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[R!SE] Tepo's Tacoslast month

They don't even know because is not up to them. Apple inc. has to make sure the update is secure. That's why we hardly have any hackers, if not any. Plus, in my opinion this update could take more than a year is just another money grab skim

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[R!SE] Tepo's Tacos10 months ago

It’s funny how you guys still refere to these changes as to help “economy” come on guys listen to us. There is nothing on economic on increasing upgrade cost and times. Yes content its more accessible, so if so call this “accessibility” not “economy”. Now, teh goals you have in mins are what we want for you to look into, so thank you so much for that. Wish you the best of luck on resolving the problem. Also will the lock down shotguns will be delayed or will arrive to workshop on time as they were suppose to be in workshop in few days?

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[R!SE] Tepo's Tacos10 months ago

What happen with the test server this weekend.
I saw that there was something wrong with it.
Is not going to be open until next week?

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