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[3.7] Gotta Go Fast: Strider & Plasma

Author - Pilot FM9CUY

“Strider is too poor a name...Wingfoot I name you”

— Éomer, Two Towers; Lord Of The Rings

Wingfoot indeed. Strider is unparalleled at grabbing beacons from far reaches of the map and being where it needs to be in an astoundingly low amount of time. Possibly the fastest bot in WR right now with its ability activated, Strider sounds terrifying on paper.

Is it?

Strider boasts of a Heavy hardpoint and two light hardpoints. The Top mounted heavy is optimally placed for shooting from behind low covers. With destructive light weapons like Pinata, Magnum available, this robot can bring to bear devastating amounts of damage, and that too pretty quickly.

Out of the many loadouts possible, I’ll test out the Redeemer-Magnum setup and see how effective it is and how the Strider carries it off.

First up, both the Redeemer and Magnum have same max range of 350m, so that lines up perfectly. It allows the Strider to stay away from Pinata-Orkan range. 5 dashes are enough to backpedal if something troublesome comes up. Both weapons are precise, so same type of handling is enough.

On a real battle however, the Magmer Strider suffers on two crucial fronts. The slow, painfully slow firing speed of the Redeemer doesn’t mesh well with the spry Strider. In the previous article about that starred a Redeemer build with the Carnage, I already expressed dismay at how many of Redeemer’s shots go amiss due to Carnage’s Rush, on a Strider the problem is increased exponentially both because of the ability and its normal speed.

The other factor that is a major drawback is the miniscule healthpool of Strider. At 350m, it can’t stand up to a determined fire of Plasma weapons, or burst damage weapons. The Strider however proves its worth by staying way past its life expectancy with that small health due to its 5 dash charges; but though it moves likes a butterfly, it can’t sting like a bee.

One more thing about the Dash charges is that each recharge takes about as much time as a Haechi’s recharge. So if you spend all of them running to the centre beacon, when the Reds catch up, you’ll be a sitting duck with slow ability recharges. Therefore, use them judiciously. The dashes themselves are shorter than Haechi’s or Bulgasari’s, but longer than a Kumiho’s. The 5 dashes combined helps the Strider cover 390 meters in a jiffy; which honestly is scary to the reds in modes like Beacon Rush or King of The Hil

For me, the Magmer build wasn’t as good as on paper. It died easy, did little appreciable damage and was a liability. For some, this will sure shine in their hands, for others, some other build would be devastatingly effective. No matter what you use, the Strider is here to stay and steal beacons from under the red’s noses. 

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