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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

Good on you Sir. You've got more patience with this game's matchmaking system and the bad experience it creates than I do.

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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago


I found your story interesting however after seeing your comment I felt a few things need to be said.

To say you've never used any other bot than Grif's is not factual unless you somehow purchased Grif's immediately after installation of the game and used only griff beginning with your first match. If you and the story had stated that you've used nothing but Grif's since you've been in Champions League (or whatever league you started exclusively using Grif's) then I wouldn't be taking issue with what has been claimed.

Your "wake-up moaners" comment lacks perspective and the proper context of why people are "moaners". Here's why. You've been playing this game since 2015. In early 2017 the matchmaking was dramatically changed which had a huge negative impact on the game (the lower the league you're in, the worse the impact). One of the things taken away was the seal-clubbing with gepards-magnums (did you ever own that combination prior to having access to the heavy bots?). That combination was replaced by something far worse: tanking. Then of course Pixonic introduced the dash bots late last year and the shocktrains a bit later.

I say you lack perspective in that you were probably in Expert's League or higher with grif's at level 10+ when these changes hit. You've never dealt with the tanking issues in Champion's League. What I mean is if people tank in Champions League the only way it has negative impact is if the tanker is on your side in a game and not helping the team. Since you're in a clan, and I presume one of the well behaved clans, this isn't happening. That said, there is no negative impact to you since you are in the top league.

For people in Gold and lower Leagues the story is quite different and the negative impact is huge. I regularly see level 11-MK2 dash bot hangars racking up 1+ million in damage with 1.4-1.5m being the usual damage for these players. So when you say people are moaning. Reality is they are complaining about a matchmaking system that is crap because it allows this sort of thing to happen. Huge disparity in firepower and damage capability. Huge disparity in ability to absorb damage. You don't see that happen. I will go as far as to say this is something you never had to deal with. If true, I suggest you create another account on another device and spend some time working your way up in the current environment to get first had experience of why people are "moaners". Everyone who's had to grind their way up in this current system knows Matchmaking is bad (including Pixonic), yet nothing is being done to change it.

FYI - If you think I'm just a new player doing more "moaning", you'd be wrong. I've been playing the game since mid-2016. I am currently in Silver 1 with a cossack 6, Leo 6 and Grif 6, all with level 6 weapons. WIth that I can regularly score in the upper 300k-500k range and have scored as high as 900+k with that combination. That's right 900k and one of the robots is a lowly cossack. If you're wondering why I am in Silver and only have 3 level 6 robots, it's because I am on my 5th account. I like to mix up my hangar with light and medium robots I change in and out and they are completely ineffective beyond Diamond Level.

Why are the light and medium robots ineffective above Diamond League? Again, it goes back to the crap Matchmaking system Pixonic has implemented and refuses to replace.

In my opinion, based upon observations of your videos, the primary reason you're beating up dash bots as you claim is because of clan team play with the secondary reason being skill. I've "beat up" dash bots in the past with level 8 griff's and orkans myself, but only because I either had help or the dash pilot had no skill. That said, one on one in a custom game, given the same skill level, a dash bot is going to take out a griff 8 of 10 times or better without team help and that is fact. Two pilots with the same skill where one has more firepower and range, the guy with more firepower, range and speed is going to win nearly every time. I'll even go as far as to say the outcome is 50-50 when the grif pilot has more skill because of the unpredictability of the dash bot movement and it's speed. If the person with the dash has any reasonable amount of skill they'll make their opponent miss. Sometimes the pilot will guess right and shoot where they are going, but in most instances that's not the case.

I had one question. Where does your clan rank in Champions League? I check who is on top of the clan leaderboard every now and then but don't recall seeing your clan's name before.

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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

Reading your comment I was wondering, how is this post misleading and dishonest?

Wouldn't you agree that anyone in the Champions League is doing really well since they made it to that level? Would you agree that since the post clearly states that most the players are male that even newbies would be able to figure out that most the players in any League is dominated by male players?

Let me add to what you said about Champions League by saying ALL Leagues above Bronze sucks, because pilots can manipulate what League they are in by tanking.

Matchmaking punishes people in lower leagues. The lower the league you're in the more you're punished. The sad thing is Pixonic is doing nothing to replace this broken MM system and is only attempting to address the symptoms.

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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

I didn't know that had been done that to other games, but given that none of the new stuff is available through gold or silver it wouldn't surprise me. Too many of the things done does line up with what we're being told. I mean, why buff the magnum in a new system when it was OP in the old system (I think I said it was nerfed but it was buffed).

And the constant nerfing and buffing that comes with every new release. I don't think these guys have the right stuff to be able to identify the tankers through all the data when they can't get any sense of balance in weapons like molot, which has been around forever. Then you have the dash bots and weapons like shocktrain. If what you said is true the game is doomed and not worth the frustration. I'll play the other mech games.

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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

It seems you want to have an honest discussion. Let's have an honest discussion.

The excuse for this system having it's flaws is always pointed back to the Gepard Seal-Clubbers. Well, you didn't even fix that in this system. The Gepard-magnum was nerfed because someone thought they were still to powerful. That reference has no credibility.

