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Medium robot player... I hate energy weapons!(Enemy energy weapons :3)

SkyShadow6 months ago

Im playing for 3 years and i still cant get out od GOLD, when Raijin and Fuijin came out i managed to buy them and now they can't do anything against most of bots, i get a spectre after 20 hours of playing and it get nerfed, workshop is becoming silver execution machine since the 100 components are for example 200k and 230 are 690k while it was 400 for 690k,id rather pay 690k and wait week than to pay milions for every pack of components, plus when i get all components and create a weapon/bot new update comes out nerfs everything ive been doing for past 3 months and gives new p2winners more destroy me and keep me in gold for 3 YEARS, i thought it was just my bad skill but i realized its a complete unfair game, but ill give it few more chances and then Bye-bye

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