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War Robots 3.7 Update Notes. Weapon rebalance and Battle Rewards!

by Lanf - 13.03.2018

The update is live on Android but its changes will become available on subsequent day. Stay tuned for the news.

Spring has come along with the 3.7 update. Welcome Battle Rewards and find out about weapon rebalance and new weapons and robots.

Battle Rewards

We’ve already spoken a lot about them, so let’s cover it quickly. Battle Rewards is another source of free components and silver. To receive them you need Honor Points, which you collect for pretty everything in the match. Moreover, if you try hard and lose you still get almost as many Honor Points as in case of winning (7 max instead of 8 max).

Just like with Supply Drops, Battle Rewards bring you more value in higher leagues. We plan to change the contents every 1-2 months, starting from Tempest.

Weapon Rebalance

Another important topic to cover, weapon rebalance hits the game. We explained it before, too, but without exact numbers. Time to dig into them.


Damage scales more the closer you are to the target, yet also decays faster on longer distances

  • 400m — damage unchanged (100%)
  • Closer than 400m — maximum damage multiplier increased from 170% to 250%
  • Further than 400m — minimum damage multiplier decreased from 50% to 25%

Just as before, Scourge deals more damage the closer you are to the enemy, but the scaling never ramped quickly enough to truly feel the difference. To re-emphasize that, we cut some of Scourge's long range power but made it significantly stronger in CQC.

In other words, being closer to Scourge will be more painful for you, while running far enough will get you safe (well, more or less). Be sure to tell us how it feels!


Deals the same amount of damage but takes significantly longer to fully charge

  • Maximum charges: 5 7
  • Damage per charge: 3100 → 2215

Fully charged Shocktrain deals the same damage as before but needs couple more seconds to fully charge.  If you're fighting Shocktrain, you can use this time gap to find a cover, run away from your teammate or rush in. The choice is yours.


6.5% more DPS is all you need (perhaps)

  • Delay between shots 2 → 1.5
  • Damage per shot (level 12) 9770 → 8500
  • Ammo capacity 10 → 12

Redeemer had two issues at release. First, in terms of damage, it underperformed compared to similar guns. Second, many noticed that pauses between Redeemer shots take – too – freaking – long. So we tuned its parameters with both these points in mind, which resulted in bigger DPS and, hopefully, more satisfying shooting cadence.

Molot, Gust, Storm

Damage increased by 10%

It’s time to dust off those old Molots of yours. And shotguns. Don't forget shotguns.

New robots


Hellburner is a saboteur bot. Wherever there is a battle, it rushes in and literally blows the place up. You can dread it. You can run from it. Destiny still arrives.

With Overload, its main ability, accelerated Hellburner can rush into a group of enemies (or catch a single fleeing opponent) and blow up, dealing damage in an area around. Sure, the explosion damages Hellburner too — so be careful.

When Hellburner is destroyed it also explodes, so the enemy team should think twice before firing at you.


Pursuer is another robot to fear but in a different manner. He hunts down unsuspecting targets, whether it’s a lonely sniper or a low-hp bot trying to catch its breath, jumps out of nowhere, gets a kill and disappears in the shadows.

Three light slots give Pursuer enough firepower and Hunt ability brings stealth and increases speed as well, making Pursuer a real hunter. Pick your prey carefully and pursuit till the end.


Mercury is a massive, paladin-style robot bearing two light weapons, plus one heavy slot right on top.

Helldive ability allows Mercury to jump, dive while in the air and land, damaging enemies around. Upon jumping, stealth activates and persists for 3 seconds after landing, so you can run away or focus the weakest target.

New weapons


With Aphid in light slots and Vortex in medium ones, Thermite completes the “Aphids family” being a heavy-slot weapon. Needless to say, you can use the same Aphid tactical patterns with Thermite, including classic high-arc trajectories.


A powerful blaster rifle, Ion is a little brother of Zeus used in medium slots. Electric arcs will fry your enemies in no time — just get close enough.

Bug fixes

  • Raijin cannot climb the mountains on Valley anymore
  • Fury, on the other hand, should have less collision issues with heights on Moon
  • You shouldn't receive task duplicates anymore
  • Various UI fixes


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Juan Cuellar TFlast year

Raijin dejenlo asi
Hay mucha gente que no lo utiliza por que es mui lento
Y sin embargo hay otras que lo utilizan (que son pocas) dejenle su abilidad en todos los mapas y ademas al fujin no se si sere el primero pero tambien agregenle esa abilidad es una araña tambien no? Agregensela
Por otra parte las shoktrain tambien bajenle el alcance en un test le bajaron a las trident no hagan eso las dañaran bajenle a las shoktrain esas si deberian bajarle el alcanse

Megadadolast year

Rebalance not found for legacy anything, the only things I see addressed are pay items (go figure) and that is typical fare for pixo... not even close.

3x shocktrain dash bots are so easy to keep up with... yeah right... clearly old weapons and bots are no longer of interest.

Pyrotech442last year

Tanking issues are generally fixed (thanks pixonic) with prizes based on ranking. Balance comes in next. The shocktrain has been nerfed, yet that thing is still overpowered. I tested it on a noricum gepard level 12 vs bulgasari shocktrain. In one hit, the shocktrain nearly one-hit-killed a level 12 gepard. Yes, a LEVEL 12 GEPARD!!! Nerf 5% damage needed to this overpowered beast.

he kumiho and haechi is insane. 5% health nerf is required because the kumiho is way too fast for its health. If not, increase the cooldown to 7 seconds, same as rogatka.

Fujin and Carnage could go for a 5% health buff as plasma makes them kind of like one-hit-kill. All non-component light robots need a 10% health buff because they are one-hit-killed easily.

My gepard was one-hit-killed by a natasha kang-dae no problem. Around 100,000 health at level 12 is nothing to a gepard against component weapons like shocktrain. 110,000 may give it a chance to escape if it's lucky.

Spectre needs a speed nerf because come on, more firepower than an inquisitor yet faster? Slow it down to at most 50kmh or even a more reasonable 45kmh.

Ember needs a nerf, making ancilots uneless and die in 3 seconds. 5% nerf is good, which also brings redeemer back up the league.

A solution to all dash robots for being way too fast (especially strider) all dash start out with just one dash at the beginning of the round so the strider doesn't zip to the center beacon in 2 seconds and help with the double dash issue.

I can go deeper, like buffing the trident 10%, buffing arbalest 5% damage and splitting charge time in half, buffing punisher 5% to compete with gust, fix bug where plasma passes through robots without dealing damage, buffing the ecu by 10%, and so on. However, we have to stick to the main problems. Please consider my ideas pixonic and in the next update add no new equipment/robots without making balance changes.

(P.S.) reduce fury to 2500 gold because natasha has similar firepower, same health, and same speed.

Pyrotech442last year

*SQUATCH*, tanking has been greatly reduced by the new rewards as lower leagues mean less rewards.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Dave White, Hello!

First of all, let me thank you for the encouragement ! :)

As for your questions...
1) Right now we have 4 modes. They playerbase is populous enough in lower tiers like Silver-Gold to quickly find matches, but as we go higher and the player number decreases, having voluntary selection for all 4 modes simultaneously with result is very, very long wait times for people who want to play certain modes: hence the random matchmaking for short wait times.

We might be looking into a similar system such as the tiered one, but that again needs to be tested well before introduction.

2) Yep, I'm a moderator here. I can understand your confusion but right now there are some wrinkles in the website and quite a few bugs to fix here and there. Giving the mods a badge is lower down the priority order than lets say quality of life improvements for users so, might take a bit of a time. Till then, I apologise for the inconveniences!

3) We do that sometimes. Problem is, a lot of the times the questions are sort of shades on the same main theme. Then there are questions which only a dev can answer and then we have to translate from Russian to English: so that is a time-consuming process. Till then, I hope I can somewhat help with the concerns.

Thank you, your words mean a lot actually!

