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Romeo_62 年前

I agree with commentators who complain that the introduction of new things to the game is too fast and furious that many players are finding it difficult to keep up. Players need time to learn and adapt to new features and equipments and develop gameplay to maximize the use and potentials of the new features and equipments. Not everyone can or are willing to spend hours playing the game as most of us have a life to live too.

With more new equipment and now these modules, players are hard-pressed to obtain more gold. The gold rewarded by the game just isn't enough to keep up with the demand. Only those wallet warriors can afford meet their demand for gold while those who cannot afford or unwilling to spend too much on the game are left unable to keep up with the big spenders. Ultimately, winning a match requires less skill but more money. The skillful players will eventually see themselves relegating to lower leagues where their places are being taken over by big-spending players.

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