Patch Notes

War Robots 3.5 Update Notes. New TDM!

by War Robots - 20.12.2017

Winter event, part 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Hangars and maps are decorated for the holiday season!
  • New task chain begins on Dec 22nd 9AM UTC — get 2 Storms and Hover


Team Deathmatch is back

Available during the event

In this revision TDM we want to give more opportunities for people preferring close combat. Initially, they had a hard time keeping up with snipers on larger maps, so we're addressing this.

Spawn zones tweaks

On every map each team will have 3 locations to start from. More to that, everyone will be be able to choose the initial spawn location. If you’re a brawler — go ahead and start closer to the enemy, if you’re a sniper — spawn on the far sides of the map, and so on. We are also highlighting these locations on the map, so you will know where you opponents might appear.

More cover

When there are beacons to capture, vast open spaces make sense. They are dangerous, but you HAVE to cover them in order to reach the beacon and bring your team the points.

In TDM there are no beacons to care about and open fields simply become the places of no-go. So on large and open maps (think: Springfield, Yamantau and Canyon) it becomes very frustrating to play against snipers. To give knife-fighters more opportunities to shine, we added more cover on these maps. At this point — exclusively for TDM.  

TDM will be available a separate queue. We're looking forward to your feedback!



Light shotgun

  • Slot: Light
  • Damage type: Kinetic (double damage to physical shields)
  • Firing trajectory: Direct
  • Aiming: Manual
  • Maximum damage per shot (level 12): 5000
  • Maximum range: 500 meters
  • Ammo: 9 rounds
  • Rate of fire: 2 shots per second
  • Reload time: 9 seconds (until full clip)

Continuing the shotgun extravaganza from the previous update. Gust is a light weapon that might compliment your Thunders and Storms very nicely if you're looking for full "scattershot in your face" builds.

Same as other shotguns, Gust reloads when firing allowing you to continue shooting even when you're out of ammo (albeit with much slower fire rate).


Heavy plasma rifle

  • Slot: Heavy
  • Damage type: Energy (ignores energy shields)
  • Firing trajectory: Direct
  • Aiming: Manual
  • Damage per bolt (level 12): 9770
  • Maximum range: 350 meters
  • Ammo: 10
  • Rate of fire: 2 projectiles per second
  • Reload time: 5 seconds

Meet heavy Taran. For each shot it fires out 2 bolts of plasma.


  • Shocktrain shots are now properly blocked by all physical shields
  • Ad buttons shouldn’t disappear after reloading the client anymore
  • Energy shield reactivation is now represented properly in the UI


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Slash-19667 months ago

OMG get rid of TDM, it's already a TDM game! Duh!

Free2Play (_Y_)8 months ago

New game modes is easy. Classic era, Britbot Era, Wild West Era, Dash Era. I'd play Classic Era or Britbot Era all the time.

As to Random mode. Very few people like TDM, just scrap it. Keep Dom and Br in separate queues. I hate being in a match, approaching a beacon and then realising, I don't know which game mode I'm playing.

For me BR sucks and takes what little is left of strategy out of the game.

Ki17G 8 months ago

Graphics for when the griffin and rog jump

BoomerLives!8 months ago

BoomerLives!, I just reread what I typed on my phone. Terrible! Let me try again:

I have a suggestion, but I can’t figure out why that was page isn’t working on my laptop.

I think it would be good to scale the Ancile for med and small weapon slots. Maybe the medium could be like an energy riot shield. The small could provide timed cover but need to recharge.

That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for reading. Love all the new media outreach!

BoomerLives!8 months ago

Devastator113, Sorry Apollo, I don’t understand. MOnths not years? Was there another comment I didn’t see?

NICKELPLATED8 months ago

Pyrotech442, Ya, ive played some of the best stalker pilots and i still dont see where people think stalkers solo lances. apparently these are newer pilots or something, hell u couldnt even run a stalker in my old clan. wasnt allowed. and u best not die versus one either! i guess 3 years of rhino piloting versus stalker just taught me and others how to deal with it.i see a stalker i just let him think he has me... before i pilot my bigbeotch and waste him.
sorry i just dont get it. Not saying stalker is useless, its not. i was just opining on stalker solo lance comment, where im using lance as metaphor for it and other heavy bots like rhino.

BoomerLives!8 months ago

Death2theOrange1, Ludicrous is exactly the right word. My heart broke when I saw 10k. Grinding will take years for most of these.

BoomerLives!8 months ago

Death2theOrange1, Ludicrous is exactly the right word. My heart broke when I saw 10k. Grinding will take years for most of these.

BoomerLives!8 months ago

Pyrotech442, I agree it feels unbalanced. I’ve spent more on this game than all other mobile games b/c I believe in the product. However, my pain threshold is about $20 a pop. After that, not moolah from me. It seems crazy to ask so much for these bots and weapons. Honestly, I’d probably spend more if there were more midrange options instead of all these high end monsters

BoomerLives!8 months ago

I have a suggestion, but I can’t for the life that of me figure out why that was page isn’t working on my laptop.
I think it would be good to scale the Ancile for med and small weapon slots. Maybe the medium could be like an energy riot shield. The small could provide timed cover but need to recharge.
That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for reading. Love all the new media outreach!

