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[3.5] Flying Is The New Flanking, part I: Hover

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This guide is made by our friends at War Robots University. Be sure to check them out if you're looking for more!

This guide is a companion to Flanking Maneuvers and will focus on moving Hover into strong positions for your team. You may not be Kumiho fast on the ground, but you can glide into places quickly, and reach places that are unattainable to other robots.

I believe I can fly

Movement is critical in War Robots. It’s a territory control game — we don’t see statistics for meters travelled, but at War Robots University we hold the opinion that the team that moves faster and more often will be the team that wins!

Don’t be this guy (M), still in his first robot while his team dies off one by one.

Hover can arrive at far-flung beacons as fast or faster than any robot in the game. Its mobility — a fast jump, steerable gliding descent, and seven-second cooldown — is a major asset to your team. This robot allows you to seize territory before your enemy can. Your firepower, two medium hardpoints and one light hardpoint, allows you to overwhelm fast arriving but lightly armed robots like Stalkers and Gareths. Hover is best understood as a very fast Griffin.

Here, an enemy team has taken sniping/camping positions near the dam on Springfield, with the predictable result that they lost both BRAVO (my position) and DELTA (Pilot Tommyboy’s position) - a recipe for a very quick defeat.  The durability of Hover allows it to sustain significant damage (up to 210,000 at Mark 2/level 12).

This video demonstrates Hover’s capability to reach Delta on Springfield before the Zeus Fury - or three of them! - can walk from spawn into striking range.

In this video, Hover reaches DELTA on Shenzhen before an enemy Rhino and Rogatka and destroys both.

Situational Awareness

A good pilot can see the entire battlefield and recognizes his/her opportunities. When your enemy has created an imbalance, Hover can get to the opposite side.  It can go over obstacles, up to the rooftops, and it can run — at 50 km/h, it is as fast on the ground as a Galahad. Like all jumping robots, it is safer on the ground as well.

Here, the enemy has bunched on their right side, allowing Hover to pressure their spawning area and home beacons on Dead City.  Note the time - Hover is a great robot at the end of battles when the weakened enemy team can no longer cover the entire field.
Here, the enemy is protecting center, allowing Hover to pressure their flank and home beacons.  Again, it’s late in the battle and the enemy has their slower robots deployed.
Landing and stealing the beacon.  This Hover is equipped with Tulumbas and Punishers, for 500 meter range plus a big initial hit.

In Domination mode, speed is critical because you can’t spawn near the action. In many instances, it is impossible to reach allies who need your help before they are destroyed. Hover changes this dynamic, especially when used with long-range weapons. Here, Hover reaches BRAVO on Springfield in time to capture the beacon and support allies engaged with an enemy Haechi.

As previously mentioned, Hover has two medium and one light hardpoints.  This allows for virtually any kind of setup, and because so many pilots already have weapons for Griffin (two medium, two light), the Hover will fit in easily.  “Death Button” (Orkan/Pinata) and “Russian Death Button” (Tulumbas/Pins) will be immediately familiar.  Punishers are a favourite, and Molots give 800 meters of range.  The sky is, literally, the limit! 

In this video, Hover “drops in” with a dive bombing attack on an unsuspecting Griffin.

Know your limitations — a Hover in the air is exposed from all sides. Get low and glide into position. Walking off buildings is even better, as it engages your glide ability without the big jump into the air.

The conclusion at War Robots University is that while Hover is not a spectacular killer like the Haechi or the Inquisitor, which we will focus on in part II, it is a tremendously versatile robot that can fit anyone’s style of play.  Our strong recommendation is to use it to stretch, expose, and confound your opponents with its ability to quickly reach any position on any map.


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PixelPower65 months ago

In summary, the Hover is a flying Griffin that scraps one of its light weapon slots in exchange for better health and speed.

Any bot is good, you just need to know how to use it and upgrade it.

Game Center 585 months ago

Can you add to over 50% of damage or health

Arslan467 months ago

ETC ROBLES, Hello comrade. My favourite bot is hover too. I run it with 2 shocks and recently instead of pin instaled gekko. Seems good combination.

Arslan467 months ago

He is my favourite bot.

ArianKing7 months ago

less soon by lightning weapon

ArianKing7 months ago

less soon by lightning weapon

That one guy8 months ago

Lol @ "it gets to the beacon before Rhino and Rogatka and destroys them both"

Really what happens is it captures the beacon, and then he spawns his ridiculously OP Haechi on it and kills them both.

ETC ROBLES8 months ago

Naval Shank, The best set up for Hover is one which can take advantage of its mobility and the unique firing positions it can obtain.
Select weapons systems which run at the 500m range for best results in. (Scourge, Shocktrains).
If those are not available to you yet, I would suggest running Orkans and using the Hover as a beacon grabber. It can usually match a Kumiho to a beacon but it will have greater firepower due to the addition of the light slot.
Try both an Orkan and Taran setup. At the end of the day, you'll use what's funnest to play with.
Cheers and see you on the battlefield.

ETC ROBLES8 months ago

The Hover may not be my Baddest Robot... But it's the one I enjoy playing with the most!
Its mobility and ability to get to advantageous firing positions is a awesome!
"Flying" takes skill, but once mastered, you can't wait to pilot it again!
I run a Hover with Shocktrains and Aphids. Highly recommended!
Thumbs up on this build!

Hollow Hunter8 months ago

It's really fun to play with, and once vortex comes out, it'll be even MORE fun!😄

Hollow Hunter8 months ago

Hover is WAY cool, but if you go too high.... 😲☠

Hollow Hunter8 months ago

Naval Shank, Orkan. They release more fire power in one shot than a taran. An orkan is like, BOOOOOOOOOOM! A taran is like, pew-pew. Pew-pew. But it's up to you in the end.

Nitro Light8 months ago

Naval Shank, As the article said, Hover can be treated like a more mobile griffin. So usually builds that you would normally favor for Griffin can work for Hover as well. Its all about taste

Spask Crondusk8 months ago

-_- Hover need a name change as glider, levitator, or ghastly but the weapons to use on this good versatile bot is having two shocktrain and gecko. It's a good build for trolling your foes and scarying them off with a death laser of the gekko and the shocktrain or the scourge.

Dirk Duce8 months ago

I love my Hover, mine is armed with two shocktrains and an aphid. A very fun bot to play with and a menace on the battlefield. Worth every component and u need more than one in ur hanger!

Naval Shank8 months ago

Soon I'll have HOVER. I'm wondering what might be better on it, taran or orkan? 😕😕

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