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[3.6] Ghostbusting: Slaying Spectres

Author - Pilot FM9CUY

The blue-skinned ghost has everyone wary. The four medium hardpoints seem too much firepower for a single bot and a free licence to kill and dominate. The Spectre seems poised to be the undisputed king of WR battlefields.

That’s why let’s explore how to kill these ghosts and lay them to rest.

Going long-range

Firstly, the Spectre has 110K HP even at level 12. It’s even more fragile than a Carnage and the latter at least has an energy shield. So, without shields of any kind, and that pitiful HP, the scary Spectre doesn’t seem that scary, does it?

Well, it isn’t. If played smartly.

Remember, the Spectre’s hardpoints are medium. The mediums with maximum range are Scourge and Hydra and that tops out at 600m. Scourge damage is very low out at 600m, and Hydras can be dodged if you move even a few metres beyond 600.

What does it mean? It means that weapons like Trebuchet, Tempest, Molot (T), Gekko, Nashorn, Kang Dae, Arbalest can safely damage Spectre’s without ever coming into harm from them. A determined fire from an all molot Griffin would take down a Spectre easily. A Quad-Treb Butch or a Treb Fury or even a Teb-Gekko Natasha would be devastating to the Spectre, and that is just the long range options.

Shocktrain issue

The most feared weapon on the Spectre is a Shocktrain. Truth be told, 4 Shocktrains can do a lot of damage and fast. It also means that now the Spectre’s max effective range is 500m. Which brings into play the most effective builds against Spectres, the Zeus and the Dragoon.

Zeus is particularly effective because it takes but a moment to deliver huge damage, and even if it wants to activate its cloak, it means that it has to jump, making it a very target to hit. Dragoons are very devastating to the Spectre, too. It simply can’t last the sustained heavy damage. Another setup that could work well is Hydras. A Hydra Fujin can cripple a Spectre with the missiles that won’t quit.

From the last update, Shocktrains are blockable by shields. British bots like Gareth, Galahad, Lancelot can block the hits just by using their shield. If you’re scared of chain hits, remember that the power drops a hot with each successive chain hits.

Blocking Taran

Now then, moving on to the next powerful build, the Taran. It is a very devastating build for its sheer raw power. But, like everything else, it has its Achilles heels. Taran is easily blockable by shield so Brit Bots, Rhino, Bulgasari are perfect to tank the plasma onslaught and counter. Count to 8 pa-pas of the Taran and then hit the Spectre, hard. If it tries to cloak, you can hit it easily by eye.

Also, at this range Shocktrain bots can safely counter the Spectre. Punisher(T) setups like the Leadhose Griffin can also wreck the bot. Tulumbus-Pin or RDB setups also become viable and the constant reload means you can be a very persistent harasser to the Spectre.

Orkan Counterbalance

The most powerful build is the Orkan Spectre. The massive, massive damage delivered in single volleys means it will kill most robots on contact. It is also the shortest range.

So, slap on an Ancile, and stay out of 300m range if you see an Orkan spectre. Plasma setups will be very effective against the Orkan-Spectre. Burst damage stuff like Pin, Tulumbus delivered from behind cover, Scourge is good. Dash bots can easily flit around and avoid the Orkan volleys.

Proceeding to some other builds which though situational would be rather effective against a Spectre.

The shotgun family of weapons; Thunder, Storm, Gust due to their spread will ignore the cloaking of the Spectre to a large measure. Setups like Thunder Carnage, when successfully ambushes the Spectre will absolutely kill it. Storm K-bots are also rather effective in that regard though depending on whether it is a Taran or Orkan Spectre, Bulgasari or Haechi would be more effective respectively.

Aphid and Vortex will also cripple the Spectre if delivered correctly.

Honorable Mentions: In the natural world there is a mechanism called mimicry by which one organism mimics characteristics of another organism to hunt or protect itself. Funnily enough, seems like that works in WR too. Right after the Spectre came out, there was an uptick in Pattons wearing the Blue Viking skin, most probably in an attempt to scare that it was a fearsome Spectre. Always check before panicking if it’s a Spectre or a Patton or Blue Griffin.

See? The Spectre isn’t that scary. Target its low health and shrug off the fear of its four hardpoints and you too will be a ghostbuster.


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2057clones12 days ago

ballista=1100m range

Icywarhammer5007 months ago

I know this page is old, but if you can get ahold of 2 avengers, put them on a carnage and kill 4 Orkan Spectres in ffa

Alaa Nabil9 months ago

يجب استعادة اقوة ربوت سبكتر لقد صار ضعيفا للغايه بعد تحديث ٤.٣.٠

AFK Cabbgelast year

Ballista is out! I mean like man, come on, you put four ballistas (which are medium trebuchets) on a spectre and it becomes the ultimate sniping bot

RougePilotlast year

Isn't the Molot T a medium weapon?

Punkahlast year

Such a joke. Write down all tips and in summary: dont move, dont do anything, dont play. Thats how you beat spectre. Now with full spectre hangar, game is pretty much ruined. Im about to get a Spectre myself, but i feel miserable. Ill be part of the problem, and still, ill be playing another boring, “no battle” stealth bot.
Ps: if Pixonic is recommending people to use anciles against Orkan Spectres, well... All those guides are useless

Pyrotech442last year

How to defeat spectre: pay a boatload of $2000 cash, take a few months to upgrade, and there you have it!

Punkahlast year

Great, but you forgot to take in account spectre’s descend hability. It can jump to distance, to shelter, all stealth. There is a reason every top player from legends league has at least two of them.

Punkahlast year

Great, but you forgot to take in account spectre’s descend hability. It can jump to distance, to shelter, all stealth. There is a reason every top player from legends league has at least two of them.

parranalast year

accually the molots spectere has the most range

Gulzarlast year

Best robots

Yaxye Luckylast year

Please move TEAM Death Match to the server with KOTH. TDM is sucking the life out of players who DO NOT play this mode and we’re starting to hate WR just because we’re forced to play TDM so often. Bad things is you hit TDM 40% of time in random currently

5HSDNE☺ hope i win 20 supply drops

blazegamerlast year

Pls devs fix the issue of lag which I am experiencing lately.Server maintenance is not enough .The lag is still there even more. Get a permanent solution for this lag issue.Cant even hit my opponents. Seriously this pisses me off.

Rooneyf0last year

Best game ever.

MightyAimanlast year

Still ; it'll always be a drastic disaster to every match. 4 mid weapons with invisibility ; it destroys atleast 1 bot with each of it's jump.

Pyrotech442last year

Participate in Challenges by Manni. You could win any robot or any mk2 weapon. You just have to do the instructions and make a video off of it. I'm going to try to win an ember mk2

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