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DASHITZlast year

Well, fact is you folks at don't know what you're doing technically. A friend who has a very old account showed me the upgrade time for a thunder he had at level was the old time of 18 hours. Then he bought a new thunder and showed me the upgrade time for upgrade from level 5 and it was the new time of 8 hours.

So I thought I would check the upgrade time for one of my old robots. A fujin at level 6. According to the chart the old time was 30 hours and the new time is 24.

So what is it for my fujin to upgrade to level 7? One day and 19 hours (43 hours total)

Well done mail. Ru, you've really got this game development stuff mastered.

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DASHITZlast year

Yea, everyone will have an Ares and Hades within a couple months.

Then they will be nerfed and those with will complain and those without will cheer.

Same story that's played out about a dozen times now.

Who cares. Gameplay is crap because matchmaking is crap. Tanker's, leavers, Diamond league players matched against Silver league.

What a fine mess this game has become.

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DASHITZlast year

Golem, Boa and Shutze are no longer available for purchase. Pixo claimed they no longer fit into the "gameplay". Then they keep a worthless P.O.S. like Vityaz in the game.

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DASHITZlast year

How can you level up your equipment faster when you don't have the silver to do so?

That was Josiris' point and I agree 100%. It would be better to keep the upgrade times long and reduce the cost.

But the money-grubbers won't do that because people won't buy silver with cash money if they are accumulating it like in the past.

The way the game is setup now, you can either upgrade your current equipment or you can buy components for new equipment, but you can't do both and accumulate any silver.

This is intentional. EVERY decision MAIL.RU makes about this game is to generate revenue and not improve the game for the players. EVERY ONE.

Best example is the matchmaking system and leagues. This new system has been broken since day one. But MAIL.RU will not change it because they want matches which aren't balanced to entice players to upgrade their equipment.

Next best example was the constant bait and switch with new equipment. Remember how overpowered some of the robots and equipment were on the test server and nearly EVERYONE told the developers. The equipment was release anyway because they knew players would buy it. Once the revenue from the new equipment dried up it got "rebalanced". Yea, that made a lot of players happy, but not the ones who purchased the equipment.

Best keep in mind that this company doesn't care about the player's gaming experience at all. Only generating revenue.

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DASHITZlast year

Really couldn't care about the improvements.

Step in the right direction? Yes.

But the gameplay is absolutely terrible. It has been bad in the past but it's getting much worse in the last few months.

You folks at MAIL.RU are kidding yourselves if you think the games are better balanced!

Nearly every game I have tankers. In the games there aren't tankers I'm going up against Diamond III players and I'm in Silver 1.

Can't accumulate silver because of the mismatches.

Gameplay SUCKS and this is why I hardly play any more. Apparently I'm not the only one cutting back on play time, since it takes up to 2 minutes to get into a match!

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