am still impressed. Im not a f.b. person my self only have it because of WR .Which ive only been playing about 8 months.But if you dont mind .Id like to get some pionters from you in the future .that info if you choose to would be appreciated & not shared .so all message you in a couple of days or so. Nobody that i know plays this game if any & thay all think im crazy.And this started from me downloading games & starting to get credits for minutes for a wifi calling app.Aright Lottie im gonna check out your YT channel. ....YOU HEAR THAT MR CHEERIOS

Daw-756 months ago

Well done Lottie;)

Beagle 2466 months ago Guys this is the link to her YouTube channel!

Kerberos526 months ago

Burningarrow, Burningarrow complains about all-girl clan being sexist. Then complains and insults one of the best and notable players in WR. I don't see any articles being written about you.

Pinky Stiletto 6 months ago

I loved this article. As a girl gamer myself, I understand how much harder you have to work to get taken seriously in male dominated games. But I think more girls are playing these type of games and it’s not so rare anymore. I just started a couple months ago and thoroughly love it. I love the Griffins. I would love to see some paint schemes to represent the WR girls.

Burningarrow6 months ago

Who gives a shit about some girl who uses all griffins in some all girl sexist clan? Why was this even in my news WR? No one gives a shit. I like how shes even trying to promote her yt channel in the comments too hahah pathetic

Formulaman446 months ago

Legit Iron Maiden’s are beasts, I played against them once and it wasn’t pretty (for me) lol

Lottie-Rose6 months ago

YouTube “Lottie-Rose1”

Lottie-Rose6 months ago

This is a link to my YouTube...

The Big Drop6 months ago

Great read and Lottie is a true inspiration.

Sam Cowie6 months ago

That's our Lottie-Rose. and we're all proud of her...Lotsa love from THE MAD SCOTSMAN of IRON GUARDIANS.

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