HEATHEN CAT9 months ago

I just want to know when TDM will be turned off?? Or at least separated into its own mode option. I don't enjoy TDM at all for all those "covers" making the maps look ridiculous or being forced to play BR matches or face the Low-Priority Queue. Give us back Domination only please.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

There is a bug where the shocktrain does TOO MUCH DAMAGE IN A SINGLE SHOT!! There is also a bug where op hacker-bots (dash) outrun stalker, outperform fujin significantly, take out a griffin like nothing, survive death buttons, and even dodge trebuchets! A bug with the ember allows it to deal more damage than the redeemer, unfairly melt ancilots in seconds, yet the prices are the same for the ember and redeemer. Either make the redeemer cheaper or nerf the ember. Nerf the dash bots' speed and INITIAL health. Finally, please nerf the shocktrain's initial damage by AT LEAST 10%.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

HEATHEN CAT, I agree it really does look like a turd, thanks for pointing that out! But the other design looks like a walking toaster, and there are more detailed designs on the newer model. I also don't really like the thunder shifted to the side as corner-shooting with a medium weapon while using the thunder would be more difficult. Just be happy with the design for now, maybe a new redesign will come in the future.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Matthewthecowboy, lol I got over 200M useless silver in my hangar. It would be nice to convert it into gold or at least some more useless components to robots we will never get without paying $300 just for the robot itself.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Eternus1917, Instead of 2x damage, kinetic weapons should have a 1.5x damage increase, because for one the thunder, storm, gust, punishers, and tempest already deal a ton of damage for something paid for silver (except tempest). This will still give this weapon class an advantage, but it won't make them so overpowered. I mean a level 12 mk 1 griff can deal more than a million damage to a physical shield on a singlle clip. This is just too much. A galahad in contact at point blank range with a thunder should at least be able to retreat safely without dying. Galahad is now useless as bulgasari's shield is just too strong and the dash bots can dash around to flank the galahad or take it out with orkans. I would also say lancelot's shield as well, but with the ancilot build, that is just too far. All kinetic weapons will still deal additional damage, just not quite so much

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Eternus1917, They have to make the new content expensive, because they know people will be willing to buy it. If the new content was really cheap, it would be dominating over the battlefield and anyone who wouldn't even pay $20 for a new haechi will be far behind. It would make the content harder to get, and pixonic doesn't want pay2win players to have a huge advantage, but it proves they're wrong with the new dash bots. Unless the latest robots and weapons are actually balanced, this game truly puts payers in huge advantage over free2play players.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

PIXONIC-hater, They won't put a third button to improve wait times when making matches. Though I would sacrifice a few seconds to do a game mode I want and have a good match.

Later (hopefully by update 3.6) they will make it customizable so the special ability isn't so close to the fire button, just the way you would like it.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Susan Rust, Have to agree with the matchmaking, but it is not cheating when lower level bots take you out. It is them using skill to outperform you. It is how a stalker can solo an ancilot.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

LoucustMaster117, Your suggestions on stalker: 66kph to me is really fast the way it is. Instead of buffing the speed of the stalker, nerf the speed of the kumiho to no more than 55kph. Besides, it is now classified as a medium robot, so it should have the speed of one. But I do agree the stealth time should be improved.
Your suggestions on rogatka: an ancile, no matter how weak it is, is just too much. It has something in advantage light robots don't have- lots of hp. The kumiho is crazy fast, and has the same hp as the rogatka. Just nerf the kumiho's health to balance the rog and kumiho.
Your suggestions on fujin: radius increase is good, even if it means opponents have an easier time walking into the shield. I always thought of the haechi of "fast but fragile" and fujin as "strong but slow", kind of like comparing an ancile fury with a carnage. The fujin's shield definitely needs that extra 2% regen buff, and the health of the robot itself needs a slight buff. Along with the haechi's base health needing a nerf, because even with plasma, it's nearly impossible to kill. It can even one on one TAKE OUT AN ANCILOT! Bulgasari will take any nerfs that have to do with dashing whether it be taking away one dash, having only one dash at the start of the game instead of all, or even having your suggestion of having a cooldown between each dash.

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Eternus1917, Gareth's shield isn't that worse and is worth losing a light weapon for much greater speed. The galahad is good against ancilots, but now with the dash bots reign the galahad is pretty much useless as dash bots can dash to the side of one and get past its shield. I would say a buff to the galahad as well along with the stalker (kumiho is faster AND stronger), vityaz and a plethora of other robots, but at the same time a simple nerf to ALL dash bots will do the trick. Plus the ember and shocktrain, as these bypass all shields (when a shocktrain ricochets, the victim isn't likely to turn its shield in the direction of the blast, and even if it does hit a physical shield the first time, it would still damage an unshielded ally nearby, which I think is a bug and shouldn't happen.)

US☆MARINE 9 months ago

It'll be awesome if the robot will Roll and Bounce wall to wall or do flips, this will be cool in the game.

Bejenaru Bossu9 months ago

De ce se obține atât de greu armele ???

Eternus19179 months ago

I am suggesting to make Galahad stronger so that it can have a change surviving when they faces stupid dash bots!,, not to make them weaker!!! Lol,,,ohhh no...what’s happening to this game?

