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[3.6] The Return of the Raijin: Dragoon guide

Author - Phoenixwolf

The Raijin is the least popular of the heavy bots in War Robots. This is surprising given it has many attributes that should have seen it become a popular foundation. Introduced in 2016 it was often seen as a hindrance to teammates due to its bulky wide stance running on four legs that often got in the way of other players.

The Raijin proved a favourite kill for a plasma Galahad who could close quickly on a Raijin, get between its guns and blast away until it scored a kill while the Raijin could neither bring its guns to bare or move away relying on its shield in Bastion mode to protect it.

Still, there are players who favor the Raijin. Some because of its unique ability to climb affording it more angles to shoot from. Some because in Bastion mode it increases weapon damage to 130%. Some like its durability having at Mark 1 Level 12  a huge 250,000 health plus 150,000 in shield strength.

Raijin has been seen running Tempests and Trebuchet, Embers and Thunders, Anciles and Zeus making it a highly versatile platform. The thing is, the Carnage can run two heavy weapons just like the Raijin so it can get around quicker and has an Ancile to provide some protection to bullets and missiles which is a viable trade-off for the extra damage bonus of the Raijin. The Fury with three heavy slots does more damage even with the 130% the Raijin can do and because both the Carnage and Fury have a high mount points for their weapons they can better use cover, shooting over it while protecting their bodies while the Raijin’s low slung weapons slots mean it must stand in the line of fire.

To many the Raijin doesn't offer enough to make it a good alternative, especially in high-level play. Especially when it can be subjected to friendly fire from players annoyed by the Raijin blocking them.

Enter the Dragoon Raijin!

The Dragoon is an energy weapon released in the 3.6 update of War Robots. It is a plasma weapon with a 600m range and can store up to four rounds these it can fire in quick succession before switching to reload and fire mechanics.

The Dragoon Raijin is a counter to the Fury or Carnage Zeus, or builds running energy weapons like the Scourge or Shocktrain because of its two forward shields that drop into place when in Bastion mode. It's high health giving it durability to get into optimal firing position. The Raijin is faster than a Fury and only marginally slower than the walking speed of a Carnage.

In battle

In battle, the Dragoon Raijin can be a great suppression bot. It has the firepower to deter heavy bots from closing including Lancelot, Griffin, Natasha, and Fury. The 600m range presents the Raijin the ability to lock down a significant area against Light, Medium, and Heavy brawlers. The Dragoon Raijin can push other 600m or less range bots into hiding and provide the pilot suitable reward in terms of damage done while supporting the brawlers on your team with cover or assist fire.

Most players will build up to a triple Dragoon Fury as they buy their Dragoons. Many will start with a single on a Lancelot or Strider before getting their second. Once you get two, the Dragoon Raijin is a powerful alternative and a chance to dust off the Raijin you bought but never really found a use for.

On larger maps the 600m Dragoon makes the Raijin an effective counter to the Haechi, Spectre and other bots not protected by physical shields. Spectre’s with their low health are decimated in seconds. Against a shielded bot the Dragoon Raijin is a strong support bot as well as packing the punch needed to break a Lancelot shield as it closes for battle.


The Raijin might finally have found the weapon it needed to make it a viable fighter, offering great offensive and support for your hanger.

If you have a Raijin and two Dragoon it would definitely be a build worth trying for yourself.


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David Hudlin3 months ago

Dragoon’s are weak until leveled up 2 X Zeus is the best weapons for Rajin

Ryan Cooper348 months ago

Yo Wazzup in my opinion The Zeus is the closest weapon you can get to the Dragoon since it's out of Range of most players.

Saga de Géminis 9 months ago

El único problema que tengo es el Raijin con las éxodus, los misiles chocan con el escudo cuando esta activado.

violentregret10 months ago

Hated raining leveled it to 7 and it just turned into free points for the red team sold it to put silver into workshop for a thermite best choice I've made in a the game so far

OneHPCossacklast year

Have the dragoons mk2, and in bastion mode +50% damage. Which is absolutely amazing.

The iron trolllast year

And people were pissed of by the relase of rajin thinking its better than the fury

Stermyster last year

in my opinion, I think the rajin Zeus is as strong as a rajin dragoon. A lot of math incoming. A rajin Zeus deal(with the 30% damage included) 21349 damage with 1 Zeus lvl 12 mk1. So it deals 42698 damage with both zeus. The dragoon deals( with 30% damage) 11050 damage with 1 dragoon lvl 12 mk1. So it deals 22100 damage with both. The upside about the Zeus is that it can’t miss his target and it deals more damage but it need to fire his full clip(takes around 1.5 second to empty the full clip) to deal his damage and it need to wait 3s to lock-on the target. So the enemy can hide will still beings shot so they can stop the damage. His DPS those not drop off because it need to wait 6 second before shooting again. The dragoon however can miss his target,deal less damage but 1 shot will deal 11050 damage and it has 5 clips before running out. It’s has a high reloading time and this will reduce the DPS of the dragoon. It take 12s to full the clip and 3s to regenerate 1 clip. Zeus and the Dragoon are strong but one of them will be better in a certain situation.

ΔStriker-last year

This is by far one of the best setups. It may not have the same firepower overall as a fury but the damage boost really makes a difference! 600m keeps those haechi's away and the bastion shield proves useful when things get bad. I've kept my raijin all the way to champion. and this is GREAT.

AcMelast year

Megalodonshark13, I have dragoons set up, tried raijin. Wasn't happy with it. I got my natasha out with 2 arbalst.
Very mobile, lack of 130% damage. As mentioned in article. However,able to get zone needed faster.
Goodluck, pilot.

nuuu!stahp!last year

thx, iv seen it before. raijin = dragoon is super annoying cus their shield and firepower.they killed my carnage so quickly. ):

PixelPower6last year

I have seen this in action.
I need [Reasonable amounts* of] Dragoon Components.

*About 250 a day.

Pinky Stiletto last year

I have a Raijin collecting dust. It’s sad really since it’s a beefy bot. The Dragoon sounds good, but is out of my price range for now. Maybe I’ll be able to get a couple if they go on sale in the future. Thanks for keeping us informed. :)

Megalodonshark13last year

Thx a lot now I can use my Dragoons over my Tridents :)

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