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i love beams!

dEnZiLlast year

honour points changes just went live, not only do we need to get more points now but the crates have been nerfed

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dEnZiLlast year

So I have been thinking about a few things you guys could try, they would bring back some oomph to some bots. give normal bots abilities @ mk2

there was a time when it was the king of dps but is out classed against the new bots, why not give it an ability "FURY"
for 10 seconds fury gets 30% increase in dps . 20 second cool down

the raijin is lacking with everyones great granny running around with orkans. how about increasing the bastion buff to 50%?

the golem should live up to its name, how about an ability called GOLEM? for 10sec golem gets 66% damage resistance. 20 second cool down

the patton was a really good bot and has some roles as a missile boat in higher leagues. how about an ability called GI JOE patton will get a 30% mobility buff and 30% damage resistance for 10 seconds. 20 second cool down

the leo is a staple when you a little guy and is also common in masters league so how about giving leo an ability called OVERDRIVE. it will increase all weapon ROF and reload speed by 50% for 5 seconds 20 second cool down

this Queen has my heart i used a flux gekko tasha for a long time (replaced by flux fury) and the recent speed buff really helped her out. how about giving her a slowing ability. something like web, natasha fires a beam that does no damage but reduces enemy movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds cool down 25sec

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dEnZiLlast year

only the gullable fools are butthurt by this, because their free pass is over. pixonic stated that workshop 2.0 was intended to suppliment the alternative methods of component aquisition, but we all know it instead became the main source, that was broken. now fix stealth bots hooking on objects for indefinite stealth, increase shocktrain reload times to 3 seconds per charge and remove the ability to buy silver with gold then we will be on our way to a better WR.

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