Eternus19179 months ago

Hey....o my goodness!,,,,WHAT DID YOU DO TO GALAHAD? It seems that you made their shield weak!!!! Oh no!!!! What the hell happen? My level 11 Galahad cannot handle to block long even the punishers?.... what are you doing guys?.. ohhh no!!!!! TO PLAYERS DO NOT WASTE YOUR GOLD BUYING GALAHAD ANYMORE!!!!! Haaaaaiiizzzzt......

Shawn Piatt9 months ago

TDM needs overhead cover, not just walls to stand behind and hope to god a hydra misses. It’s sometimes unplayable with the hydras flying everywhere. I’m not knocking the hydra, it has its place, but what’s the point of cover it’s its not to protect from ALL types of weapons.

Eternus19179 months ago

Many of the players/pilots...really frustrated and willing to jump to another game like battle of titans once the game is is because of experimental issues of dash bots and weapons and incoming stupid’s really a money grabbing scheme wether pixonic accept it or not....players are not stupid, not to feel or see that....

Eternus19179 months ago

By adding a weapon gust, and do double damage to shield....WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO GALAHAD NOW....????????....a robot that cost 2500 au and now being trashed....??? That new weapon is good and have nothing against it...but you need to remove the splash damage of galahad and increase its health......please pay attention to this....
Due to all of your experiment and the entry of that stupid dash bots, to gain tons of money..EVERYTHING GOT you need to rennovate almost all of what you have started beautifully ...
You can get all the money you want but please make the game balance

LoucustMaster1179 months ago

All teleportor bots should have a few seconds cooldown after every dash 2-6 seconds and gust+ storm should be made aviable for silver though it was nice of you to put up some hover bug and storm pieces every day for a reasonable price.