Mimikyu94last year

Pilot FM9CUY, I understand what you guys at Pixonic are going through. People think that you guys don't care for them but that isn't true. You have a lot of things to take care of. Developers can't always add what all people want. They know what will happen if they add every single one of our suggestions.

Mimikyu94last year

Dude, Why don't you just find a counter to tankers. Remember the ultimate gaming advice: "Every enemy has a weakness"

Mimikyu94last year

A very nice update! However, I think the Hellburner deserves a little bit more speed. It will give Hellburner the REAL kamikaze experience.

Dave Whitelast year

Pilot FM9CUY, I support you efforts and having to eat nothing but complaints and people bitching about for the work you put in is commendable.
I have a couple of questions for you.
1-I'm curious to why you don't let players choose the mode they want to play in or have tiered preference where they have 1st, 2nd choices, etc. but if it goes over a time limit it drops them from their 1st choice to 2nd, then next choice?

2-Also, I'm guessing you're a moderator?? Nothing to show who is what. Stumbled across you by pure chance.

3- a general weekly news letter addressing complaints from players and pix is addressing the ones with the largest out crys would help with player confusion and let us know we are being heard.

Again thank you for doing your thankless job.
ID- 5T30GH

Dave Whitelast year

Revere, Here, Here. what are they going to do when everyone has shock trains. That's the only weapon anyone will use. Shorten the range to that of a taran or orcan. The problem is the range is to long for the thing. Only reach the wielder with spirals/hydra/zeus really, and they are no match. Force the cock train users to get close to do that much dmg.

Dave Whitelast year

Dude, I don't think they are tanking so much as hating being forced to place modes they really don't like. I can't stand KOTH, others hate DM. But being forced to play in that mode7 times in 9 games sucks. Choice in mode might stop players from just leaving.

Dave Whitelast year

Curious about deals though. Am I missing something? How can you by these weapons with workshop pts.? You can save 30%/35% and get the deal for less workshop points. But where can I buy them for WS pts. full price? Not really a deal if you can't buy them any other place.

Dave Whitelast year

Still need to work on matrix. If you would still call it that. 6 champion IDA against random 1 exp, some diamond and gold is not really a match-up now is it. It is better then before and the anti- tank incentives seem pretty good. Just getting run over is not that much fun.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Islam Ghunym, Have you checked if you're in Low Priority Queue? Some of the things you describe facing are designed features of LPQ like low Silver payouts, Long wait times etc.

MK3last year

What robot is best suited to run a storm? It's my only component... anything, and i want to make the most of it. Right now i have it on a griffin, but im not sure if its the best combo.

Lecygnelast year

Can you put / install in the Black Market or elsewhere the random event "VIP Premium". This could help old players get back into the game instead of waiting for the next event and new players who didn’t participate in the latest events

Islam Ghunymlast year

this game is now no longer cool as it was before.
1- I can't get honor points, I win in the first place and the most beacon capturing but guess what.... no honor points after battle, why? is this a bug? do I am the only facing this problem.
2-I don't get acceptable amount of silver as before after each battle!!
3-I get no gold medals, bonuses!!
4-my rajin turned worthless, it can't climb mountains!! (why changing old things that we got used into it!!)

5- making scourge too much powerful weapon in low range is not a smart thing to do (it beats firearms weapons!! and this is not smart thing), also the shape of the weapon is not compatible with this idea (the thickness of radius never changes depending on distance) so I suggest giving it from 110% to 170% in closer than 400 meters.

6-It is usual that (firearms/low range rockets) should be the most powerful in low range so increasing firearms for just 10% is a joke so I suggest increasing for 30% more or even 35% so long range weapons can only hunt them down.

7-I have to wait much more time to start a game again, maybe numbers of players minus because of the last modifications.

I hope my comment will be considered since I Provided this ideas objectively.

Islam Ghunymlast year

In the last 3.7.1 update I can't get honor points!!!.
the war ends and I am in the first place damage and the most beacon capturer but no honor points gained!!.
I can't get acceptable amount of silver after each battle!!.
My Rajin is worthess on the moon and it can't climp mountains as it was.
It is not a good idea to make scourage powerfull in low range because the shape of the ion is not compatible with this idea, why not making another weapon

Islam Ghunymlast year

In the last 3.7.1 update I can't get honor points!!!.
the war ends and I am in the first place damage and the most beacon capturer but no honor points gained!!.
I can't get acceptable amount of silver after each battle!!.
My Rajin is worthess on the moon and it can't climp mountains as it was.
It is not a good idea to make scourage powerfull in low range because the shape of the ion is not compatible with this idea, why not making another weapon

Islam Ghunymlast year

*SQUATCH*, mm.. king of the hill requires a team strategy, a strategy we can't have without team communication that this game never provide.
On the other hand, king of the hill is a real gamers best mode.
Developers wanted to develop a team work mode while there is no team communication, it was a mistake.

Type-13last year

One thing that is a little bit frustrating is the smaller honor point reward for KotH mode, capping at 6 points possible, not 8 like the others. Is this intentional or an oversight?

Pyrotech442last year

*SQUATCH*, Hey there!
I think it would be nice that each day they rotate different modes out of the random mode, so day 1: random mode and domination, day 2: random and beacon rush, day 3: random and TDM, and day 4: KoTH. After that, it just repeats itself again. That way, players can for a period of time play what they want to play instead of it being shoved into other modes.

The number of tankers should be declining because, with new battle rewards, tankers will be "punished" by receiving fewer components in low leagues. However, I do see your point in tanking not being solved. Players that spend $1000 get all the robots they need and don't care about rewards (unless there are components toward more op robots than what they have). Just to point out, there is nothing they can do to stop hardcore tankers. The primary reason is this: gold, to lose purposely and rank back up beating up helpless players with less skill than them. I wanted to tank on the pc version so bad because everyone has magnum thunder griffins when I only had molot griffins and RDB pattons. Then these two component reward systems came out

Cryomancer_Ashelast year

And I see that you have had your autocorrect making the common mistake of making "Orkan" into "Organ". Fire your organs away! ;)

Fun fact: the Orkan's full name is R40M Orkan

Cryomancer_Ashelast year

Pinky Stiletto , I see your comment alright, for some reasons when people post something it always ends up at the bottom. When you reload the page, your comment will be on top.

Pinky Stiletto last year

Hello? This is a test, lol. I posted a comment and it’s nowhere to be found. So this is a test comment only.

Pinky Stiletto last year

Hi, I love the game! I do however have a question/problem with the space zones. They don’t target/shoot correctly. I really notice it with my organ/piñatas. Several things are happening:
1. I’ll target and lock someone (otherwise it will automatically target someone else mid shooting) and instead of shooting my target it shoots off into space beside the target.
2. It shoots into the targeted box, but it’s as if the rpg doesn’t recognize my bullets and they do zero damage.
3. It shoots over the intended target not adjusting the weapons to aim at the target.
Is anyone else having this issue? I started noticing it last week and now since the update it’s gotten really bad.

Cryomancer_Ashelast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Hmm... I didn't think about it. You have a good point, yet I think that it might be worth the while to add some main storylines, such as a planetary civil war going on, and add some details of different factions fighting, why we are fighting, etc... And then, the storywriters in the community will be free to carve their own piece of history out of the block.

After updating my game, I have realized that while the new version is less P2W than before and favours grinding/active players, I now feel the need to complain about how equipment like Dashes and Shocktrains are outclassing the other units in a too obvious way (yeah, I like to complain a lot. Sorry about that). It might be wise to adjust certain features of the latters, such as making it a single dash instead of two. And remove the chain effect of Shocktrain, most of the community will agree that the bouncing red ray can be irritating beyond belief.

As a last note, if the devs don't have the leisure of creating some interesting lore behind every bot, weapon, faction and map, you can just set up a team of volunteers to piece some stories together. Then they'd just decide what to do with it. There are many talented writers at the wiki or at the forums if you look closely. Or, you can think some up yourself. You look like a pretty good writer basing on the article about the girl with the Griffins.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

PEYBOY, We don't have an exact date yet, but those will be turned on in Amazon soon!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Cryomancer_Ashe, Hmm, background lore is something that could be worked on. However there is also a very vibrant fan-lore culture around war robots that has sprung up and is close to our hearts. Very interesting to see the various ideas and modes of storytelling. Making one central lore *might* take away some of that freedom though. What do you think?

