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Uijo8 months ago

Please remove the monthly time limit for the super chest in the black market. Since you removed keys from the prize pool, I gave up trying to open the chest and essentially stopped playing. I just watch ads to complete daily tasks.

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Uijo10 months ago

Christopher Wormuth, The button could be a one big play button, but you can edit which modes can be played under that random button. That way only team death match could be selected, or domination and beacon rush could be selected. It means that those that choose one play mode have themselve to blame for longer wait queues; a reason Pixonic has declared in the past they dont want to do such a thing. It also looks better than having several buttons for each play mode, especially considering the number of modes there are in the future.

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Uijo11 months ago

This is a bad joke. It took me a while to get a haechi, and its going to now be fairly useless against a gepard with shredders. War robots keep adding new weapons and robots making the game unplayable because of the lag, meanwhile ignoring what players consistently ask for. Let us choose the game type we queue up for so we can avoid Team death match if need be. Also create options so that i can set the graphics quality to low.

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