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I'm a level 30 Players. Been played since 2016 and love the OLD ECONOMY. Return The Old Economy! Workshop 1.0

Freemium6 months ago

Dear Pixonic, We respect you as a developer. And we don't want to insult or boicot your games. But a few months past have been a very hard days for both old and new players. This was caused by your New Economy, please consider to returm to the old economy when only had 3 currencies : Silver,Gold and Workshop Points. Your new economy are killings old players and make new players hate this game. If only you can listen to us and understand, if you estimate the overall time and cost to upgrade, it was unbelievable. We need more than 6 months to just get our things upgraded without spending too much money in the game.

Fix the economy, bring us new innovations that would help make the games becomes more enjoyable and worth to play with. Don't be greedy with us, the community helps the game to evolved into something what it has becomes today.
If you still didn't care about us, then we will consider to find a similar game and help them evolved just like how WR evolved but in different ways and not P2W of course!

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