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War Robots ripped me. I won the Ao Qin, made a video using it, posted it to the FB WR page, logged back in, boom whole account status is wiped. Someone at Pixonic did this. Immediately after I posted the video showing I had it. Finally got with "Bob" from support. If it's a real person. -_- Gave all the info I had. Screen shot showing it my inventory. Email associated with the account and the video link using it. Pixonic wiped the ID and can't identify the user name I used. NO RESPONSE AFTER!

rabidwolfman19706 months ago

Today I won an Ao Qin Bot in the Hongbao Lottery. I made a video using it and have a screen shot of it in my inventory. I upload the video and shared it to the War Robots Facebook page, logged back in and the entire account was wiped to default like I
never had an account. CAUGHT YOU! I have proof I had it. I want my account back like it was with everything you see in the photo and video below.
Either I want my status back with what I had or compensation for what it's
worth. This is unfair and I'm reporting this to Google, Facebook, and the
BBB! You give people a prize and then don't like it that they didn't have
to pay for it and wipe their account so they can't report it. Well I have
proof! Please fix it back like it was or compensate me in AU (gold) for
what you erased.

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