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[3.8] Sir Shocks-A-Lot: Lancelot Revival

Author - Where y'at

Gareth, Galahad, and Lancelot — named after legendary British knights — were the dominant knife fighters and beacon runners in War Robots until summer 2017.

At the time Pixonic introduced the Dash robots, the twenty highest rated pilots had, on average, 2.5 Lancelots in their hangars. Some even ran four or five, like the current love affair with Spectre. However, the superior durability, speed, and firepower of the new robots triggered an immediate and complete shift away from Lancelot (and the near extinction of Gareth and Galahad) in the topmost leagues.

Even before this point, a subtle change in Orkan/Pinata targeting made Gareth and Galahad far more vulnerable to splash damage from these devastating weapons.

While it remains suicidally misguided to confront Haechis and Bulgasaris with Galahad and Gareth, several component weapons have made Lancelot viable — even formidable — again. It still possesses tough physical shields, versatile hardpoints, plus the rush ability, and therefore makes a great mid-range brawler.

In the tradition of giving pet names to specific and favored robot builds, War Robots University introduces and recommends “Sir Shocks-A-Lot!”

Only have one component weapon? No problem. Lancelot has only one heavy and two medium hardpoints, as opposed to the four heavies on a Butch, or four mediums on a Spectre. Therefore, it is a great choice for your first component weapon, an idea we previously discussed in “Shocktrain, One Piece At A Time.” 

Our first suggested build is the Zeus/Ion Lancelot.  The weapons are an exact match in range (600m) and timing (5 seconds to reload), plus Zeus is an affordable 1200 Au. This build does much more damage than a Zeus Carnage — almost as much, in fact, as a triple Zeus Fury, and is vastly more durable.

For pilots who are further into component item acquisition, we suggest a Dragoon/Scourge build. This setup reduces the time between salvos to 3 seconds, and scales up in damage exponentially as you approach your target.

Regardless of how you mix and match the new energy weapons (don’t forget Shocktrain, if you have a pair), your increased range can be utilized as a counter to the deadly brawlers wearing Embers, Tarans, Thunders, Orkans and the like!  If you want to play around in no-mans-land, we suggest using an Ancile instead of an offensive weapon on your heavy hardpoint. 

For example game play using Shocktrain/Dragoon Lancelot, Scourge/Dragoon Lancelot, and Scourge/Magnum Galahad, plus commentary from Dr. Yat, please view:

The faculty of the U believes that the Lancelot is, overall, the most versatile robot currently available. Because of its weapon configuration, we see this robot in diverse builds across virtually every level of the game. It’s a perfect mid-range tank in its stock build, Tulumbas and Thunder — and it destroys shields. It shreds enemies from 800m when equipped with Molot T/Tempest, incinerates them with Tarans/Ember, and, of course, shocks them with the new energy weapons.

Also: Galahad

Also, at the time of this writing, Pixonic is testing the “Spark”, a light version of Scourge. We think the tremendous diversity of new weapons for medium hardpoints should be extended to the lights, as this would create fertile grounds for experimentation with Gareth and Galahad (among others).

Perfect for King of the Hill mode — a hardened mid-range gunboat that can brawl as easily as it can rush to intercept traversing (and vulnerable) enemies.

Patience remains a critical attribute of the best War Robots pilots — don’t rush Sir Shocks-A-Lot into an unwinnable duel. Instead, work 400-500 meters away from the most intense fighting. Lancelot has a deterring effect on enemies, as they tend not to fire at the hardest targets. War Robots provides incentives in silver and gold for doing damage, but shield breaking doesn’t count (it’s certainly good for your team, though, do it whenever you can!). You will undoubtedly notice people with the “wrong” kind of weapon choosing another victim, as Manni notes in this video on the subject:

In conclusion, we found that the new energy weapons were best suited to Lancelot used as a mid-range offensive weapon.

Again, stay out of Orkan range! In the 400-600 meter area, Lance is a killing machine, regardless of map or mode, because he can deal AND absorb significant damage before he falls. We scored a lot of kills doing our research, and a few of the highlights can be viewed here:

Happy hunting!

Dr. Yat

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