PEYBOYlast year

Hello, I play on Amazon Kindle and I got the update except I don't have battle rewards and my supply drops are still kumiho. Does anyone know why?

Cryomancer_Ashelast year

And yet another bunch of equipment that I'll have to handle with Cassie... Greeeat.

While that other games take time to elaborate sophisticated lore behind every new character/weapon/map that is released, the War Robots community doesn't even have half an idea where their stuff comes from. From all we know of, the Scourge can be developed by anything ranging from smurfs to Hutts. And this is one of the only games that I have seen without a story behind it.

What's the first thing that you usually see when you enter a game? A tutorial. There's that maxed-out NPC telling you what all the features are, how to efficiently use your weapons, etc... But the first thing that WR players get is a Destrier, and some text on the top of the screen. No mentor, no explanations of why you're on a battlefield. And why there are two sides shooting at each other.

"Here's a Destrier, pilot. Now go blast these reds for me, will ya?"

Player: "What am I doing here? Who are these people? What is this giant thing that I'm in?"

"Go blast the reds."

Player: "But why? Who are they?"

"Go. Blast. The. Reds."

Player: "But I don't know who they are! What if they are nice people?"

"They'll eject. Now you go blast these reds, or you leave. Oh, and try to take the beacons too. They're useful."

Player: "Alright. But what are these beacons f..."

"You ask too many questions. Shut up and play."

That isn't how my tutorial went, but that is certainly how I felt it went. No explanations about where I am and what the hell I am doing there. Just instructions to attack the other side. Heck, that is exactly how some of the real wars happens. Soldiers fight till death on both sides, but none of them have a single clue of what's going on. And about the beacons... They didn't elaborate anything about why they should be kept online for your team. I mean, a whole team of mechs is certainly not going to self-destruct only because that a small blue bar got depleted, right? My whole point it, the devs behind the game are trailing behind in terms of lore, at the point where even the wiki have deeper lore than the actual game itself. It can be really easy to make some interesting stories up, but no, they're too busy developing things such as Shocktrains or Pursuer. Despite the TS population telling them that these are way too overpowered, they still roll out brand-new stuff for the whales to buy.

You might say that if I find the game so unpalatable, I can just leave. Sure thing, but liberty of expression is there for a reason, and I'll enjoy it as much as I can.

RIP Mech*Spectrum and Gepard Diaries, these were good reads.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Bleh, The new content is "turned on" after some hours so that there are no issues. Don't worry, it'll be visible soon!

Blehlast year

Also the component that I am receiving after the update is still kumiho why please fix that ID is 80MJVT

Blehlast year

I updated on iOS but did not receive any of the new features that were added to the game hope you can see to that and make the features available my ID is 80MJVT

Grzegorz Jabłońskilast year

Witam. Cały czas w aktualizacjach brakuje ważnej opcji, ręcznego dostosowania grafiki: słaba, średnia, wysoka (graphics quality). Napewno wielu graczy by się ucieszyło, że nogą bardziej płynnie grać, pozbywajac się np. Cieni.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Stoffe Stoffe, iOS update comes out usually a week later than Android.

If you're getting 5000 Ag for 500K damage, you're in LPQ. If you continue completing your battles faithfully and not leave when you still have bots left and don't skip maps, you'll be back in normal queue.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Dude, I apologise if me copying my comment from another of my replied has had led you to believe I reserve no respect for you. Also, I rarely do that so the answer to the question might have been very similar. As you can see, I'm battling the horde of questions and complaints in the English version alone so sometimes I have to cut corner a bit. Just a bit. But again, sorry.

If the support and moderators have been giving the same answer, chances are that there are very valid grounds for the answer.

Dudelast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Oh yeah, forgot to say, I appreciate your total lack of respect by cutting and pasting your response from another player's comment. It just shows the real lack of class you guys have. Grow up and show some respect. I never swear at you guys, or get personal, yet it is OK for you guys get juvenile with your replies, in the rare event the I get one. The guys that developed this game in the first place should be so pissed at how you have ruined this game. Most players that have had the pleasure of playing it when it was good, sure are.

Dudelast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Why thank you for your very original response, which I read as a response to another player. The same thing happens when I post issues in the support section of the game. It's like talking to a scripted IT help desk, where an original comment is grounds for immediate termination. What the deal is, after one year of being told about tankers, and many great ideas about how to stop this tactic, even without directly taking action against those players, the best you can come up with is a scripted response which we very here and the support section. Great work! I'm really proud of you guys. Remove the advantage of the tanker, using higher leveled units against the weaker players in the lower leagues, then they quit tanking. Or they can just use the lower level units they have in their hangar and depend solely on their experience and skill, if they have any. I have seen some of these guys with topped out bots and weapons get their rear ends handed to them by weaker bots, one being me a few times, but they way you design these things, it is a rare thing for that to happen. You may not directly endorse this behavior, but your inaction and the inept use of the scary isolated queue, really allow this behavior to continue and only get worse. Thanks for letting them abuse so many players, whether they get teamed up with them or they are the weaker player that has to face them. They should be kicked from the game. There is no place in this game or any other, for this total lack of gamesmanship, sportsmanship, or whatever you want to call it.

Johnathan Gibsonlast year

I play on facebook game room when will the update be available for 3.7?

Casual-Observerlast year

Pilot FM9CUY,
I think the information you've given is incorrect according to the WR article on supply drops.

In silver league you could get at most 200 components per day. In gold you could get at most 248 components per day.

Unless the supply drops for Kumi ran for more than 49 days It was impossible to get a Kumi if you were in silver only through supply drops.

Unless the supply drops for Kumi ran for more than 39 days it was impossible to get a Kumi in gold league only through supply drops.

How long did supply drops run for Kumi? Wasn't it about five weeks?

Stoffe Stoffelast year

When is the update come to ISO???? i stil play on 3.6 and this is so screws now i only get 5000silver fore 500k dmg and no revords!
Ihave send tickets to suport but nothing heppends!!1

Naval Shanklast year

Pilot FM9CUY, I had already told this to pixonic support with a you tube link of slow ember but how will I come to know whether they have seen it or not. Since there is no reply from many days. Do I need to send the complaint again ?
With that slow ember my INQUISITOR is of no use

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Problemchild1904, The supply drops were supposed to supposed to give you free components. The Kumiho components ran for over a month, enough for anyone even in SIlver or Gold league to comfortably get it and have left over. I know for a fact my friend has completed a new Kumiho and has enough components for half of another in Silver-Gold. People were complaining to us to change the components because they are getting too many Kumis.

For the league rating 4500 wins give, you should have gotten it quite easily. I am so sorry that you couldn't, but there's nothing we can do at this point. Good things is, with that few components left, there is every chance you can complete it with other free ways.

Maybe collect the Inquisitor components regularly and attain a higher league level to get more? Good luck on your endeavours!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Revere, Good to talk to you too!

Battle Rewards is a conscious effort to make playing in the higher leagues along with loyal players who spend time with the game more profitable. What I can tell you is that if you grind numbers, you'll see Champions league is far, far more profitable than any lower leagues.

Shocktrain can not be nerfed all at once, I trust you can understand why. So we''ll rebalance it in stages, this is by no means its final form.

The Taran bug is being worked on actually. Might be fixed pretty soon.

Spectre isn't a all-powerful bot in any modes tbh. It's a glass canon and has pretty big disadvantages, it was designed that way- to be balanced.

As for the modes...what happens is, some modes aren't 100% liked, neither they are 100% disliked. KOTH has its detractors but we've been hearing it has done wonders for light bot playstyles. So, we need a way to make those work, hence the experiments. But we hope to not force anyone to do something they don't. My apologies for the inconveniences man!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Naval Shank, Hello!
Best way is always to send this to customer support. They accumulate all reports and use them to push bugs higher in priority. If you've already told them, it'll be taken care of.

