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[3.8] Agents of Shield: getting Defensive on the Battlefield

by Ol’ Pappy - 20.04.2018

Ol' Pappy is community contributor and a member of Iron Library.

Let’s face it: fighting off hordes of Dash bots can be downright… inhuman.

In a high-level meta where most new mechs seem superpowered, some players may despair that their old-school hangars are now obsolete.

But, the key to victory often starts with a great defense. There are several older bots with built-in defensive capabilities that allow pilots to become powerful Agents of Shield.


The Black Bolt

With 300,000 health at highest level, the Rajin is durable enough to take on most enemies. Enable Bastion mode, and this spider bot becomes a formidable fortress. Dressed in a Black Widow paint job, and equipped with two Zeuses, the “Black Bolt” Rajin can single-handedly turn the tide of a battle on long-range maps.

Just crawl into a position with a clear line of sight, and then unleash at least 34,600 damage every five seconds on your enemies (two Zeus at MKII Level 12). Even better, while in Bastion mode, your damage is amplified by 30 percent!


The Hail Hydra

Remember the halcyon days of 2015, when Rhinos ruled the roost? Equipped with either plasma or splash weapons, Rhinos were once considered to be overpowered. Today, though, Rhino is nearly extinct. However, there’s a build out there that can bring it back from the brink — the “Hail Hydra”. With two Hydras and two Spirals, Rhino becomes a virtually impenetrable mobile missile platform.

Run this build to take out enemy mid-range fighters — particularly mechs armed with Shocktrains, Trebuchets, or Zeus. Curl the missiles so that they hit Bulgasaris hiding behind walls and obstacles. Wear down Haechi anciles so that your teammates can finishe them off. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to also help to capture beacons, because nobody likes a camper!


The Red Skull

With its blood-red Oathbreaker skin and grinning death’s head shield emblem, the Galahad easily stands out on the battlefield. About two years ago, Galahad was among the most powerful bots in the game. Its susceptibility to splash weapons such as Orkans and Tulumbas rockets has reduced its effectiveness.

But the “Red Skull’s” shield offers a crucial advantage in the current meta, where energy weapons like Shocktrains, Zeus, and Trebuchets prevail. If you run Tarans and Magnums, and tread cautiously, you will to catch your enemies in compromising positions. But full-on attacks aren’t recommended. In today’s meta, the flanker role suits it best.


The God of Thunder

Lancelots have had a rough ride in the current meta. With the rise of Dash bots, the waddling wonder has been largely sidelined — until now. Dress your lance in a Reaper skin — black as night, with a bone-white Skull motif — and then equip it with a Zeus in its heavy slot, and two Ions in the medium slots. The 600-metre range of Zeus and Ion will put you out of range of weapons in the game.

Meanwhile, Lancelot’s shield will absorb energy damage from Shocktrains and similar weapons. The God of Thunder build makes it easy to unleash your inner Thor; just remember to keep your distance — if you allow your enemies to close on you, you’re basically fried.

This Lancelot bears Tulumbas instead of Ions... but you've got the point.


The Ghost Rider

In the Marvel universe, Ghost Rider is a spirit of vengeance — a skeletal figure shrouded in ethereal flame, hunting down evildoers and burning them with hellfire. In War Robots, the Ghost Rider is the Death Knight Gareth, equipped with a Scourge and either an Arbalest or a Gekko laser. Like Ghost Rider’s hellfire, the Scourge drains the life from its victims. Gareth’s shield allows it to withstand counter-fire as it takes down far stronger bots.



Any of these builds will allow you to hulk out on your enemies. All you need is the right vision and a strong shield, and you too can become an iron man on the battlefield.


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Papi3 months ago

DUS, Oui tu a raison, vous gagnez assermenté d'argent comme ça, nous voulons du contenu nouveau et équilibrée.

#dontmesswithme9 months ago

how the hell do you guys think that the rhino build will take down any modern/new bots???? seriously pixonic...

SKGTlast year

Pyrotech442, kumiho esta bien, 2 armas, su unico escudo es la pared, depende al 100% del equipo aliado, todas las armas le golpean

SKGTlast year

Mimikyu94, unir los 3 escudos del lance, aumentar al %50 el del gareth, al 25% el del galahad, al rhino una proteccion similar a la de bulwark, pero mas debil, con raijin unir los 2 escudos

SKGTlast year

Pilot uweeze, 256k de plata cada 12 horas en liga campeon esta bien, digo no es demaciado, pero en 2 dias ya tienes un millon, gratis, suma la plata de los cofres, y tambien que si sabes jugar puedes hacer mucha plata, llevo un mes sin jugar, 30 millones me son suficientes para subir mis armas, aun tengo 570 en stock, y se mantienen gracias a las gotas.

Pilot uweezelast year

such bull shit information:) none of these builds are good i mean who the hell has enough silver to get a zeus MK2 i mean raijin is still over powered but still we players can get enough silver to get MK2 weapons so this article wasn't helpful i mean you tried your beast to lie that our old bots still are champions but at least you tried:(

Mimikyu94last year

Maybe you guys should increase the shield hp of most bots except the Bulgasari. The Lancelot's are almost useless against the new weapons and the Gareth's and Galahad's shields are also puny. The Rhino needs a wee bit more and the Raijin should have like more shield hp per piece.
Also, Anciles are getting very easy to take down nowadays.