LoucustMaster1179 months ago

Hey Pixonic peeps! I know that you people have been getting a lot of negative feedback as of late and understandably so but I also know that you have done plenty of small things to really just improve walking around the game world, small things that go unoticed. I mean things like the hit boxes on the robots being moulded closer to the contures of the bodywork and when walking off the high starting point on the large snowy map you no longer slide down the hill past the ramp (which was incredibly annoying). Things like the basic (and lock on) target slector thingys and the Hydra weapon are worlds better then what we players had before. Punishers and Molots are now considered useful weapons and the 30% more weapon damage boost for the Raijin while stationary gives more empisis on it’s role as a defensive robot. The Rogata was also appropriately buffed (considering the price to buy it) as were most of the sinping weapons and the Zeint+Noricum recived much needed long awatied overhauls. Kinetic weapons now do double damage to physical sheilds and the geperds health was increased, these and many other touches we as players are very thankful for. So it was quite a dissapointing moment for me when when new robots came out and they began to teleport their way around the battlefield, this was something which I had not seen since the sever lag was fixed. They still exist today and there are more of them coming, some with sheilds, some that leave the stalker in the dust, some that are Stalker, Griffin, Doc, Lancelot hybrids and even one that teleports skyward! These robots when targeted are able to evade whatever you throw at them whether it be Orkans or Trebuchets. When doing this ALL OF THEM are able to fire upon you with NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS applied to them. My reasoning is this, both the Fuijin and Rajin have increadably POWERFUL SHEILDS compared to their peers but to activate them they must become COMPLEATLY STATIONARY, leaving them horribly exposed to plasma and explosives respectively. Those can come from beacon runners, jumping Griffins, Trebuchets and Zeints alike and the robots themselves are slow anyway so they take some time to manoeuvre into position. On the oposite end of the spectrum is the Carnage it can move FAST and hit HARD but only for a SHORT TIME and it is also increadibly weak being EXTREMLY VULNERABLE to plasma attacks, the Stalker too is weak but posses a really cool jamming ability preventing it from being targeted for 8 seconds (recharages for 16 seconds) add to this it’s 66 kph speed and it sounds like a killing machine BUT the catch is that it possesses no more firepower than a nat. The Rhino too has drawbacks, it's ability is to DOUBLE it's speed and deploy a massive physical sheild for assaults BUT it can only move forward and the sheild ONLY FACES FORWARDS, add to the pile that the turn speed while in this mode is worse than that of a starwars AT-AT and you realise that with great power comes great weakness and just to top it all off to activate Assault mode the Rhino temporarily loses use of it’s 2 primary weapons! However, with the new telepoting (cheat) bots the Heachi for example can store 2 “ Dashers” with 12 second reload times used correctly the ability can be used to teleport out of cover and unleash the power of 3 Orkans (or more recently Shocktrains) at this point the targeted enemy (Magnum Thunder Leo) is recovering from the sudden shock (no pun intended) of the surprise attack and he hastly tries to hit the fast moving Heachi with his 3 Magnum and Thunder and he finally connects with his ambusher but before he can get in another shot the Heachi teleports back behind cover once again. If Orkans the Leo’s legs are crippled it is also missing the Thunder and one Magnum. The Thunder sputtered uselessly on the Ancile sheild (68,000 half that of the Fuijin) the Heachi takes one hit from three Magnums aaannnnnnnnddd is left with… what? No temporary speed debuff? No weapon cooldown? The sheild despite not being the best is more than enough to absorb any retalitory non-plasma fire before dashing away. So it has the firepower of the Fuijin, is quick, has exactly half its sheild plus it is constantly on even while moving, it can teleport from cover to cover and even doge trebuchets! The cover to cover and siniper dogging is even scaryer with the Kumiho 60 kph, 5 s teleport recharge and 158,000 health I think, it is same amount as Heachi which is again more than the Fuijin has. Now the Griffin is arguably the most balenced robot in the entite game good value for money 1,700,000 silver, 2 light and 2 medium weapon slots a somewhat slow speed and low health for a heavy bot but it has a very powerful JUMP that covers about 100 meters or so, this is both the best and worst thing about the Griffin. On the one hand plasma, Death Button (DB) and Russian Death Button (RDB) all work really well with the jump but the ability to get a good veiw of the enemy works both ways and so every time a Griffin (or any jumping robot for that matter) jumps they risk getting crossmapped by trebuchet sinpers or even just getting shot at and possibly killed by the guy behind the next building! Now with the Inqusitor it swaps out the 2 light slots for 1 heavy slot which is fine more variety is good HOWEVER when it jumps it also activates stealth so it is compleatly safe even for 5 seconds after it lands! So now just like the telepoter bots it has great power with NO DRAWBACKS OR WEAKNESSES OF ANY KIND. This is the definition of an unfair advantage (Over Powered) so DON’T BRING ANY MORE OF THESE TO THE BATTLEFEILD!!!!!!! You are not going to change the current ones any further because if you do the guys who forked over $480 to get A SINGLE HEACHI!!! are going to be very unhappy that they wasted all their money. So you have 2 options #1 you could make the teleportor bots more aviable for Free To Play guys (would utterly destroy any robot thats not a dash bot as no one would or could use them anymore and War Robots would die or at least take a big hit). Alternatively you have stated that you are going to try to revive the ‘old guard’ so to speak or something like that. So the following are some of my best balancing ideas mostly geared towards resurrecting lights bots/old beacon runners (a dying race) please consider them.
The Stalker is the now former premier beacon runner of War Robots. On the battlefeild it is often outpaced by the Kumiho and it’s 2 light slots are wholly inferior to the 2 medium slots of the Kumiho. The stalker is slightly faster than the Rogata and so has little to fear of it’s weapony but it cannot run from the more powerful yet somehow faster Kumiho. To bring the Stalker back INCREASE it's max speed to 70 kph INCREASE the stealth time to 10 seconds and REDUCE the cooldown to 15 seconds this will give it the edge it needs over the other high legue beacon runners while still remaining the least threatening robot in the high legues. The Rogata is the closest thing in War Robots to the Kumiho and is used in much the same way but due to its primary traveling method (jumping) which exposes it for all to see Rogatas are often heavily damaged by the time they reach their chosen beacon particually on the larger maps. Other beacon runners (excluding Cossask) do not experience this problem because they travel along the ground and are often shelted by structers even so should other high league beacon runners find themselves out in the open they can protect their bots from sinpers with a jamming device (Aformetioned Stalker), a physical sheild (gareth) and teleport (Kumiho). So for variety I propose the Rogata recevies an Ultra- light Ancile sheild to give it some protection against snipers and RDB it can of course still be hit by Gekko, Trebuchet and Zeus to make sure that it isn't overpowered. It’s speed is obvisouly still inferior to the Kumiho making sure that the teleporter bot is still a superior beacon runner. The sheild should have no more than 34,000 hitpoints max, that is exactly a quarter of the Fuijins total sheild strength. Speaking of the Fuijin the sheild raidius should be INCREASED and regen rate from 5% per second to 7% per second this will take the sheild regen time from 0% to 100% from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. This will prevent the supeier Heachi from completely overshadowing the Fuijin and cerment the Fuijins place as a defensive robot capable of protecting more vulnerably allies.
This is my fourth and final balancing suggestion, it is to add in a third passive item, a healing item for a LIGHT SLOT ONLY, it would slowly but constantly repair your robot (item has a green glow). Multiple could be added to the same robot to receive the healing benefits from all of them, small healling effect ONLY, repairs a small amount of health every second. Designed for the low HP light bots to give them some survivability, even a small health regenaration means a lot to a 90,000 hitpoint bot who is going up against much more powerful stuff. The light heal effect will discourage heavier bots from using it as they will want to trade it in for more weapons though it may find a home on Natasha snipers and Leos Ancile+3 healing devices. Expanded ideas: maybe it can have a healing radius like an Ancile sheilds radius? With the device equiped if you are within 50 meters proximity of an ally a thin green beem with cool energy effects projects from the center of your robot to the centre of all allies within 50 meters? If you are a peep from Pixonic and you and reading this message then congratulations!!! You value the input and feedback of your games community! I am here as a player and I am commited to helping further the survival and enjoyment of War Robots please note my balence points so further mistakes are not made and please explore the balancing options I have suggested it would mean the world to me and many others.