Problemchild1904last year

I would like to know what's up with the components from the supply drops we were supposed to get components to complete a robot well and the robot was KUMIHO AND IT IS NOT DRIVE/RUN/PILOT/THRASHABLE Because as of 20 minutes A GO in my component storage it only has 7571 one of its components it's missing some. 2429 pieces to be workable and that's all I got now I get Inquisitor components which I have 465 so what good does 7 571 of KUMIHO COMPONENTS DO FOR ME. I don't have any money to spend and that's the truth I appreciate being able to play this game I'm a loyal player sometimes I play 12 or more hours a day I've got over 4500 wins since June late June. So you know theres that may defeats that should tell you how much I play and I'm just an average player and defeat you started Black Market after you gave full robots and weapons out in the first one and then started the components when I won a Scourge component I thought it was the weapon I went to try and find it and I couldn't find it I want to try my new weapon but I found out it was in storage and then I found out it was just part of it just components a little tease but I understand why this was done giving out whole robots and weapons in the first black market that's because you scatter them out on the battlefield and when they were waxing peoples butts sizzling them it created money for you by people buying all the components I understand how a lot of this works but what I don't understand is why. Like the last tasks and events made it so hard and so much stuff to do it was crazy and I'll tell you what after that was over the last event I started winning like crazy but while the event was going if the task was destroy 25 enemy bots it would take twice as long as when there was no event like 10 hours it was crazy so anyways what's up what are you going to do about the people who still don't have all the components for Kumiho.CAN I TRADE THE INQUIZ COMPONENTS FOR. THE REST OF THE KUMIHO COMPONENTS WHEN I GET I believe it is 2429 of inquizinator components i can screen shot my STORAGE so you can see its true.I still dont have all the components for the Scourge Weapon and its how may black markets.WILL SOME ONE GET BACK TO ME ABOUT THIS PLEASE. I love the game but its getting to were theres to many Crazy weapons and robots that it is hard to enjoy it Guys REALLY NO B.S. AND AS FAR AS NEW BOTS AND WEAPONS GO .I HAVE NO NEW BOTS KUMIHO WOULD BE MY FIRST. WEAPONS I HAVE STORM AND GUST. I. DON'T WANT TO MOVE UP CUZ I DON'T HAVE THE WEAPONS OR BOT MY FAVORITE BOT IS LEO GRIFFIN GARETH AND STALKER ROGOTKA .But number 1 fav LEO because hes made miracles happen. I WOULD LIKE TO FINISH KUMIHO GUYS THATS WHAT SUPPLY DROPS WERE ABOUT RIGHT ..THANK YOU. SOME ONE OVER THERE ANSWER THIS .

Lecygnelast year

I take this article to post a recruitment announcement after the rush of messages on the new version 3.7 of the game.
I hope to get moderator's compassion for this message.
This message is committing only on me if it has a sanction.
After a heavy purge (outgoing x9 players), our Clan "Villains" recruit players from League Silver III and coming from the Upper League. The candidates have to score at least 200 activity points the previous week.
Clan ID is 47679.
The platform is Android.
The Clan's founder posted a recruiting ad on the War Robots Forum on March 13 and I posted a testimonial hoping that some players join us for fun together.
Let's introduce the Clan.
The founder of the Clan is Badstrid.
Our weekly theoretical activity is more than 7,000 points.
Currently the Clan is composed of 27 out of 37 members.
The members come from the following countries: Canada, USA, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Romania, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Tibet and India
We have members who are classified in the following Leagues:
Champion x 0
Master x 2
Expert x 4
Diamond x 5
Gold x 9
Silver x 7
Bronze x 0

The wish of the founder is to continue to be ranked in the Top 1,000.
The minimum activity points to stay in the Clan is 150 points. Many players make more than 150 points. Our two biggest players make over 500 points and they are Master II and Diamond II.
The Clan is clean if you know what I mean.
Each player progresses at his own pace to move to the next league.
In the Clan, there is help and advice for those who need it.
We have a Clan Chat named KiK and some players have an account in the "Discord" app.
We have two ongoing projects that we want to put in place. One is to create an availability schedule for the week to create Squads / Team Up in the week.
The second is to create an internal ranking within the Clan. For players who love the competition and compete against other members for pole position.
This also allows to see its evolution / progression week by week.
Join us and you will be welcome.

WayneBrlast year

Pursuer with stealth, speed, 3 light mounts completely supplants Gepard (fast, 3 light mounts), Stalker (fast, stealth 2 light mounts) and of course Destrier (Fast, 2 light mounts). Rather than just obsolete 3 older robots in one fell swoop, could you not have added a new robot that had a new niche? Like hellburner

Or can we buff the old robots to give them new life. Perhaps adding a new skill? Benefit?
For Strider, Much longer duration stealth or preferably much shorter cooldown.
For Gepard, New Skill, mini-jump, just enough to jump over small barriers instead of looking for a ramp up (fast cooldown)

Guy, who now regrets his Gepard purchases

尺ロㄈに☠に什凡乚ノ下凡last year

Hello developers
It's good that I still echo with the shoktrain but the theory is that they raise the power to what it was before when it had hardly left since now it is very slow and it is not worth that we spent for that weapon that was able to win the nerfeado aigan your response to having both the recharge delay removed or the damage increased

@#$&!?%last year

Rebalance? The Scourge damage is now 25% @ 600m and yet the Shocktrain's damage is not reduced? So a weapon were the opponent has to be so lazy to just stand in the open for 10 seconds is reduced but the the one that delivers instance damage is not?

600m ~24,000 damage over 10 seconds, reduced to ~12,000?
500m 15,000 damage instantly not reduced?


Reverelast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Good to talk to you again.

I am completely underwhelmed by the contents of this update. I’ll echo the general comment that the developers seem to be focusing on pushing monetizeable content as quickly as possible rather than fixing issues. On the plus side...the new maps and bots do look cool, even if they maintain their level of merciless grinding needed to attain them. So well done on that. I am also looking forward to battle rewards....the proverbial bone pixonic is throwing its angry customers to try and keep them engaged. So thanks for that as well.

Now for some criticism. I’ll try to stay constructive...but rest assured I hope I’m conveying how’s strongly I (and the rest of the community save for the top...wealthiest... 3%) feels.

1.) to call this attempt at balancing the shocktrain half hearted would be generous. Team death match has been turned into laser tag. The game has literally been turned into “those with shocktrains vs those without”. Have you personally witnessed a match with 25 shocktrains between the two teams? Its game play for simpletons. read the myriad of comments available that was submitted on the test server about the gun, almost no one liked it. You released it anyway. The only constructive thing I can suggest is to remove it from the game entirely. Simply’s so imbalanced there is not a proper adjective for it....and it’s proloferation in champion league has very nearly ruined this game. Way more so than dash bots ever would have. The only place this goes is when everyone eventually has shocktrains...which will turn this game into a robot version of bouncy laser tag chaos. When it reaches that point...I assure you this paying customer will quit.

2.) major major bugs remain unaddressed. The kumiho toe dig, shocktrains going through walls, and the plasma weapons bug where they pass through a bot when it’s near a wall remain prevalent issues. Please...fix them.

3.). The most major issue remains the lack of player choice. You have simultaneously exposed the majority of the player base to being forced to play 3 grand squads with 20 shocktrains...then force us to play in the match modes that make them by far the most effective. I’m almost convinced that this move was designed to sell specters...because in beacon modes the specters underperforming and as a result underselling.

You look at the most prevelant cash clans and their hangers have at best two specters apiece. They didn’t wholesale their dashbots for specters like I’m guessing pixonic accountants hoped they would. So now we’re being forced into game modes where they’re most effective! Especially with 600 bucks wort of fully leveled shocktrains on them

I am a paying customer. My hanger is not worth thousands like your highest paying customers, but I spend money on this game at the rate I’m sure most of your customers that generate revenue for you do. I can assure you if something is not done by 3.8 to address the issue of being able to experience the game in a way that is enjoyable for me with more frequency than random are going to loose me. You almost lost me this last time. Why in the world would I play a game I literally have a random chance of enjoying? It has to stop man. It just does.

