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Charon3x33 months ago

Sorry dude, if you want to complain, great, I sympathise. Reading that sounds more like too much to drink then game issues though.

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Charon3x33 months ago

All well and good that a new system for honor was instituted, but why did it's start universally reset people at a point? I was a mere 42 honor points from Champion chest, and all that it entails; yet I'm now 400k away and on my last energy cells. I should have been 5 fights away from 17+ mil silver and thousands of Energy; I used up multiple boosters, and I get robbed? As a player who HAS payed for things, and now gotten totally screwed, I have no plans to pay for anything else anytime soon until the previous chest position issue is resolved. It would have been better to start all players at zero and working on bronze then set back to base Master chest, when that close to the finish line. Bottom line? No way I'm buying and wasting money on 1200 gold to get enough energy to perform at top levels after getting burned like that.
Thanks a bunch for a decent game, and too many nights staying up too late, but this was a nasty take away on things already earned. Good luck.

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