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[3.6] Spectre vs Strider: What to choose?

Author - Phoenixwolf

Actually, the question from the title proved to be a hard question to answer. Both have their merits depending on your play style.

The Spectre

Many worry that a bot with four medium weapons slots is overpowered. It might seem so when one attacks you with the current meta weapons such as four Shocktrains, four Orkans or four Tarans. The Spectre can certainly wreck your day when it attacks. My personal favourite build is the four Tulumbas build. 500m, Splash damage, and a Stealthed Jump make the Spectre a great counter for the Shocktrain Bulgasari.

The Spectre is an ambush bot. It needs to use cover well to survive a long period in battle. Much like the Carnage Thunder or a Griffin build if it sees a bot separated from the herd it makes for an easy target and usually a quick kill.

The Spectre is a ghost, too, using its speed to get around far faster than a Griffin can.

The Strider

Where the Spectre takes full advantage of the damage from four medium weapons, the Strider uses speed and additional health to full advantage.

At Level 12 a Spectre has 110,000 health and a top speed of 55 kph. Meanwhile a Level 12 Strider has 135,000 health and a top speed of 60 kph.

Advantage goes to the Strider in both speed and health.

Comparing the special abilities

The Spectre has Descend, the Stealth Jump launched with the Inquisitor that lasts 4 seconds after landing and has a 18 second cooldown.

The Strider has the Dash ability brought into the game when the Korean bots launched. Unlike the Korean Dash bots though, the Strider stores not two but five dash charges each having a 12 second cool down. This gives the Strider the phenomenal ability to cover distance quickly. A Strider can get to the Centre Beacon on Yamantau from spawn even beating the Kumiho.

Determining a clear winner based on special ability is tough as it will depend on your play style.


The Spectre has the four medium slots. This does give it potentially higher damage depending on the build.

The Strider, on the other hand, has two light slots and one heavy. This can be a blessing and a curse as while heavy weapons can do significant damage, light weapons are less potent by design than medium weapons.

The thing is, the Strider is poised to take full advantage of heavy weapons in development as well as those in game.

Combinations like the Thunder/ Gust or Thunder/ Pinata can be effective if you want to get up and personal using the dashes to both close the gap and circle prey. A Tempest/ Molot or Tempest/ Punisher can be good long or mid-range support. Magnums with A Dragoon or Ember will bypass energy shielded bots. Soon the Strider will also have access to the Thermite, a heavy Aphid system which would partner with the Aphid making it the new Gepard.

So which should I get?

Well, it depends on your playstyle. If you play a precise, tactical and patient game, the Spectre can serve you well. Meanwhile, if you are a beacon runner wanting the mobility to speed across open maps and a decent amount of firepower to defend a beacon until support arrives, then the Strider is for you.

One thing I found with both is they can be great for tying up multiple red players, who after you annoyed them enough, will definitely want to hunt you down.

Myself, I have enjoyed running both on the battlefield at Champs level and have gotten good results from both on most maps as long as like always you play it smart and protect your bots.

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