Thanks so much for your time...and good luck moderating the angry horde. Fight the good fight!

Naval Shanklast year

I am facing a PROBLEM with ember, might be a BUG...
My ember in my phone takes 20 sec to unload completely. It deals the same amount of damage as expected but with twice the normal time and when I realized it I don't use it anymore.
Moreover when someone else fires ember on to me it deals twice the damage to me.
For example: if someone else fires ember to me, on his phone it goes on for 10 sec but in mine it's for 20 sec and damage is 2x, one ember can deal 290k damage at level to me. I had tried this in custom match and it's really frustrating when you are the slow one.
Plz fix it it's not only with me I had seen a couple of more people with similar problem like unloading time 15-20 sec...
Plz fix it

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

phantom, The hotfix is already out for download. It should also contain Pursuer which will be turned on in some hours.

Like usual, they components will be available after a while, most likely after all the bugs are kinks are ironed out.

phantomlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Hello. Any info on Pursuer's release? Also when new weapons and robots' components will be obtainable through chests and daily offers?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Virgine Henry, Hello.
I apologize for the issues you've faced. We are adding more and more ways for people to obtain component gear so that everyone can enjoy them. Events, Black Market, Au-WSP deals, Supply Drops and now Battle Rewards are some of the ways. Between all these, some players do get the bots pretty soon, some even avail these ways partway and spend RM for the rest.

Right now I apologize, but it is not clear to me exactly which robot are you talking about people getting, Kumiho or Inquisitor.

SooooSad-TooBadlast year

I didn't know that had been done that to other games, but given that none of the new stuff is available through gold or silver it wouldn't surprise me. Too many of the things done does line up with what we're being told. I mean, why buff the magnum in a new system when it was OP in the old system (I think I said it was nerfed but it was buffed).

And the constant nerfing and buffing that comes with every new release. I don't think these guys have the right stuff to be able to identify the tankers through all the data when they can't get any sense of balance in weapons like molot, which has been around forever. Then you have the dash bots and weapons like shocktrain. If what you said is true the game is doomed and not worth the frustration. I'll play the other mech games.

Virgine Henrylast year

Already posted on their support about technical problems concerning reward issues and game progress not showing, also replacement of previous bot with the Inquisitor one, when I almost got it after nearly a month spent on gaming, their lame support answer was that it was replaced every month, a blatant lie considering I've seen other players get it for free after two months spent playing this game. I will uninstall ASAFP this app, and get my android device rid of it, will never spend a single euro purchasing items or gold to upgrade, as obviously it's useless.

Adrian Diaconesculast year

After last update I loose my point from black market and the gold, Ag, Workshop points are zero. To do any upgrade I have to wait until the points appears. Why I have only one battle mode. How or when You will fix all these problema. I am very dissapointed about this version. I hope you will solve all the problema urgent.

SooooSad-TooBadlast year

Pilot FM9CUY,
It seems you want to have an honest discussion. Let's have an honest discussion.

The excuse for this system having it's flaws is always pointed back to the Gepard Seal-Clubbers. Well, you didn't even fix that in this system. The Gepard-magnum was nerfed because someone thought they were still to powerful. That reference has no credibility.

So now Pixonic admits that it can't clearly define what a tanker is and even with those internal parameters the problem is as bad now as it ever was. After more than a year Pixonic still haven't been able to fix the problem. Good for you to admit that. You do see how that is supporting my position. Let me spell it out. If you can't define what a tanker is and your internal parameters can't fix the problem, then by what voodoo magic do you think you'll fix it by digging through data? You've got to be kidding. Yea, so maybe the obvious tankers will be identified and banned or whatever. But what about those borderline cases. And then what about new strategies.

I've been tanking by playing and keeping my damage score low because matchmaking allows my lineup to be matched up against robots many times more powerful so my robots get killed in seconds. So how are you going to identify me as a tanker? You going to punish people who want to drastically change their lineups and then can't score damage points because you have a MM system that is garbage? If you respond to this comment at all, respond to this one point. Is this what you want to do?

And you say, don't worry, we'll fix it this next time, really. So Pixonic will invest more time to try to fix something which can't be defined, while at the same time defend the position that Pixonic isn't facilitating tanking by sticking with this system? The facts don't line up with what you're saying.

Definition of facilitating according to freedictionary is: to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.)

Pixonic went from a system that had almost no tanking to a system where tanking is rampant.
Pixonic refuses to admit the current system has flaws far worse than the previous system in spite of multiple patches to address the problem. In the old system level MK12 bots didn't feast on Level 3-4-5-6 bots.
In the old system, anyone could get a gepard-magnum and be on fair ground. In this system, the only way to compete with level 12 MK2 is if you pay your way up to be high enough compete (unless you want to wait 6+ months to get components for 1 dash bot to that level). Not everyone has that kind of money.
Pixonic could have nerfed magnums under the old system to fix the seal clubbing problem.
Pixonic has put more effort into releasing new features and equipment than it has in repairing MM.

Can I add as a fact that Pixonic has put no effort into replacing the current matchmaking system with something new that can't be gamed? I ask because all you've discussed is how Pixonic plans to address tanking under the current MM system. I think that's a fair statement.

My honest opinion. I'm sticking by it. Based upon what I've presented, Pixonic is facilitating tanking by sticking with the current system. Look at the definition of facilitating. Look at the current system. Look at the old system. For whatever reason Pixonic refuses to toss this system out. Pixonic won't go back to the old system and won't develop a new system. Many people have discussed this but it means nothing to the company. Nobody inside Pixonic wants to hear that this system is beyond repair. Nobody who matters inside Pixonic believes this system should be replaced (matters meaning someone who can make the decision to throw this system out). If anyone who did matter was listening this silly system would have been tossed last year.

I thank you for your prior response, but in the end I think all of what has been said by me and others is of no consequence. For some reason Pixonic is married to this MM system and won't get rid of it


Echo Alpha 94last year

Pilot FM9CUY, Every new item in the game is gained only by components so we can not have them untill months and there's no pleasure of new update. I think it's better to introduce some highly valuable items with components with some lesser valuable items achievable with gold and silver. WAR ROBOTS is changing fast but in fact the "war robots which I play" is still like versions of before 3.0 because none of those new items available for me.
I live in IRAN and any in app purchase is banned for me. Let free players also enjoy the game.

Ray Descalzolast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Where was this posted? I followed the link in your article above and it has not been updated.

Сергій Баласьlast year

I still have the problem with the battle rewards. After game reinstalling it is present. But after loading my profile it is disappeared!!!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Ray Descalzo, It has been changed. Now Top gets 3, second 2 and third 1. It shows up in the score card.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

SooooSad-TooBad, Hello.

Yes, we get lots of suggestions everyday and we do read it. Not all of it can be acted on. Let me tell you a secret. Developing a game is very boring, with all the huge and huge mountains of data we need to process and many other considerations.

Irrespective of that, the tankers have been very ingenuous in gaming the game. We really need to set our parametres very well to catch 'em all. Not to say that work isn't been done. I trust you've seen the news about "loaders" around the communities? The bans came almost overnight and swift, without much preamble: all to catch the offenders before they are aware. With so much negative gold it is a very hefty punishment as various aspects of the game like Au robots or weapons, Workshop 2.0, BM deals,etc will be locked out to them. Now that they are gone, we will have more time to deal with tankers.

Don't worry, after we finish the data processing, tankers will be brought their due.

We are not facilitating tanking. We do not support it in any form. Some players...however are fond of gaming the systems. Old MM had its Gepard Seal-Clubbers, this one has tankers. There are cheaters, loaders and all shades of questionable and illegal behaviour. Truth be told, we can't even clearly outline the parametres of what makes a "tankers" to the community.(We of course have our internal parametres) because even before we could tell there were people exploiting the loopholes. In some cases, clamping down would actually restrict the game even more(like certain bots can't be played in certain levels). Not to say we can't do it, but takes a lot and lot of time to.

