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War Robots 4.4: Robots & Weapons Stats

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Data geeks, rejoice!

The Knowledge Base at its latest state was far from all-knowing. It had some details here, some there. But overall it had a hard providing you with proper info on many things.

How much damage Mercury's stomp deals? How long Lock-down lasts? What is the range of Hellburner's blast? These and other technical intricacies were often hidden behind the scenes, which definitely didn't help your theorycrafting.

With this in mind, we are going for an experiment. We publish ALL stats for ALL robots and weapons from War Robots 4.4 in one gargantuan spreadsheet for you to use. Every single number, every last detail — everything is listed here:


There might be some inconsistencies in the sheet. If you spot any, drop us a comment. Also, be careful with opening the sheet on a weak device — it might get groggy from the sheer amount of data. 



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10th level Rayker MK 2 so 1814 ability

noah21 days ago

im trying to downlode

Valkyrjalast month

Please update this data sheet to current game version [5.1]. Fenrir, Loki, and Tyl are not included in the current data sheet [4.5). Thanks

Joao Vitor4 months ago

Nenhum comentário brasileiro?

Joao Vitor4 months ago

Nenhum comentário brasileiro?

Herb4 months ago

With the new update, Natasha now has more HP than the Rhino by lvl. 8. Shouldn't Rhino be tougher than the Natty? Yes, he has a shield, but the only thing he can really do when active is run. This should be addressed.

Waggin5 months ago

Here's a relevant comment ... you're selling Bolt now but why would I buy something that I can't find any upgrade/cost/performance specs on ? Come on you guys, you mean to tell me after all this time yakking about the upcoming Bolt you haven't published any specs ?

Sean Turner6 months ago

Please update / repair the sheet. Certain cells have European dictation which breaks calculations ... IE "2,4" instead of"2.4". it appears to be in the Unload time, s column.

Xecizor6 months ago

R.J., I've been having the same issue with my thunders also

R.J.7 months ago

I have been writing Pixonic about my weapons not performing like they should at the levels they are. I have a Level 12 Mk2 Thunder and a level 11 Thunder on a Bulwark and could barely kill anything. Keep in mind I was also using boosts. But a LIGHT robot with a few level 8 or 9 gusts can easily kill anything I have?

Here is just one video as proof of what I am talking about, watch how my Thunders barely do any damage at all:

Problemchild19047 months ago

First of all ( about this statistic spread sheat and the "cautionary warning" "That there maybe some inconsistencies" ) There shouldn't be any (inconsistencies) with modern technology being what it is today. And why should we be the one's to find it. This "statistic spread sheat" should not be posted untill it is ((100% ACCURATE)) That Said , Here's a question for you? Why does The ( Lancelot and Fury ) "Now have The EXTRA LONG UPGRADE TIME" After all these "YEARS" why the sudden "UNANNOUNCED INCREASE" It now 55 days 17 hours to reach level 12. 5 days from lvl 7 to 8 , 6 days from lvl 8 to 9 , 7 days from lvl 9 to 10 , 8 days from lvl 10 to lvl 11, and 9 days from lvl 11 to LEVEL 12. Why,WHY,Why,Why has this happened. I've been playing YOUR GAME, For over a year and just recently got a Lancelot after facing them on the battlefield. And while upgrading the Lance to lvl 9 a bots fastest walking lvl. I then focused on some weapons and THOUGHT I would come to the LANCELOT in a couple of weeks and take it to LEVEL 12. Because Level 9 is not cutting it on the battlefield, He might as well be made of glass at that level. And I was hoping once I reached LEVEL 12 that ""HOURS PLAYING"" WERE NOT ((((WASTED)))) SAME WITH ("FURY")

Herb7 months ago

I don't really agree with Halo and Corona dealing more damage than Storm and Gust, it should sacrifice the extra damage for the lock down ability,

Jeff Wilfred7 months ago

I just have a basic question. I am a rookie but the game is awesome. How do you spin the top of the robot with the guns?

Nightfury8 months ago

Herb, ECU definitely needs some sort of buff... maybe bigger like it is in the current skirmish?

Herb8 months ago

ECU should be made more useful. We waste an entire weapon slot to equip it and on some robots, you basically have to turn your back to the enemy for the shield to catch anything. I think it would be great if the optimal angling was something like 45 degrees rather than the existing 90+ degrees it is now. Then, you can keep an eye on the enemy while reloading. Would really dampen the mood on all these new energy weapons, making it into a bit more of a game changer. Rather than having to run Gareth, Galahad, Lancelot and Raijin in order to have a useful physical shield. Anyways, just thought.

Dobby M.8 months ago

Shredder fire rate is 10, not 12.5.

⚒Texas✯Rage⚒™9 months ago

Where is my 1k Gold from the Balance Overhaul 4.3 video because I got first?!
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