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Cast Iron

Cast Iron10 months ago

Where is all my components I have 9800 Doc components , 3200 stalker components , and 3865 Avenger components all missing and no I checked and double checked everything is still missing and not in inventory or hanger . After playing with honor and going on 4 1/2 year's and this is how you repay me . Tks alot !!! so where is my ITEMS this is stupidity on Pixonic part so get off your ass and give me my ITEMS back !

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Cast Ironlast year

Wow what are you thinking ? I know let's take and give the them something and take 3 things n return that seems to be what you have started doing this year . The number of things that u have given us . 1# you gave us new boys and weapons . 2# new and exciting ways to play in Battle mode . 3# new Work Shop easier way of getting components for bots and weapons . Now let's list the things you have took in return . 1# the upgrade time u made it way to long . 2# you took almost every chance to get gold . #3 you made the Best bots in the game you dropped there health and Shields so you can make the 3 newest bot released look like there Total bad ass when u Nerf everything else . 4# Took Black Market progress from all of us that was over half way . 5# you took gold from Royale . 6# now u want to raise the new Work Shop time for components to take longer to get so we can't b ready for the last 3 bots . 7# instead of bringing the new weapons like Glory , Corona and Halo to work shop asap now it's going to be 2 months . 8# your match maker puts diamond and Expert league pilot's against Masters and CHAMPION league . #9 you ask us to report Tankers when it's your job to fix all that is wrong with get not ours ! Well as you can see there's ALOT more bad than good and you wonder why PLAYER'S R NOT playing anymore . 10# Clan Rank wow now we can't c who is playing and who is progressing all that was is a way to make us think our clan members haven't stopped playing when we are not stupid if they ant on we know cause we never see them . Ok there's ALOT of issues that I have noticed I'm shore I have missed a few here and there but these was my main concern and don't forget we as pilot's know when a update comes as of past year or so we get the shaft and you Pixioncs get the Glory it's supposed to be other way around . haven't u ever heard the old saying That The Customers Are Always Right ! Well that's enough from me for know I just wanted to point out that we get FFFFF over with every update so I would like to say THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING THERE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS !!!!!!!!!!

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