Ray Descalzolast year

BUG? Your earlier post said 3 points for being in ANY of the top 3 for capturing beacons gets you 3 Honor Points. Well, your software is NOT awarding 3 for second or third place.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

DaBellRinger, Hello!
First, take a screenshots of all the bots and weapons you have+ all the resources+ component storage.
Then, connect/log-in to Gamecentre from your iOS device.
After that, open WR app, open menu screen> you should see a Gamecentre logo under his player ID. Click on that and voila! you're connected!
Good luck to your son!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Dude, Hello.

Yes, we get lots of suggestions everyday and we do read it. Not all of it can be acted on. Let me tell you a secret. Developing a game is very boring, with all the huge and huge mountains of data we need to process and many other considerations.

Irrespective of that, the tankers have been very ingenuous in gaming the game. We really need to set our parametres very well to catch 'em all. Not to say that work isn't been done. I trust you've seen the news about "loaders" around the communities? The bans came almost overnight and swift, without much preamble: all to catch the offenders before they are aware. With so much negative gold it is a very hefty punishment as various aspects of the game like Au robots or weapons, Workshop 2.0, BM deals,etc will be locked out to them. Now that they are gone, we will have more time to deal with tankers.

Don't worry, after we finish the data processing, tankers will be brought their due.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Dude, Hello.

Yes, we get lots of suggestions everyday and we do read it. Not all of it can be acted on. Let me tell you a secret. Developing a game is very boring, with all the huge and huge mountains of data we need to process and many other considerations.

Irrespective of that, the tankers have been very ingenuous in gaming the game. We really need to set our parametres very well to catch 'em all. Not to say that work isn't been done. I trust you've seen the news about "loaders" around the communities? The bans came almost overnight and swift, without much preamble: all to catch the offenders before they are aware. With so much negative gold it is a very hefty punishment as various aspects of the game like Au robots or weapons, Workshop 2.0, BM deals,etc will be locked out to them. Now that they are gone, we will have more time to deal with tankers.

Don't worry, after we finish the data processing, tankers will be brought their due.

SooooSad-TooBadlast year

I doubt anything will be done. Look at the moderator's comment, criticism is tolerated. That says a lot. Maybe they expect a big lovefest with people sitting in a circle talking about how great everything is and singing kumbayah.

So many good suggestions and nothing is done with any of them. Instead of fixing matchmaking you see a bizarre assortment of schemes that don't work. Instead of working on a new matchmaking system they keep adding new robots and weapons. I know I'm not the only one who holds the theory that this is done intentionally to keep people paying for new OP equipment. Tanking could be fixed. Easily fixed. All Pixonic would need to do is go back to the old matchmaking system. Why don't they?

I don't see anything being done to players who have complaints against them. I've submitted complaints with links to the screenshots and keep seeing the same people from the same clans tanking in gold and silver league. If they won't punish players and the clans who tank regularly I think it's only fair for all of us to tank. Pixonic is facilitating tanking and leaving by not overhauling matchmaking. It has been part of the game for over a year. They could come up with this system in less than 3 months but can't come up with another system in over a year? It's clear the priority is not on fixing matchmaking, it's on releasing new equipment.

Look at this latest release. Some nerfs and buffs and a bunch of new equipment that will no doubt later be nerfed/buffed. Look at all the bugs. I can't remember a release with more bugs than this one. What is happening with the programming talent at Pixonic? Change the language to English to fix a bug? OMG! Pixonic is listening to the players? Haaaa! You're right, they aren't. Like most New Year's Resolutions, they seldom see follow through. Look at the comments on here and FB. The biggest complaint about release 3.6 was Random mode with TDM, BR and Domination. Did Pixonic listen to that criticism? No, it was just tolerated.

As players we all adjust our play style to changes in the game. Since Pixonic won't change the game to fix the tanking issue I've adjusted by using tanking as part of my strategy. The downside is it hurts the number of components I win but that is inconsequential. The difference in the number of components are so small when you consider that you need 10,000 to get a weapon or robot. For someone who's not a regular player it makes little difference because you're not going to reach 10,000 before they change the components to something else. Playing a couple days a week in Gold League I got roughly 3,500 kumiho.



Why doesn’t IOS get update when android does? It is stupid android gets the update a bit earlier.

Sam Chiulast year

DaBellRinger, Use the in game help function. Take screenshots of all data, bots,hanger,gold,weapon level NOW before you lose them. Ask there for info not an open forum like here. Good luck.

Mr. Trollbot729last year

So why can't Raijin climb on the mountains anymore?

DaBellRingerlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Hello, my son has been playing for a long time on iOS but hasn't been linked / synced to "GameCenter," so we are afraid of him losing all he's accomplished. Is there someone we can communicate with that can help us link / sync his WWR ID & his GameCenter account?

Dudelast year

What is with the gambling obsession? Maybe tie that into the tanking problem. Only allow players that finish battles, that don't have complaints about their gameplay from other players, be allowed to participate in your gambling games (there will have to be some work on that of course), make the support drops and battle rewards even more difficult for tankers to obtain (that will take more work from you guys as well). Right now it seems like that the supply drop idea of yours isn't deterring these tactics at all. It has only worsened. I've offered many sensible ideas on how to limit the tanking problem, which would fix so many other issues tie to actual gameplay as well, and they are just given the same cut and paste response every time, well.. the rare occasions that you guys even reply to my messages. Don't forget the resolution to communicate better with the players, I sure haven't, and the promise to listen to players too, I did not forget that one either. I think that has just been like many other things, just thrown out there to shut up players for a while. The easiest things in the world to do, and you can't even make the effort to do those, inside the game, not on this site or your Facebook page, but actually inside the game where the effort to communicate better would be more effective. Most players do not visit this site or your facebook page. You make it so hard for the player that never visits these two places to actually learn anything inside the game. That is so counterintuitive it's nuts. Why wouldn't you want to make the greater majority of your players aware of what is going on, inside the game app? It's all of these external links that you rely on that most players will never visit. That isn't better communication. You rely on too many outside resources to get the word out or educate the player on your own game. That is not the best way to directly communicate or directly influence, in a positive manner, the player community. That would be by you, inside of the game app. How about losing the gambling stuff, and just putting those chances in the battles? Maybe post battle, the effort you show gives you the chance at some points to spend in a store, there has to be a way to judge what a player puts into battle to make that kind of determination. The only other way to stop tanking, is to limit the levels of upgraded material, to certain league levels. Either by percentage of the player's hangar or just flat out limits per level. That is the biggest problem in the game. It's a crap shoot for players when they enter battle, it is just another gamble, to know whether or not they or their opponents will suffer with some lowlife tanker.

Juan Ortizlast year

Esta bien chido el juego ami i me encanta

Pilot FM9CUYlast year


Have some news!

Hotfix for invisible resources/Black Market issue is in the works, and will most likely be applied tomorrow.

If you're experiencing it now, try switching your device's language to English.

Pursuer will be in the hotfix too

Stay tuned

TURMIXlast year


ZIGGYMAXlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Hey, any news on when these bugs will be sorted out. I still have no deal button and have a gold chest to open by now :( I don´t see the roulette either! Any news about when this might be fixed are much appreciated.
Sigurdur Arnarson

Andrei Tomalast year

hey there!

can you please post somewhere the status of fixing the bugs from the new update so all players know what's the status?
it's really annoying to have all these issues, and not know when they will be fixed.
P.S. - no one want to play only King of the Hill. in fact, i really dislike this game mode!

Cannondale866last year

Hi, I have a problem with this update: lost black market, losz components, after every starting the app- lost Silver, Gold and WP, long waiting time for battle and then 4 times King of the hill. After every battle the button for offers disappears.

Cannondale866last year

Hi, I have a problem with this update: lost black market, losz components, after every starting the app- lost Silver, Gold and WP, long waiting time for battle and then 4 times King of the hill. After every battle the button for offers disappears.

