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Played from 7th Jan 2016. Had a super long hiatus after a year of playing. And has been continue playing since Aug 2018. 😉


I like and support your idea! It’s actually disgusting to face up against insanely strong whalers. It’s practically one-sided struggle. They should either expand the legend league player slots to like top 1000 players. So that they can pit against each other like a Rome Colosseum fighters. 😁

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Josiris2 年前

I’m grateful. But the third reduction in upgrade time isn’t needed. Instead, they can use this reduction on the upgrade cost. Having lesser time in-between to grind for silver, how are u going to keep up with the expensive upgrade cost? Upgrade timing can be easily reduced by VIP premium (cut half the time) and ads to shave off a hour for every 3 games. But your ads can only gain an average of 10k to 12k silver for opening free bronze chest. It’s hard to keep up in champ league where by the monster out there are full MK2 items and many of us are just an average of lvl 9 and 10 hangars.

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Josiris2 年前

Hmmm. Why keep reducing the upgrade timing when u can reduce the upgrade cost? It’s a fact that players cannot keep up with the reduction in upgrade timing due to the expensive upgrade cost and the little silver earned from various sources.

We appreciate positive changes. But the direction isn’t what majority of the players wanted. The upgrade cost for bots and weapons have increased 2 to 3 times before the original prices. There shouldn’t be a double standard when there are old and new economy change items.

At least reduce 40%-50% of the items that were jacked up. I’m sure players will deeply appreciate that decision.

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