The Last Bishop9 months ago

First of all thanks to Pixonic for creating a great game and for consistently updating it with new content. I love the designs of the classic bots and the landscapes of the maps. That being said, I don’t care for the look of the added cover for death match. The random walls look awkward and take away from the feel of battling in a natural landscape. I like the idea of more cover I just think it needs to be in the form of more buildings and terrain. Also, the redesign of the BOA bot is too different from its original look. The BOA had a unique clunky tank look that was really cool and I feel the new design strayed too far from this. This is just my opinion, I would like to hear what other players think about the added walls and the new look of the BOA, but I do not care for either.

Thank you for your time Pixonic and fellow pilots!

NICKELPLATED9 months ago

PIXONIC-hater, they commie... err i mean, come from a culture of 'forcing others' so its all they know. Hate this company...

NICKELPLATED9 months ago

Game sucks now, first and foremost.
Advent of DeoucheBots..errr I mean DashBots has the cheating/hacking incredibly up: seeing tarans fire 2bursts to my 1 on a regular basis. Seeing increased health on non MK2 bots. Pixonic has never admitted this game is a hackers paradise, just like release notes NEVER has any pro-active anti-cheat/hack news.
Its a casino here and you fools keep giving these losers your money...

Kingshuk Sarkar9 months ago

There is a new bug going on but I haven't seen many people commenting about it. My robots are not being displayed in the "choose your robot" option during deployment in a map. The robots not being displayed are the ones which were there when I uploaded and before I uploaded, other than those bots all other bots are being displayed if I change them. Look into this matter soon.

Izac Maia9 months ago

Esta horrível jogar esse novo modo, muita cobertura, só cai mapas grandes com muita cobertura, agora sim está o inferno de camper está muito enfadonho jogar justamente por isso, as partidas dessa forma quase sempre chega nos 10 min com muitos robôs inteiros...

iron fiend9 months ago

Also, from reading the comments it's obvious that people don't read other articles. Supply drops (should) be in the next update (due January???). The coding wasnt ready. Also to Dude, if you read this, well said. I agree with you 100%. My 8 year old son plays this game but I won't let him see the forums or this site due to the bad manners and poor wording displayed by other members of the human race. You are right, this is a game and not worth getting angry about. For all those moaning, stop playing. Simple. I fought my way through the lower leagues, put up (and moaned on the forum) with tankers. I have screenshotted and videod bugs for pixonic. I do buy the premium to support the company and spend between £20-£30 extra a month. And for all you haters out there, I'm now in diamond league! No dash bots, no hover. Yes I have A tempest, some storms. I have got Lancelot, Gareth and galahad in the deals. The prize money from games, tasks and a couple of lucky gold wins from gold boxes have just got me my second hanger.
I love playing this game. Reminds me of the original mech warrior games (not the new online version). Yes, prices could be lower but then so could some of the dlc's for console gamed as well.
Just enjoy the game for what it is, a game. Enjoy life and laugh at those comments where every other word is a swear word.

iron fiend9 months ago

Firstly, new name for robot. Conquistidor (follows on from inquisitors with it's Spanish empirism theme).

Secondly, new TDM!
The way you make it sound there are 3 spawn points. 2 on your side of the field, 1 amongst (or close) to the opposing team. This is what I have found. 3 spawn points, all in a line on the same side of the field. Yes, the barriers offer some help but the snipers still rule this option. Butch, with 4 trebs are still knocking over 3/4 of my health off a carnage before I'm even halfway across the field. Geckos are melting the armour off my Lancelot leaving me easy prey for plasma rogaka and griffins. If the spawn points are wrong, poor q.c before release. If this is intentional then it's poor communication between your programmers and those that write these articles. Fix needed asap. TEM was broken and in imho is still broken!

Zollotti9 months ago


Don'tshootme9 months ago

I would like to see mpre developments on the factions of the bots like 10 to 15% percent buff for using all bots from single faction and to continue out Golems faction

TearLight9 months ago

Hello Developers, Thank you for the events you have created but unfortunately the events promotes tankers, I have recommended this game to my friend and is only lvl22. He is on Silver league but he always fought with enemies that has victories above 1500 bronze to silver league, Obiously the match will result single sided. I am ashamed that my friend has to experience this kind of match making since i recommended this to him. I wish penalise the tankers that ruins the game, we have collected the screenshot of the hangars of the tankers that he encounterd. Please send me an email on how to send our collected screenshots of the players that tank, Thank You.

Susan Rust9 months ago

HEATHEN CAT, I like the new Boa skin. It still plays the same.
I join with everyone else on matchmaking. It is no fun to be matched with low level players, winning against someone who has lower level bots feels like cheating. On the other hand, having my robot wiped out in 5 seconds, that isn't any fun either. Pixonic needs to install a filter so that match ups are between even levels on the bots as well as between leagues.

Matthewthecowboy9 months ago

dammit you guys dont make any new guns that cost silver anymore.