AnarchoDomlast year

Your Shocktrain nerf is actually a 5% damage buff. 5 charges at 3100 equals 15 500. 7 charges at 2325 equals 16 275.

Good job.

τΗΣ υηδεαδlast year

I am not able to get honor points and battle rewards!
My ID is A74PNY
Platform Android

Lecygnelast year

Nickname: Lecygne25

I have a problem with my account.
I have encountered error code 17937 again. Advertising video is not displayed.
The first time it was during the version 3.6 of February (Lunar New Year Event) and today it is the version 3.7 of March.
I have already tried the two solutions proposed in the "Help" menu of the game. See the technical sheet "Known Issues List".
The problem has not been solved / fixed. I can not watch free advertising videos.
About the Lunar New Year Event where I could not open the free bronze chests, could you give me a little something to compensate / to make up for? I would appreciate your gesture.

Best regards
Lecygne (Nickname) - France

Albu Liviulast year

Please fix the problems with this update.. I can only play king of the hill, I don't have the black market, the waiting time to start the game is to long

Сергій Баласьlast year

Still have the problem with game interface. This problem fased all players system lenguage is different from English/russian.

Adam Ingwalllast year

Can't see there has been any change to damage on Molot. Still the same as before no 10% extra

Adam Ingwalllast year

Thesaitama, The weapons and robots are there for me now. Maybe try reinstalling the game?

Thesaitamalast year

Pilot FM9CUY, ok steady answer,nice
im new player, so nice to knowing that..

hahaha, of course

SooooSad-TooBadlast year

Pilot FM9CUY,
I think otherwise. I've been commenting several months now and now?!? Just now you decide to take this action?

No bad language, no insults. Only facts about how the poor decisions have made game play go down the toilet. If you guys didn't like the name you could have brought that up 3-4 months ago when the account was created and at any time I made comments before.

Straight up!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Thesaitama, Hello!
Well, we usually "turn on" the new stuff a day or a couple days after the update so ensure a smooth transition and that nothing breaks. So, don't worry, they'll show up eventually!

Are you still doing the 100 Push-Ups 100 Sit-Ups 100 Squats and 10KM Running btw?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Okay straight up- A lot of criticism is tolerated on the page. Don't believe? look around. However, picking a deliberately provocative username and expecting that comment to stay is...asking for too much.

And yes, I'm banning you and deleting your comments because of your username. We have no problem with letting it stay as long as it has no swear words, cusswords, flaming others and Pixonic stuff and personal insults, and speculative financial or other policies which are being presented as truth. Indicate clearly that it is speculative and not something you know as a fact, then it too can stay.

Thesaitamalast year

Hei, i just Update to 3.7 But nothing new Robot and Weapon On shop ? Where is? can Someone answer it ?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Александр Джеймс, That's exactly what we're doing, trying to strike a balance between the modes and playerbase's freedom to choose. I think I should have mentioned this is earlier, as part of striking that balance we are trying a new approach. BR is coming back as a solo option this weekend.

Александр Джеймсlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, Yes I would have to agree with you on the communication gap here. We are asking to get rid of random BUT having us choose between Team Deathmatch, Domination and Beacon Rush. This should not require fast amounts of data and servers you guys have a more complex setup for custom game matchmaking where you can even choose the map.. it can't be that hard to make a simple drop down menu and have us choose one of the three that we want to play.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Александр Джеймс, There is definitely some communication gap going on here because all this while I've been saying people shouldn't need to pay to pick their modes, while having a restaurant approach will be exactly that, paying to pick.

*SQUATCH*last year

Since the update i have lost the adds. And in true fashion i am sure customer service will take 10 + days to respond to me and how many keys do i end up losing out on?
As far as long wait times if we have the option to choose what game mode we get that is easy. Go back to just beacon rush and domination. Tdm and king of the hill are hated by the vast majority of players but we are forced to play them. And again nothing to address tanking or other real game issues.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Александр Джеймс, I know what you're asking. Believe me, we are working to make that possible. Even if we discard game modes, we need huge data(and in different ways) to explore and exhaust every possibility.

However, asking game modes be picked like how one picks dishes at a restaurant is just a bad way for asking things to be run. People pay to pick in Restaurants, using that in the game is just bad. If we can put choosing games modes, we will try so that EVERYONE can avail that, not just people who choose to pay.

Александр Джеймсlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, You keep saying pay to pick. We want to pick and not pay. Pixonic & are pulling in millions of dollars a year (from us) on this game and all we ask for is giving us the option to pick our match and you tell me to damn bad it's chef's choice take or leave it.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Александр Джеймс, His examples suggested that like how people pay to pick their food/drink, they should also be given the choice to be able to pay to pick their mode. Which is not something we will be doing.

If you're asking for random queue to be gone, fair enough. If you're giving example of how one pays to pick their queue, nopes, not gonna do that.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Naval Shank, Yep, we're working as fast as we can to get those fixed. Don't worry. We know about those issues.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Evaderdjo, You must not have heard of Chef's Choice or Tasting Menu or Omakase, the list could go on and on. But that is not the point. What you're asking for is people to *pay* for the mode they'd like to play. That, is not acceptable from our end. It will be a disparity unlike anything, with all the players who would chose not to pay thrown into the random queue.

No, we will not do that.

Naval Shanklast year

Problems encountered by many pilots in UPDATE 3.7 -
1- NO ADS available in many phones anyhow, resetting ads I'd, reinstalling app, trying account on different phones nothing works to get ads.
2- Some phones have UI problems, large buttons and all (and pixo said "various UI fixes" in 3.7)
3- Initially no resources were available to many people.
4- Some are missing chest button and some other issues are there with different people.
Kindly fix it asap specially the ADS option that's really important.
Anyone else faced any other problem?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Sam 11065#, No pin on date of Reload on Demand as of yet, but actually, it's already there. Emulator users or FB users can hit R to trigger reload on weapons its available in. For mobile devices, it's still being figured out w.r.t UI so the screen isn't cluttered and doesn't harm visibility.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

spown, No pin on date of Reload on Demand as of yet, but actually, it's already there. Emulator users or FB users can hit R to trigger reload on weapons its available in. For mobile devices, it's still being figured out w.r.t UI so the screen isn't cluttered and doesn't harm visibility.

Ben Bartlettlast year

And are the video ads gone forever or is there a glitch?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

CHΞWii-Be, That sounds like a full rework and not just buff. There definitely are plans to revamp Silver bots but probably not to the extent you are proposing.

Ben Bartlettlast year

How exactly will the battle rewards work?

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Dryzzi™., Olá. Eu não falo português, então usando um Tradutor Online então por favor perdoe qualquer erro, ok?

O problema de recursos desaparecidos está sendo descoberto do nosso lado, deve voltar ao normal. Se não, jogar um par de jogos e ele deve resolver por si só, por favor, não entre em pânico.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Anon O. Mous, I can't put a pin on an exact date on Workshop 2.0 as of now, but it is pretty much sorted out, the first version that is. However, component exchange is not part of the first iteration of Workshop 2.0 It is still something being figured out. Exchange rates are not fixed yet, but they definitely would vary from component to component.

Again, no pin on date of Reload on Demand as of yet, but actually, it's already there. Emulator users or FB users can hit R to trigger reload on weapons its available in. For mobile devices, it's still being figured out w.r.t UI so the screen isn't cluttered and doesn't harm visibility.

Evaderdjolast year

Kill Random. Kill it.
When you eat at a restaurant, do you let the waitress pick your meal? No
When you go to watch a movie, do you let the theater pick which movie you will see? No
When you go to a bar, do you let the bartender pick your drink? No
No one likes random

I would ask anyone who agrees to completely boycott this game this weekend
From Friday March 16th through Sunday March 18th, don't play this game
Don't even login.
We need to work together to force a change.
Reply if you will participate

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

*SQUATCH*, Some issues prove more difficult to fix, but work is being done on that so don't worry!

