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[3.6] Flying Is The New Flanking, part II: Inquisitor

Author - Where y'at

This guide is made by our friends at War Robots University. Be sure to check them out if you're looking for more!

This guide is a companion to Flanking Maneuvers. Here we will focus on moving Inquisitor into strong positions for your team. You are a deadly combination of firepower, mobility, and stealth — but you do not have shields, so you need to learn how to outmaneuver and surprise your enemies.

Inquisitor may look like a Lancelot, because of the single heavy and two medium hardpoints. If piloted the same way, however, it is easily destroyed. Instead, we recommend thinking like a Stalker or Carnage pilot — get in for a big hit, and use your unique ability to get out!  

Much of the series to this point has focused on getting there, but Inquisitor is a little different.  His special abilities are combined: when the robot jumps, he enters Stealth mode for ten seconds (five aloft and five on the ground). This ability is not intended for travel — it’s intended for arrival or departure. In between, the massive firepower is for destruction.

There’s only one way out of here: Katana lays waste to the field with heavy and medium weapons that can hurt the whole team.
I’ve taken a defensive position at BRAVO on Springfield. Anything that walks up my ramp is going to get toasted!

In this video, Inquisitor walks from spawn point BRAVO on Power Plant toward ECHO, hoping for a critical early capture in Beacon Rush mode. Facing a bunch of newly spawned enemies, Inquisitor’s ability keeps it alive long enough to hold the beacon until help arrives.

Destroy and disappear

Liberating and capturing beacons is different depending upon the mode of War Robots you are playing. In Domination mode, because your enemy can not respawn at a beacon where they have been destroyed, there is sometimes a very long period of time for you to relocate, recharge, and take cover. War Robots University recommends utilizing Inquisitor to clear enemies from difficult positions, as it is relatively safe to jump into beacon areas. Beacon Rush mode requires a different approach, and Inquisitor really shines here. Many pilots use a Stalker, Gareth, or Kumiho as a “sacrifice robot,” capturing a beacon in order to die and spawn a heavy hitting Lancelot or the like. But with the Inquisitor, one can deal massive damage and escape using stealth mode, so it is possible for it to grab a beacon and exit without being killed. Perhaps your teammates will even assist by spawning on the seized location!

Inquisitor is, according to our research, unparalleled among all robots in its niche — a niche we’ll call it “destroy and disappear.” Dash robots are good at it too, of course, but Inquisitor literally vanishes from the enemy’s target locking for ten seconds.  As our colleague pointed out, it can work in reverse order, too.  We prefer the former approach, a “live to fight another day” philosophy, but feel free to “disappear and destroy!”

Here’s an example sequence. Like Hover, the U recommends bringing the Inquisitor late in the battle, when the enemy is weakened and spread across the territory. Note Kwahhh taking the center beacon without much help.  Inquisitor is fully charged; the plan is to descend on Kwahhh, liberate ECHO, and roll out to the left side getting cover as soon as possible.

With help from a friend, Inquisitor wipes out the enemy at Center and starts left, as I can see the enemy massed on my right.
The enemy has bunched even further, which means one thing: flank left!  Getting cover as fast as possible is imperative in an unshielded bot; Inquisitor’s cooldown is 20 seconds.
Continuing toward the enemy flank with the heavy weapon aimed over the available cover.
Successful escape from Center means that Inquisitor can now take a fourth beacon on the enemy flank, and is fully charged to deal with any arriving defenders.
Like Lancelot, Inquisitor allows a wide range of versatile setups - don’t be afraid to utilize him with Punishers or Talumbas as they add range over Orkans or Tarans.  The only limit is you.  Be creative about your approach and exit from critical areas, and this robot’s abilities will win battles for you.


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Free2Play (_Y_)last year

It's taken me 4 months of game play, using the WSP offers and the Black Market to get 9000 Haechi compnents, no weapons for it yet. My Inquisitor components in the same time has reached a mighty 577. This guide might be useful to me in about 5 to 6 years. But, I likely still won't have the weapons to go on the fucking thing.

Hellroachlast year

RedBaronet, I agree here. I’ve been doing everything I could save spending real money to get my Inquisitor since its components became available for purchase, and I don’t even have a quarter of the required 10K. Really sucks since my component count for the Hover has already surpassed my Inquisitor, and I’m nearly ready for a second, non-cash earned Gust! And then I’ve also yet to get a Shocktrain. I’m not spending any money to get components, much to my detriment, and only now am I within 1000 components of purchasing. And then comes the upgrading. While I condemn the practice, suddenly tanking for Au and Ag is becoming REALLY attractive.

Pixonic, take note.

PLEASE.. don’t condemn people you assured were downloading a “Free-to-Play” game to such in-game criminality. I’m abiding by my side of the bargain with my effective patronage. Abide by yours.

RedBaronetlast year

GeometricalTaco, Exactly!!!
They put all these cool weapons and bots, which are impossible to get for components are crazyyy hard to get, unless you spend real money.

GeometricalTacolast year

Nice guide, although I don't actually have the inquisitor......

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