HEATHEN CAT9 months ago

Thanks for screwing over those of us who do not wish to play BR. Again.
Thanks for screwing over our chances to complete tasks. Again.
Thanks for adding yet more weapons to the stupid component aspect noone likes. Again.
Thanks so much for "hearing" us and "listening" to us. So much for your promises and your word of honor. Yet again. Big surprise.
No thanks for adding "covers" to the TDM maps. Way to screw over the realistic look and feel of the game with ridiculous looking vanes sticking out of the ground incongruously.
No thanks to the new Boa skin. Yet another attack on the classic look of the Silver bots. Now instead of an Armored Turtle we have a squashy faced Mr. Potatohead. Or we could call it Turd. I think I like Turd better. It fits and doesn't insult Hasbro. I immediately sold all of mine. Same as I did the Schutze a while back.
Yeah, ya'll are "listening" to us alright. With sh*t crammed in your ears.

Death2theOrange19 months ago

I'm seeing much discontent over the changes to WR over the last year (almost) I've been playing. I have a few suggestions, hopefully you'll listen.

1. User interface options: allowing those who hate TDM (I include myself in that camp) to pick either Beacon Rush, TDM or Domination. I also would like to have the ability to organize, filter and search my weapon systems (e.g. sorting via weapon type - missiles, plasma, etc., filtering by level). A "strip" button for clearing the bot's weapons with one click, for those of us who use different loadouts for the different game variants - I want ONE RDB Griffin with the ability to customize it per situation - the current hangar environment is just clunky and inefficient.

2. In game economics: to echo the concerns of others, the vibe has changed. Pixonic appears greedy, and it's to the detriment of the gameplay.
We get it. You're in this to make money.
However, your product quality and customer satisfaction should come first, and it's clearly faltering based on the people leaving the game, comments from Youtube gurus (Adrian Chong, Manni, et al) and huge outcries from droves of dissatisfied customers. The new chests, components and weapon/bot costs are unreal ($99.99 For 70% of the cost of a SINGLE weapon in some cases? Ludicrous) and "earning" the components/bots takes an entirely unrealistic amount of time.

I, and I think can safely speak for others on this, hope you'll hear me on at least some of the issues I've addressed. Thanks for the work you've done creating a great game.

@Lash@9 months ago

*SQUATCH*, absoluttely agree with that. game is based only for making money.
free advise guys, just make game enjoyable, not gambling, it worst than gambling.

*SQUATCH*9 months ago

So we hear you and we have learned means we dont care what you think. People hate random mode and tdm. But we are forced once again to play game nodes we hate. Why no supply drops? Because pix will most likely never release them. Because they want all of our money they can get. What happened to tanker getting punished that is a joke i s more tankers now then i have at any other time. At least pix is consistent. They will lie, attempt to scam the players out if every penny they get. Then thunk they will make everything better by saying "we hear you" and now " we learned" but again they will do nothing but attempt to get every penny they can through scams bs sales and whatever else they can think of.

Venkatesh Satya9 months ago

Where is"reload button"and supply drops?

Evaderdjo9 months ago

PIXONIC-hater, I agree. I don't want a random button to determine whether I fun or not. Give the user the choice to play how they want. Take the time to code for a third button. At least tell us when the event is going to end and the random button will be gone. I will just stop playing until then.

Duyern9 months ago

PLEASE make the gust cost wp or silver. Components can be very annoying to get.

Dude9 months ago

WRSUX, I have nothing to get over. If you have legit bug issues, I can't blame you for having to bail out on battles. Ever think that some of your issue may be your own net connection, or just playing on a device that doesn't have the stones to run the game? It doesn't sound like you are the kind of guy that is willing to accept any fault at all, for anything. Plus, only a weak mind has to use foul language to make a point, it isn't necessary. I blame the developer for not closing a loophole that allows people to force a loss on others in a squad for a selfish benefit of just wanting easy battles against weaker players. I'll never accept that as a legitimate battle tactic. It sounds like you agree with or are one of the puppy punchers. Does it make you feel good to beat on weaker players? Is that what you are defending? I do not claim to be some super talented player, but I will never take advantage of five other players that depend on my contribution for a victory, however much that contribution is, I always play to win. If you hate this game so much, just quit. It may be an overall benefit to the game to have you out of it. No one, even those that are dissatisfied with certain aspects of the game, needs your negativity or unwillingness to even research your own issues to see if it may be a problem with your internet connection or device. You are quick to jump on someone that may have a differing view without even reading into what they are saying, do the words reading comprehension mean anything to you? Did you not see that my issue was with those that quit battles to force losses? Did I mention any other reasons why people quit? No. Because I don't see technical issues as a problem associated with the point I'm trying to make. Maybe you aren't trying hard enough to get your problem fixed, who knows, because you just want to throw blame. Players are to blame as well as the developer in what I'm discussing. Your problem is your problem, my issue is one that affects everyone in the game. If there is a player that claims to never have been in a battle where someone has left on purpose or just tanked their effort, to force a loss, I would say that they are lying. It happens to me about 3 out of every 5 battles, on one side or the other. How often do players experience what you are so angry about? I have had connection issues, but not very often. It is aggravating, but I just quit for a while, and when I get back on, it is cleared up. Dude, you are wasting your time getting your mad off on me. You can hate me too, sounds like you are just a hater kind of dude anyways. Just looking for stuff to hate. Must be a miserable way to live. I don't obsess on this crap, I don't get angry about all this either, irritated yes, but angry, psshbbtt? It ain't worth the effort dude. Just because I get on here and make a comment on players that are the cheating kind, someone needs to. Too much of that going on in the world, no more honesty, honor, or just plain ol common courtesy. That's what this is all about. No need to waste time trying to out foul the next guy. It ain't witty, its just sad, is that the best you can do? It doesn't shock, or make most people laugh, some maybe, but most, maybe not. You don't get under my skin with your comments, frankly I don't care, I just wanted to help you comprehend the difference between my point, and your gripe with Pixonic. They are not the same. You may get penalized for the same thing the players I'm talking about, but its your fault for not communicating more effectively with support to make them understand what your problem was, or maybe they could see that you were claiming o e thing, but could see from their end something else, like your internet connection wasn't sufficient for the game to run on, or your device doesn't have the juice to run the game either. They can see more than you think, on their end. Don't live your life so ignorant man. Be honest with yourself, and others, if your end of things can't cut it, own it and improve it, if it shows to be on Pixonic for sure then they will have own it and make it up to you somehow for parking you in the leaver's queue, but you will never get their cooperation if you are swearing at them and about them, especially on their own website. How do you think they will ever deal straight with you if you are throwing turds at them? Grow up dude.

