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[3.6] A Player’s Guide to King of the Hill

by Phoenixwolf - 12.02.2018

War Robots currently has four player modes: the original Domination mode, Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch and most recently added, King of the Hill. Like with maps, the game modes offer differing gaming experiences, some focusing more towards carnage and destruction, others the strategies of war. Some are fast paced others allowing time for thought and most players soon find they have their preferred game mode or modes.

While the original Domination mode, Beacon Rush and Team Deathmatch reward the players in order of their damage, King of the Hill is unique.

How to play King of the Hill?

Play starts as normal with players spawning in at one of the set spawn points for the map. In this game mode only the Centre Beacon is active at the start of the game. This is the first goal and players will rush to capture this beacon affording both beacon runners and damage dealers opportunity because the action is around just one beacon.

The player or players who capture the beacon get credited with the beacon capture PLUS beacon points for every second they stay in the immediate vicinity of the captured beacon. Each beacon had a pool of capture points. They start to drain once the beacon goes white. So getting there fast is essential favouring the fast agile light and medium bots.

After the beacon turns to blue for the capturing team each player in its vicinity defending it earns capture points until the points are depleted. The more players defending it the faster it is depleted. Of course, those red team players are going to want it back and will fight hard to kill the team and take the beacon and remaining points so you need to stay alert, use cover and try to maximise the time your team holds the beacon.

Once the beacon points deplete the beacon turns off and one of the four other beacons will activate. Some will break off, racing to secure the next beacon while damage dealers might continue to brawl it out hoping to mech out or destroy all of the opposing team's Robots.

Play will continue with players going for beacons, sometimes deep in the heart of enemy territory.

While playing you might notice there is the usual clock but the beacon bar is different. Instead of starting full and depleting like in Domination or Beacon Rush, in King of the Hill the bar fills based of how long beacons are held filling faster the more beacon capture points each player gets based on how long they spend inside the beacon capture zone.

When the clock runs out or one team fills their capture bar, the game ends.

I did top damage, why didn't I get the top spot?

King of the Hill focuses on beacons like no other mode. In King of the Hill the player with the most beacon capture points wins. This means someone running a light Stalker or even a Cossack could actually beat the brawler with an army of Haechi or other high damage builds. It is not unlikely then for a player with a few hundred thousand or fewer damage points to actually beat players scoring a million in damage.

They get the gold and key rewards based on beacon points. Damages though still get good silver rewards so there is something for everyone based on their role or play styles.

I am not interested in beacons, this mode is not for me?

Actually, in many respects this could be the ideal mode for brawlers and even range players. Because P!ay focuses on one beacon at a time, most of the players will be trying to capture or defend that beacon putting the highest concentration of players in one spot.

If you know where the players are going to be you can easily optimise your damage dealing racking up personal bests for kills and damages.

Of course, it goes without saying faster less armoured and with fewer armaments will be easy kills for the player wanting to focus on kills running slower be more powerful builds so beacon runners need to really be alert and use the covers to their best.

This brings me to strategy!

King of the Hill is a strategy game, you plan out how to get the beacon, how you can defend it, how you can score damages all based on your bots and weapons. Finding the right strategy for you and your squad can allow you to easily rule as King of the Hill. This can make the game mode a fun mode offering something for everyone be they playing solo or as a squad.

Team play strategies work exceptionally well in beacon rush. A balanced mixed squad combining beacon runners to capture beacons, brawlers to defend then and on open maps snipers to pick of beacon runners can gain a real advantage not seen in other modes.

So who is King of the Hill?

Are you or your friends or clan mates the ones to claim that crown?

If so be ready for more challengers because as King of the Hill gains players it could become a favourite mode for many tired of the long walks of Domination of the dominance of the top clans in the other modes.


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Type-13last year

I recommend a system of scoring change in this mode. Rather than pure beacons or pure damage for team rank, make it (Damage+(500*Beacon Points)) as the score formula. As a KotH player myself, this would even out scores based on effect on your team greatly. Dedicated cappers get rewarded as usual for scoring victory points, but fighters with little to no Beacon time won't get shafted in ranking and rewards for filling an equally or more vital role and creating space for the beacon cappers and killing opposing bots.

Imasandwich last year

This is cool even though I personally don't like it. Can we have all the modes separate please?

Arslan46last year

Make report system. I dropped from expert 1 to expert 2 half bar because of retards. They just sit in base and wait for secure beacon, or destroy instead of pushing for next beacon and run for next in base secured beacon. So close deleting this game because of retards!!! And reduce that negative points so players wont purposly sabotage us others.

Susan Rustlast year

I couldn't agree more, Cowboy. Especially with forcing people to randomly play 1 of 3 different modes. Each of the modes requires a different garage, and that is not even taking into account the long range vs. short range maps. I used to love this game, now, not so much.
I wish they would fix things, instead constantly adding things that make it worse. I remember when people were asking to be able to choose the map, now we cannot even choose the mode. No wonder there is such a problem with people quitting battles. If things don't improve, I forsee people quitting the game, I may be one of them.

BigXIICowboylast year

How about fixing the games problems before we go adding new modes?
A: The dash bot problem has yet to be corrected.
B: The shock train weapon still need to be dealt with.
C: The economy still (for lack of a better word) SUCKS.
D: The random mode forces people to play game modes they don't like.
I suggest those issues be dealt with 1st.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Good read as always @Phoenixwolf!

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