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War Robots 4.4: Robots & Weapons Stats

Author - War Robots

Data geeks, rejoice!

The Knowledge Base at its latest state was far from all-knowing. It had some details here, some there. But overall it had a hard providing you with proper info on many things.

How much damage Mercury's stomp deals? How long Lock-down lasts? What is the range of Hellburner's blast? These and other technical intricacies were often hidden behind the scenes, which definitely didn't help your theorycrafting.

With this in mind, we are going for an experiment. We publish ALL stats for ALL robots and weapons from War Robots 4.4 in one gargantuan spreadsheet for you to use. Every single number, every last detail — everything is listed here:


There might be some inconsistencies in the sheet. If you spot any, drop us a comment. Also, be careful with opening the sheet on a weak device — it might get groggy from the sheer amount of data. 


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