So now Pixonic admits that it can't clearly define what a tanker is and even with those internal parameters the problem is as bad now as it ever was. After more than a year Pixonic still haven't been able to fix the problem. Good for you to admit that. You do see how that is supporting my position. Let me spell it out. If you can't define what a tanker is and your internal parameters can't fix the problem, then by what voodoo magic do you think you'll fix it by digging through data? You've got to be kidding. Yea, so maybe the obvious tankers will be identified and banned or whatever. But what about those borderline cases. And then what about new strategies.

I've been tanking by playing and keeping my damage score low because matchmaking allows my lineup to be matched up against robots many times more powerful so my robots get killed in seconds. So how are you going to identify me as a tanker? You going to punish people who want to drastically change their lineups and then can't score damage points because you have a MM system that is garbage? If you respond to this comment at all, respond to this one point. Is this what you want to do?

And you say, don't worry, we'll fix it this next time, really. So Pixonic will invest more time to try to fix something which can't be defined, while at the same time defend the position that Pixonic isn't facilitating tanking by sticking with this system? The facts don't line up with what you're saying.

Definition of facilitating according to freedictionary is: to make easier or less difficult; help forward (an action, a process, etc.)

Pixonic went from a system that had almost no tanking to a system where tanking is rampant.
Pixonic refuses to admit the current system has flaws far worse than the previous system in spite of multiple patches to address the problem. In the old system level MK12 bots didn't feast on Level 3-4-5-6 bots.
In the old system, anyone could get a gepard-magnum and be on fair ground. In this system, the only way to compete with level 12 MK2 is if you pay your way up to be high enough compete (unless you want to wait 6+ months to get components for 1 dash bot to that level). Not everyone has that kind of money.
Pixonic could have nerfed magnums under the old system to fix the seal clubbing problem.
Pixonic has put more effort into releasing new features and equipment than it has in repairing MM.

Can I add as a fact that Pixonic has put no effort into replacing the current matchmaking system with something new that can't be gamed? I ask because all you've discussed is how Pixonic plans to address tanking under the current MM system. I think that's a fair statement.

My honest opinion. I'm sticking by it. Based upon what I've presented, Pixonic is facilitating tanking by sticking with the current system. Look at the definition of facilitating. Look at the current system. Look at the old system. For whatever reason Pixonic refuses to toss this system out. Pixonic won't go back to the old system and won't develop a new system. Many people have discussed this but it means nothing to the company. Nobody inside Pixonic wants to hear that this system is beyond repair. Nobody who matters inside Pixonic believes this system should be replaced (matters meaning someone who can make the decision to throw this system out). If anyone who did matter was listening this silly system would have been tossed last year.

I thank you for your prior response, but in the end I think all of what has been said by me and others is of no consequence. For some reason Pixonic is married to this MM system and won't get rid of it


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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

I doubt anything will be done. Look at the moderator's comment, criticism is tolerated. That says a lot. Maybe they expect a big lovefest with people sitting in a circle talking about how great everything is and singing kumbayah.

So many good suggestions and nothing is done with any of them. Instead of fixing matchmaking you see a bizarre assortment of schemes that don't work. Instead of working on a new matchmaking system they keep adding new robots and weapons. I know I'm not the only one who holds the theory that this is done intentionally to keep people paying for new OP equipment. Tanking could be fixed. Easily fixed. All Pixonic would need to do is go back to the old matchmaking system. Why don't they?

I don't see anything being done to players who have complaints against them. I've submitted complaints with links to the screenshots and keep seeing the same people from the same clans tanking in gold and silver league. If they won't punish players and the clans who tank regularly I think it's only fair for all of us to tank. Pixonic is facilitating tanking and leaving by not overhauling matchmaking. It has been part of the game for over a year. They could come up with this system in less than 3 months but can't come up with another system in over a year? It's clear the priority is not on fixing matchmaking, it's on releasing new equipment.

Look at this latest release. Some nerfs and buffs and a bunch of new equipment that will no doubt later be nerfed/buffed. Look at all the bugs. I can't remember a release with more bugs than this one. What is happening with the programming talent at Pixonic? Change the language to English to fix a bug? OMG! Pixonic is listening to the players? Haaaa! You're right, they aren't. Like most New Year's Resolutions, they seldom see follow through. Look at the comments on here and FB. The biggest complaint about release 3.6 was Random mode with TDM, BR and Domination. Did Pixonic listen to that criticism? No, it was just tolerated.

As players we all adjust our play style to changes in the game. Since Pixonic won't change the game to fix the tanking issue I've adjusted by using tanking as part of my strategy. The downside is it hurts the number of components I win but that is inconsequential. The difference in the number of components are so small when you consider that you need 10,000 to get a weapon or robot. For someone who's not a regular player it makes little difference because you're not going to reach 10,000 before they change the components to something else. Playing a couple days a week in Gold League I got roughly 3,500 kumiho.


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SooooSad-TooBad2 years ago

I think otherwise. I've been commenting several months now and now?!? Just now you decide to take this action?

No bad language, no insults. Only facts about how the poor decisions have made game play go down the toilet. If you guys didn't like the name you could have brought that up 3-4 months ago when the account was created and at any time I made comments before.

Straight up!

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