PIXONIC-hater9 months ago

Pixonic, are you too lazy to put up a third button to let people choose between Beacon Rush, Domination and TDM? Because of your stupid implementation of this feature how long before someone is put in the low priority queue because they don't want to be in domination matches or beacon matches? Do you people even think about these things before you implement them?

Speaking of buttons; why is the jump/stealth/hover/shield button so close to the fire button? It's still too close. Many times that I've hit it when I only wanted to turn the bot. This is a problem on smaller phones. Why not move it just a bit further up (and maybe a bit to the left). Close to the lower left hand corner of the Menu Button.

WRSUX9 months ago

Dude, Get over yourself Dude! I agree with Josh, use whatever tactics are out there just like every other player you are matched with. I bail early quite often when I play beacon rush, pick my fast robot and then get dropped in 30 seconds late,,, or watch everyone else run off while I have to wait another 2-3 seconds. I also bail when my robot randomly locks up which is common in a knife fight. This is Pixonic's fault, not mine. This game has turned to crap and I constantly let them know. It is not Pixonic to me, it is Shitonic. I call Matchmaking Shitmatching. WAR ROBOTS is not accurate, but Shitbots is more fitting. And the wonderful introduction of shitponents - what a joke. I use to be frustrated with other players but I have come to understand that Shitonic is to blame, not the players.

lord memenese9 months ago

TDM is still horrible and unbalanced

@Lash@9 months ago

Hi guys, i play this game for more than few month, for me its clear now. this game is only for people who can spend hundreds( or thousends) of dollars to have pleasure....
1. game is based only for payments. you are trying it by worst ways.
2. i used to gamble in my life but never seen in any casino such fuckink slots which you call black market,chest and etc.... what a hell is that guys?
3. 2nd times you are trying to kill beacon be clear this mode isfor people who like "all in battle", more bullets,more damage more kill...
4. even if you come to my house with all this robots and guns, ill never pay even 1pence( im from that category of players who never spends money for beautifull robbots or any game.
5. just stop this SLOTS, someone fromm developers used to work in casino and he or she made worst winning system than in any gambling..... it suck, itmakes nervous and angry. just few more days and ill say good bye you all guys and than you can play with each other.
even 5th slot of hangar become dream.
i play with a people who has 3lancelot and 2gareth ))))
and they have 4more hangar for suitable maps )))
this game become for 12 years old children with fathers credit card. beautifull war with beautifull christmas robbots.
can anyone imagine how long should you play to buy 5th slot and even lancelot? or you can just spent 200$ usd and its yours. fuck it man, its allmost my monthly income.
2nd 3rd.... hangar 15000 gold )))))))
its really funny guys.
come oooooooon.

Ali Saeo9 months ago

War robots I hope you read this comment. Please make gust cost silver enough with components. Components are destroying the game. Hope you guys care.

Membo Cristian9 months ago

Hi,where are those suplly boxes what you talked about..??i didnt see any in my hangar

Valdus Shadowmask9 months ago

So a great game is going down hill through greed :( let's hope they turn aside from this path to doom. Like clash of clans and clash Royale, club penguin to club Penguin island all turned by greed.

Valdus Shadowmask9 months ago

Dude, Aye you are right but then when have people put their neighbors (virtually or in real life) first than their own greed. I hope pixonic does not fall to the dark side of gaming (rip off money spending games) or turn away from that path a little so the players have fun and the company has enough money not too much.