Sam 11065#last year

Where is the reload button sir? The most important thing which can change the game completely. Please Consider our opinion add the reload button and Physical Sheild Indicators.Thanks you

Александр Джеймсlast year

Raijin climbing the goddamn mountains should have been the least of your worries, if you had the time to fix that you could of have had the time to fix a lot more important things.

spownlast year

Blazin' Flizard, I am a software developer myself, thank you very much, and I am pretty sure that all those ui changes are easier to implement than lets say these Hellburner/Mercury's explosion abilities. Also reload button is already coded in and was present on test servers since... idunno... november 2017? The thing is ui is not directly monetizable, unlike bots/weapons. And this is the third bunch of new premium bots/weapons coming in a row. How about squeezing in something that actually makes the game a bit better for a change?

Blazin' Flizardlast year

spown, Did you forget that those things take time to code in? It's not as easy as it sounds

Dudelast year

I see nothing there about basic gameplay quality, like the issue with tankers, with the matching system, and all the others that players have been complaining about for months. All you care about is the new digital crap you try to coerce players into buying, and keeping your test bed players happy, like they are the only ones that play this game. They are only a small percentage of the total playing community. Meanwhile you do nothing that solves the issues of what allows players to reap the benefits using the tanking tactics, which is using way overpowered bots and weapons in the lower leagues. That is the thing these lowlifes love about this game. They are too cowardly to face another squad of players that match up with them. That, and they just want easy reward, with no consideration of the players that they stab in the back to get down to where they want to abuse the weaker players. You guys tell us at the first of the year about this new reporting system, BS, and your resolutions to listen to us and communicate better, even more BS. When I ask about the expectations of of these things happening, always with more respect than is shown to us by you guys, I either get the total lack of communication or we are just support and can't answer developer issues. What are you there for, if not to ask those questions to the developer and relay the answered questions to us? That is called COMMUNICATION. Where is the effort to make sure your resolutions are adhered to? Into the third month of this year, I only see more money making schemes and tinkering that should have been done before the release of whatever item of the day you want to "adjust". You guys act like second rate programmers sometimes, or someone that has been handed the keys to a brand new Cadillac with no idea how to drive it or maintain it. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good game.

spownlast year

Where is the reload button? where is the kinetic shield hp indicators? where is friendly hp? Where are all those things promised 3 versions ago? I guess ain't nobody has time for this - have to release new p2w imbalanced staff to ruin the game even further.

CHΞWii-Belast year

Can you improve the griffin pixonic,please.
I have some idea to make him better:
-10%more HP
-jump more higher
-jump allow to dive,so land more fastly
-reducts of waiting time around each jump
-Rising and landing faster in standard jump
-more rapidity in standard move
Thanks for reading pixonic,I hope you will get griffin better than now
PS:I have an idea for a next weapon...the heavy orkan!That would be cool,no?

Dryzzi™.last year

Cadê meus au 😅😣 2514 perdi pra nova atualização .. cadê os vídeos pra reduzir o tempo de aprimoramento? Já faz um bom tempo q ele ta bugado sem aparecer .. meu iD BXP6CA plataforma Android ,. Espero resposta e solução

Dryzzi™.last year

BR,. Oque aconteceu com o acelerador de aprimoramento , o meu antes aparecia só uma propagando e so voltava depois de 3 dias , hoje em dia nem aparece mais
Depois da nova atualização (13/03/2018) meu Au sumiu eu tinha acumulado um total de 2514 de Au . Quando q vai volta ao normal ?????? . Como vai ser às missões diária? Só 1 missão por dia ?. Espero resposta é solução , meu iD BXP6CA

Anon O. Mouslast year

1) When will Workshop 2.0 come to the live server? A good number of players have lots of surplus components that they would like to redeem for the components that they really want. Also, have you come up with an exchange rate between components?

2) When can we expect to see Reload on Demand?

☣TOXIC☣last year

I appreciate war robots representatives taking to the comment section to try and help people having issues with their game. Nice thing that I sure wouldn't expect many companies to do.

*SQUATCH*last year

I was really hopeful that the taran bug would be fixed. But as usual real game issues are ignored.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Albu Liviu, It's because a lot of people haven't updated yet/still updating. The waiting times will return to normal as more and more people update and start in the new version.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Albu Liviu,

The missing resources are supposed to go back to normal automatically, but if it doesn't we'll fix it asap. As for a instant workaround, please play a custom game as pointed out.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Сергій Балась, It's because a lot of people haven't updated yet/still updating. The waiting times will return to normal as more and more people update and start in the new version.

The missing resources are supposed to go back to normal automatically, but if it doesn't we'll fix it asap. As for a instant workaround, please play a custom game as d1mk1n has pointed out.

Fabio Palmabellalast year

Redeemer has increased by 4.5%, not by 6.5% as you say

Albu Liviulast year

I can't play after the update and I don't see the gold, silver..

Ray Descalzolast year

On Android. Buttons/Resources missing, so per below, played custom game and they came back. BUT ... no more "Fight Battle --> Watch Video --> SpeedUp Upgrade/SupplyDrop or GetPickFromBronzeChest --- bug or end of feature?

Albu Liviulast year

Hello, my gold disappeared to..what is the solution?

Iván7last year

Thanks for the Battle Rewards, now WR isn't a pay to win game

Сергій Баласьlast year

I even could not start the butle. Weiting time above 5 mim. There is now button for chusing game mod!!!

Сергій Баласьlast year

Также с игрового интерфейса пропала кнопка доступа к хранилищу с запчастями от оружия и роботов!!! Может кто-либо соизволит ответить!!!

Сергій Баласьlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, All my silver and gold disappeared! It was above 310 millions of silver and above 14700 gold!!! Technical support is useless!!! My id 7DX5ME

Сергій Баласьlast year

У мене пропала вся игровая валюта - более 310 млн серебра и более 14700 золота!!! Это произошло после установки обновления!!!

d1mk1nlast year

Pilot FM9CUY, my wsp are back. I started a custom match when I came out of it they magically reappeared. same for the clanmate who had lost all his resources. still missing wr royale, offer and black market buttons. I think they can see my id from my profile. thanks anyway.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

d1mk1n, Also, would you mind leaving you and your friends' ID? I can ask the team to solve the issues.

Jlast year

Hi, a small suggestion on the shocktrain.

Is it possible to redesign this weapon so that it's damages is constrained within a certain impact/blast zone?
This will make it a more convincing weapon.
I find the idea of a laser beam being able to seek out subsequent targets, like a guided missile, to be mind boggling and physic defying.
A blast radius would be more convincing and targets that are well sheltered behind cover but within the impact zone should be stunned and temporary immobilized instead of suffering damages.

Thanks for listening

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

d1mk1n, If everything goes well, new supply drops next week and the drops are Inquisitor!

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Naval Shank, Yes, if everything goes well, the Supply Drops will transition to Inquisitor components next weekish.

d1mk1nlast year

just found serious problem with the update. all workshop points have disappeared. I am now showing 0 workshop points. another clan member said he lost all silver gold and wsp. also black market is gone, components and chests not showing up. another clan member complained about the new UI on the home screeen being too cluttered. mm did someone test the update before releasing???

d1mk1nlast year

well its quite unexpected but welcome for battle rewards to arrive, under the impression they were still brewing. having said that I wonder what happened to the reload function again missing this update. one would have thought that this would have been an easy feature to implement saving all those people aimlessly shooting to reload their tarans,kinetic weapons or even worse scourge that requires a target lock on to fire anyway. the shocktrain nerf has infact increased the actual damage of the ST by about 5%, was 15500 now is 16275 if you multiply the charges by the amount of damage. for sure sometimes you are waiting to reload to fire immediately, and this will have an impact on how the ST users operate although I am not sure if it will be enough. I wonder if really hellburner could seriously take the place of any other robot in a hangar such as haechi or bulgasari, seems more like a bot for having fun than playing seriously. looks to me like another failed experiment such as the strider. anyone care to comment as to when the contents of the supply drops will change and what will be the next supply drop component?

Naval Shanklast year

What about supply drops? Is it changing?