DEATHPointforUSvklast year

☆BushDr☆, Ok so let s start
Lancelot needs more speed instead of shield I mean lot of speed
Galahad needs to have at least 160/170k at lvl 12 and slightly speed boost 55/56... Or don't give him none speed buff but make him more agile while maneuvering so it won't be fried with orkans or tulumbas from the splash dmg
Fujin needs more ho instead of shield and weapons landed more at sides so u may actually hit something without being exposed speed boost is also good thing to do
Griffin needs at least 185/190k hp at lvl 12
Speed 38/40 and 20 sec cooldown

Pyrotech442last year

lol shocktrains can destroy a rhino shield in 2 hits and hydras can barely penetrate haechi's shield at all. Please give these overpowered game-destroying monsters out of the game. nerf them along with kumiho please!

Creepergomoolast year

Where's the leo on this list, the most durable bot in the game, one one that can shake off a full death button or shocktrain and keep going? And the gareth needs a storm and gust to go close range, because scourge sucks at long range and arbalest... Well...

Terry Adrianlast year

Are you really trying to say that rhese bots can still cut it in the current meta? HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA. Good one.

Now, let's be serious. Not one of these bots/weapons, with the exception of the Hyrda, which would take 10 years to wear down a mk2 level 12 Bulgsari anyway, stand much of a chance. Dashbots are king, there's no way around it. You're lucky if you can land a shot on a Bulgsari/Haechi/Kumiho before it dashes either into cover or out of range. For example, in a Lancelot, largely thanks to that "waddle" that you mentioned, by the time you've closed the distance on a shocktrain Bulgsari it's blown your shield to bits and dashed back behind cover. If there's more than one and there usually is, you're dead in a few volleys each.

None of these bots have the durability or speed required to take on dashbots and I speak from experience. I've been playing over 2 and a half years so I'm no noob either. You either need to revamp these bots or balance the game somehow. THAT'S the truth.

MK3last year

And when is WS 2.0 coming out?

MK3last year

This key-control thing is terrible. I play on a touch-screen pc, but it still makes me use the keys. Please give us the option in menu to switch between key control and touch.

Nata Martinezlast year

Es realmente una basura. Si quieres regresar a la vida al rino con esas armas... Al parecer que estás promoviendo más a personas a no tener batallas frente a frente... Y pues si pones eso en el juego actual... Te aseguro .. que tendras un 80% del descontento... Y los llamarán homosexuales a ustedes cosa que a mí me da igual ...

Sam 11065#last year

your support towards marvel avengers new movie is good. But compared bots need more improvement like fujin to regenerate sheild while in moving. Griffin needs reduce jump cool down. Stalker needs more stealth duration or reduce cool down. Please consider our comments it is very much reasonable.

VN gamer 1234last year

Hey did they put the name like the"Hail hydra" or "Red skull" or even the"Ghost rider" just to put Easter eggs and put the new map call the "Carrier" similar to the Avengers motive ! I thinking that you guys tell that the upcoming movie call "Avengers infinity war" right ???

Dave Dave Crooklast year

ahaha! laughable guide let me write one up, "how to beat Koenigsegg Agera in Honda Civic". Another pathetic attempt from prickxonic

DUSlast year

Really ,You think these poor old bots can do bit good in battles push these waste stories or tips....just make game balanced again like previously
..there must be Match Making based on hanger strength and not like league....MK2 hanger vs mk1 old hanger ...who want to be fried him self
.just think ....better to work on MM based on hanger strength like old days and then everything may be okay since this game dont need new modes nor new weapon or bots ...only it need balance ...Hope you will plan for it rather pushing us to on luck kinda uncertain things....everyone should get equal chance to get things in real way nor like things based on one get two spectre in two super chest back to back and other get DOC or Rogtaka .... If you are good enough to hear us ...please rethink on said things.....

☆BushDr☆last year

I really think some of these old bots need some love!
Lancelot - Make the sheild one piece instead of 3
Galahad - More speed and a little hp boost
Fujin - Just have the Ancile sheild constantly active. I know it's a lot to ask for something with 3 medium slots but I think it would be welcomed by most.
Jesse Doc & Butch - Reduce the cool down on the "quick draw" ability by a 3rd for each robot.
Griffin - Probably the most important change for the most versatile robot in the game so I propose that either a reduced jump ability cool down or a slight speed boost for this most loved bot.
Thankyou for your time and sorry for the long response. 😀

owinlast year

owin, It is impossible with these tips to balance the real game mode ... therefore, the robots are already dead in the leagues diamond, expert, master and and even talk about champion ... the most likely is that they are forgotten forever ... "not for being bad bot" but for the way it is that they have configured everything new in the game.

owinlast year

Es imposible con esos consejos equilibrar el modo de juego actual... por lo tanto esos bot ya están muertos para ligas diamante,experto, maestro y ni hablar de campeón... algo tienen que hacer para volver a recuperar a esos bot sino lo mas probable es q queden en el olvido para siempre... "no por ser malos bot" sino por el modo es q han configurado todo lo nuevo en el juego.

Jay Teelast year

Laughable. Two Kumi's with orkans working together will walk over all these builds, eat their lunch, steal their beacons and rape their women.

Iván7last year

when are we going to be able to change components for other types of components?

Thomas Notyourconcernlast year

Seems like someone had too much to drink here. Players with "old school" hangars have neither two Mk2 level 12 Zeus, nor is the Raijin a suitable platform to counter Dash bots. The idea that a Spiral Hydra Rhino is somehow a counter to newer bots is absurd. Galahad and Gary have long been obsolete on the battlefield, for good reasons - Pixonic changed rocket mechanics a about a year ago, which took their ability to avoid rockets while backpedalling. Zeus Ion is also a questionable Lancelot setup, to say the least.

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