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King Kong ain’t got shit on me!

Cleetus Van Dam6 months ago

If they (Pixonic/WarRobots) weren’t looked at as a company that made a harmless simple game by those that govern businesses, Pixonic would have major problems. However, this is a multimillion dollar company that takes advantage of, and cheats, its customers and the system because they fly under the radar. That’s what they don’t care, because right now there are no repercussions for breaking the rules. There is no doubt it will catch up to them in time. The government is always slow catching up to new technologies, and making millions and millions of dollars in this manner is still fairly new. Imagine if auto manufacturer sold your sports car with 650 horse that topped out at 200 mph; and then when they produce the following year‘s model with 700 horse that goes to 150 mph, they proceed to drop the horse power on your car too 450 and top speed to around 150 mph.
Needless to say, that auto manufacturer would get sued and losing badly. And I guarantee you every single person that Will get reimbursed in full for everything they put into that vehicle. Plus that manufacture would pay a major major penalty. If not put out of business. This is no different then what Pixonic is doing to us. They make hundreds of million dollars a year. They will not stay under the radar for very moment. They are white collar criminals… No better than a thug who steals women’s purses.

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