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littlevicki 2年前

I am writing this, at home I am screaming what have you done to the game? I have never tanked I have paid money to buy Au I am unsure what it is you want from us as gamers it appears as the only way anyone will get chests now is if they pay money for them why even have 3 no one can get them but the free spin ones keys were great but now they mean little to nothing. Tokens are only gained now one way. Ag has been used against us. I will not spend any more money which was about 20$ US a month I know it was not much but it was more than some. You guys blew it, I used to look forward to seeing and hearing about the new things in the pipeline but now I just laugh. I repet I will not be spending one more real money on this game I will try to tell all who will hear me to do the same. I believe that we should all tank and go back to using level 1 bots and wepons, or boycott the game. I feel so dumd I talked my friends and family into playing and now they are all laughing at me. You guys blew it you really blew it.

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