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[3.6] Glass Tiger, Crystal Dragon: Spectre

by Phoenixwolf - 7.02.2018

In the dark shadows on Pixonic’s Development Centre a small bot was being conceived. A ghost whispered about. Originally designated Exorcist it would drive out the evil that had become before it but instead, it was consumed by the dark shadows becoming a ghost, a shade, a Spectre.

It sounds like the set up for a B-grade horror movie and the Spectre could be a bot that players would have nightmares about as it descends on your bot with four medium slots of death.

The Spectre follows on from the Inquisitor and is a jumping bot with the Stealth Jump ability called Descend. Where the Inquisitor combined two medium slot weapons with a single heavy slot, the Spectre carries a payload of four medium weapons.

Let’s take a closer look at the ghost of the Battlefield, the Spectre.


The Spectre has claws. Running four medium slot weapons gives the Spectre potentially superior firepower over the likes of the Haechi and Bulgasari. Equipped with Orkans it can be used like a Thunder Carnage for Ambush attacks. With Tarans it can strike from the side or rear with lethal effect. Shocktrains or Tulumbas for a bit more range for airborne attacks.

The Spectre can do significant damage in battle.


The Spectre has a top speed of 55 which puts it up with some of the fastest medium class bots on the battlefield. It is faster than the former top league favourite, the Galahad and current favourite Haechi. This allows it to slip around the battlefield quietly and quickly turning up where it can do the most damage, appearing like a ghost.


Like the Inquisitor, the Spectre has the Stealthed jump that allows it to break target locks while in the air and for four seconds after hitting the ground. The jump allows it to reach high ground quickly. The downside of the jump is that it has an eighteen second cool down versus the Rogatka which is faster and can jump again within seconds of landing.


The Spectre has an Achilles heel. At Level 12 Mark One, the Spectre was just 110,000 health. This is less than a Carnage, the Galahad, the Haechi or Rogatka. In fact, it has marginally more health than a Stalker and 2,000 less than a Jessie.

It was this that led to the Spectre being referred to by Foggy of Foggy1Gaming on Youtube as the “Glass Tiger”. If you haven't already seen Foggy’s Youtube channel you should check it out.

Anyway, the moniker stuck. The Spectre is a glass tiger. Sure it can do a lot of damage but it is relatively easy to take down.

How to play the Spectre?

For me, the best strategy is to play it like a Griffin. Use cover to move close to your weapon range then jump to attack. If you're sure you can kill the target and no other bot is in position to retaliate then you can use the jump to gain ground as well as put you into attack. If not a retreating jump can do damage while opening the gap for a safe escape, using the Spectre’s speed to beat a hasty retreat.

A Tulumbas Spectre can be ran the same way as a Russian Death Button Griffin (Tulumbas and Pins) using the 500m range and splash of four Tulumbas to good effect as a counter to Shocktrain equipped Bulgasari.

The secret to survivability is to use the shadows of cover.

How to Kill a Spectre?

You don't need to call Ghostbusters to kill this Ghost.

The Spectre is as fragile as a light bot. It has no physical or energy shield. It's only defensive ability is the Descend which can be countered by splash or plasma offering minimal temporary protection from lock-on weapons like Zeus, Shocktrain or Scourge.

Faced with one, watch its weapons, what range do they have, did they just get fired? The best defence is awareness. Knowing what is happening, what bots are around you and who can hit you.

One of the most feared versions was a Spectre with four Shocktrains and anyone familiar with three on a Haechi or Bulgasari know that four would no doubt hurt your bot to get hit with. Still having already faced one I can tell you I would rather face four Shocktrains on a Spectre than three on a Bulgasari any day. The Bulgasari is a much harder takedown with superior health and a physical shield. Knowing it is out there is halfway to killing it.

A Glass Tiger is still a Tiger if it has all its teeth and claws. Without, it goes from predator to prey in the blink of an eye. Avoid its teeth and claws and you can easily tweak a tiger’s tail or in the case of the Spectre, take it down with most weapons on the battlefield.


The Spectre is a fun bot to play. Its speed and agility allow it to get around the map quickly and easily. It can be played like a Kamikaze leaping into the battle certain of a quick but glorious death or more conservatively picking targets carefully, capturing and defending beacons.

I found it particularly useful in King of the Hill game mode where it could quickly gegg from beacon to beacon. Carrying sufficient firepower to defend or deter players trying to take away the beacon from you the Spectre is at home in this game mode but still can take on the other modes including Team Deathmatch and hold its own against bots with superior health.


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R0ck_0nlast month

What a f$%king joke this article is..

the Achilles heel is his health? Well why don't u tell us how to whack a spectre shocktrains' Achilles heel? You know what? Chances are u can't. His walking speed and descend ability just makes a mid range camper spectre impossible to kill on a 1v1 level. You and your team needs to go full tilt and rush these builds but oh wait! There Are now MULTIPLE spectrains in all the games after expert and master leagues.

Stop trying to downplay the power of this bot and shocktrains. Everyone knows it's ridiculously OP and the people that don't think So..just go and check out their hangars. U will find shocktrains in their hangars.

