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Andrei Toma

Andrei Toma3 months ago

one question! why do we need to pay every time we promote a pilot? I's like paying for joining fights, and trying to be good! i already had to give 1000 gold for EACH pilot, and i still need to promote them like 3 times more until max level. what the hell pixonic?!?!? how much will you charge next time i need to promote? 5000 gold? keep your damn pilots then

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Andrei Tomalast year

You promised us a lot of time ago workshop 2.0 . In the meantime you lunched a lot of new stuff, but nothing about wp. I guess you know that it will reduce your income, and that's the reason you don't release it, right? Shame pixonic!!!!

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Andrei Tomalast year

From all comments I wrote, 98% are pure hate! Learn from those Pixo! It's the first time when I think to quit this game even though I invested time and some money in it! You took from us the joy this game had before components and the hope that one day you can have an OK hangar! This is all gone! Waiting so many days to lvl up? Sorry, I'm not immortal! I have better things to do than waiting for an item to update. It seems that you're protecting your tankers in the end....

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Andrei Toma2 years ago

hey there!

can you please post somewhere the status of fixing the bugs from the new update so all players know what's the status?
it's really annoying to have all these issues, and not know when they will be fixed.
P.S. - no one want to play only King of the Hill. in fact, i really dislike this game mode!

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