Dude9 months ago

Josh Elam, I'm well aware of the differences between real life and a game. Your hyperbole doesn't negate my hyperbole. Unlike players that think these tactics are legitimate, I see how it affects the health of the game. It has made a great deal of players quit the game. Do you think that lowering the total number of players from the game is the right way to assure its future, before those players have a chance to establish themselves? I like the game, a d would like to see it improved. You sound like the kind of player that work rather face players right out of the orientation leagues, instead of facing your peers in strength. Do you fear competing against your approximate equals in a game? This is a game I'm talking about, do you understand? It is sad that you and players that think like you, would rather face the weak, than have to depend on skills and intellect in the game's battle. Again, I'm speaking of a game and your sad belief that it is ok to use a loophole to lose on purpose to drop your standing, only to rob a chance from weaker players to finish high in the game's battles or make your battle stats look artificially strong. I just don't see that being a jerk and a bully against the weak players in a game, is something to be proud of. If you use shady tactics to get victories against those that are around the same levels of strength is different than what you are defending, do I have that right? There are too few top players as it is already, and to have some that would be competitive in the higher leagues, drop into the lower leagues, only keeps the bad match ups, well... bad. Its obvious that your thoughts do not go deep enough to see how players like you that see these selfish game tactics affect more than just your desire to smash the weaker players. It makes for an epidemic of players that will leave a battle that they see no reason to continue making the effort to finish. It doesn't allow players the ability to develop real game skills, it just shows them the difference between the strength of player with levels 11 or 12 against maybe their levels of 5 of 6. You really see that as the makings of a fair battle, in a game. I apparently have to keep emphasizing that I'm speaking of a game, because you seem to be under the impression that I'm talking about "real" life, which my extensive career in the US Marines gave me a particular skillset that would give me a true advantage over those like you, that cannot distinguish between a game and "real" life. You do realize this is a comment section of a game, right? I'm no wilting flower, and I stand behind my gamesmanship. I treat others in this game with the same amount of repsect that I would expect in return, regardless if I receive that respect or not, and I still see this as a game, not "real" life. I'm able to repsond to you respectfully, while discussing the things that will affect this game, right? I don't cast aspersions on your ability to tolerate and survive the end of civilization, why question mine without knowing the first thing about me, when my original post was about a game? I realize that civility is becoming a rare thing, especially in this environment of anonymity, in these games, but I don't think contributing to that lack of civility moves any discussion here forward. I will always call out those that choose the ways that will basically be as backstabbers to five other players, in a battle, in a game, for selfish motives, in a game. If you detected a little sarcasm there, its because there was, while talking about a game, oops, there it was again. Dude, get real. I'm glad I have the time to respond to gamer empty heads like you. You guys spend so much time and effort to find shortcuts and ways to cheat, instead of developing your skills and intelligence. That is a statement that you can take for the game and "real" life, your choice, either or both. I lean towards both. Be well in your post apocalyptic future. Insulting everyone you come across in your unfortunate future, will assure you of a short existence then, mercifully.

Steven4299 months ago

Cool garage and paint view! But I have repeated many times no random mode, why PIXONIC never listen to players while pretending they are!

Steven4299 months ago

Cool garage and paint view! But I have repeated many times no random mode, why PIXONIC never listen to players while pretending they are!

Josh Elam9 months ago

Dude, It's WAR Robots. Not gentlemanly skirmish robots. WAR. Use all available tactics and opportunites to your advantage, or be left a sniveling pile of smoldering morals on the battlefield.

God help you if civilization fails and you have to fend for yourself.

That one guy9 months ago

I agree with that guy who said it would be cool to see the Christmas tree robot drop into battles from time to time and do his little dance for us.

Steven4299 months ago

Have brought up the issue many times I don't play beacon rush and please no random mode, PIXONIC simply doesn't listen. Then please don't trying to be nice and claim you listen to us!

mduhtev9 months ago

What happened to the daily rewards? I thought they were coming around the middle of December.

Dude9 months ago

Where is the promised worse punishment for leavers and tankers? I was told that there would be one, or was that just another un-promise to shut me up for awhile? Also, better match making? Where? Screw all the new toys, how about fixing the gameplay first. What does a new geegaw matter if people are still stepping out of battles or wandering around like zombies during battle, trying to force a loss on five other players? The ultimate in selfish play continues to be punished with a slap on the wrist. How about taking silver from those players and distributing it to the other players they screwed? After that, move them up into another league higher just show that their selfish tactics will not pay off, and do this stuff immediately, not after they have done their little song and dance to a few squads. Then released after their term right into a low league where they wanted to be all along, where they rape and pillage (just a joke y'all) the weaker and newer players, or just maybe, boooooot their sorry rear ends from the game for obvious manipulation of the league points loophole you guys refuse to fix. When so many players spend their real money to compete or better themselves, only have to have that negated by people who would rather cheat at any opportunity, then to allow that to continue is defrauding the honest player's investment. No matter how small it is. Thanks for putting the honest player's interests ahead of the slimy jerks that want to ruin the game for everyone, oh.... I think I got that backwards. Oops.

Valdus Shadowmask9 months ago

Great Christmas story, can you make it walk into the game as an administrator or as a speacial robot in the game plz I'd like to see that Christmas tree robot walking in during a battle

Cartman Beefcake 9 months ago

All my rockets seem to be nerfed Pixonic. Orkans, tulams, pinatas, pins. Less direct damage and no splash damage.

Turtelli9 months ago

The update is pretty cool but i liked the old health bars their kinda too big

Mike Hill9 months ago

I just updated and i dont see the gust or redeamer. Just Christmas theam and new boa. Are the weapons dropping on the 22nd aswell?

Naval Shank9 months ago

When RELOAD BUTTON will come live ?

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