Punkah5 months ago

And a Tiger that can runs as fast as possible to shelter and still become invisible every 18 seconds its not a glass tiger at all. Its the hardest tiger to kill ever conceived. Its embarassing to read all those guides trying to minimize the problem $pectre become to the game. All other bots are useless to 95% of the players that stick to one hangar. Im part of two clans and 110% of the more than 70 players only want Spectre or weapons that Spectre can use. Everyone jokes anytime another new bot is released, they are useless. If the top players from champions league are using 5 Spectres every battle, thats it. No one needs to use their brains anymore to think about weapons/bot combnations. Game over dudes

Punkah5 months ago

Thats not an relatively easy bot to take down. When most of the top players from legends league are using ONLY Spectre hangars, you know something truely fundamental is screwed. Balance is over, and worst than that, battle is over. Why? Cause when the majority of the robots used are stealth bots (Inquisitor and Spectre), you’ve got something else. Something boring compared to knivefighting, mid range fighting or anything. We have ghost battles these days. I cant shoot you, you cant shoot me. Spectre needs a way longer cooldown. Once you have one per hangar it will be fine, right now people have 5

camander teku 25 months ago

spectre is king when you use jump/stealth ability to attack and hide when it is cooling down, very hard to hunt spectre down when they hide and wait for there descend to recharge

< BATMAN >5 months ago

Hoy adquirí mi primer espectro y estoy muy emocionado por ello
Amo este Bot <3 <3

Revere7 months ago

Hey there mr. mod. Good to talk to you again. After dropping into a TDM match
(which alone makes me want to quit war robots)

and leaving the match early after it met my criteria for the only way I’ll leave a match early (reds drop in with more than 9 shocktrains in tdm)

It dawned on me that it’s possible tdm was roped in with the beacon modes and were all being forced to play it because that’s the only mode where this bot really shines, and since the cash clans are all cashed out on dash bots, they need a way to move this thing.

Before I lay into pixonic more, I want to say that I’m genuinely shock(train)ed, pleased and hopeful that pixonic made a genuine attempt to balance the spectre. It has actual downsides. But that’s why they’re not selling it and why I’m guessing we’re all forced into game modes.

In the beacon modes it’s a force for sure, but it’s lack of durability and short stealth duration without being able to play shocktrain peekaboo then retreat makes it good at defending beacons only and not pressing them. Even in that role, it’s really got one jump and fire cycle if it’s landing zone is predictable where other players are say......a beacon. It’s why you never see the cash clans run them in the beacon modes, but they sit in the multiple hanger decks for when TDM comes up. If I’m honest I think that sucks. Now not only do I have to play tdm when I don’t want to at all, I have to play the shocktrain peekaboo version of tdm. I spend on the game, but I’m totally unwilling to drop an entire paycheck on my hanger, so people in my position (90 odd percent of your players) leave a tdm drop like I do. It’s rare that I finish an entire tdm match with two complete squads.

This needs to be fixed immediately or many people including me, who represents an actual revenue stream for pixonic, are just straight going to quit. I’m honest with you man I’m almost over it. I’m begging you please pass on to the developers that 3.7 needs to include a way to increase the way players have freedom to experience this game.

Thanks again

Pilot FM9CUY7 months ago

Hellroach, Hey, mod here. I am sorry to hear about your predicament :(

I'll let you in on a secret. Inquisitor is better than all the other stealth jump bots. Haechi and Kumiho are still some of the best robots even with the new releases. So, don't worry much.

Oh, and congrats on earning the Haechi! and it's not always that hard to get new stuff. I actually got a full pack of Wild Bunch robots, and two Inquisitors just by keeping my eye on the contests that regularly pop up.

Good luck to you!

Hellroach7 months ago

With the addition of this new hopping stealth bot, who’s still trying to attain ownership of the old stealth hopper Inquisitor? Just me? If so, think I should scrap progress for this new kid, or just say, “Fuck it. I’ve come this far.”? I’m VERY unwilling to fork over cash for either bot, since I’ve got better things to spend real money on, which makes the decision rather difficult. I finally EARNED, (not BOUGHT, EARNED!!) my Haechi, and am now slowly EARNING my Kumiho. Course, this does mean when I return to playing with competitiveness in mind, I’ll be the weak kid on the playground, but, who knows? Maybe then the game will be balanced or there'll be an instant game winner weapon on the field. Either way, my hopes aren’t up, and I’m beginning to look at other pastures. I ain’t willing to leave just yet, but all these new, EXPENSIVE toys are making the move all the more likely.
Don’t do this to me Pixonic. Please. I appreciated the game when I started playing last summer through last fall, but since 2017/2018 winter, things have gotten out of hand. And wallet.

ΔStriker-7 months ago

Also this thing isn't gonna counter dash bots. Lets be honest the current dashers will probably ADD this to there team :/

ΔStriker-7 months ago

Shocktrain spectre..dear god the damage with 4 of those maxed will be death for the other team. seems like a good bot but its gonna be nearly as bad as shocktrain haechi

PIRABO$$7 months ago

Too strong to battle against. Why did they bring this bot? 4 medium weapon points is a no-no to me. Why not 4 light weapon points

Papajofixit7 months ago

Everyone needs to lower their star rating of the game in the Play Store's it's the only thing pixonic will respond to

Dave Dave Crook7 months ago

why bother making a guide when clearly pixsonic is going to nerf the dash bots in few months in order to throw the current meta out and "hope" to get the whales buy the new bots.

Spask Crondusk7 months ago

This Spectre is better suited for hunting dash bots and its a MUST have to add to our hanger to Clash the Dash bots, anyone said otherwise will just get eaten by dash bots. Bring more overpower bot that can counteract the dashers.

Exelleration7 months ago

I’m not sure of this is Pixonic’s idea of balancing the Haechi, but i don’t think it’s going to work. Creating more bots they are better and more powerful then the Haechi (that is still as hard to get as the Haechi or bulgasari anyway) will not balance the game, but make it more unbalanced. I understand the spectre has low hit points, but four medium slots and a stealth jump is way to much.

Pyrotech4428 months ago

You don't even need to know how to properly play this robot to win, you just need to have it. That is how powerful these robots have become. 4 vortex = 1 hit kill. 4 shocktrain = 3 hits kill 6 robots. 4 orkans = 0_0 let's not go too far, this robot is beyond overpowered, and I thought the haechi was op.

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