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[3.5] The Art of Dying

by Pilot FM9CUY - 10.01.2018

“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one”

— Epicurus

Every guide that you ever read about War Robots has been designed to keep your robot alive for as long as possible. This one is all about how they should die.

Now, now I know it sounds very counterintuitive, perhaps ever heretical but hear me out. Like my man Plato said way back when that philosophy is the art of dying, a game in War Robots too is in a large part all about how one dies, and consequently, how one approaches the game itself.

Cats Have Nine Lives, What About You?

We have only one life to make mistakes and triumphs. Thankfully in War Robots, our escape pods shoot into the sky without fail each time giving us a total of 5 lives, and hence 5 chances to make a mark with. Therefore, to die properly, satisfactorily even you need more chances, don’t you? So...get them slots as soon as you can! More hangar slots mean you can die 5 different ways every match! Why is it important you ask? What is so good about dying?

Well, for one you can…

Die Like a Knight

Your Silver and Gold earning is calculated on the basis of your total damage output. 5 Slots mean you can dish out more, much more damage than let's say 4 slots. You can also do the heroic last stand that you always admired in the movies. Alone, almost dead and surrounded by enemies. What do you do? You can always choose to keep hitting your enemies, draining the wee stoneofapeaches for every last drop of damage you can get and boost your total. No mercy till you fall by their blades I say!

For Hono-o-o-our!!!


Die Like a Trickster

Oh, you say you’re the roguish kind? Fear not, you too have a very suitable way to embrace your death. When you’re low on health the reds will flock to you to get that kill and you, being the trickster you are can lead them on a merry chase in and out of covers till they forget they have beacons to defend...other members of your team to worry about...all forgotten in the chase of that red herring you made of yourself.

Oops, and while they were after you they lost the beacon bar and possibly got blown up from behind by your teammates. Like a heavily mechanized Pied Piper, you lead them to their deaths.

If that still doesn’t appeal to you, why not blow yourself up while the Reds struggle to destroy the last pint of your HP. This is the most vexing thing that can be done, especially in Domination. Seriously, Reds HATE that, which means you love it, don’t you?

Die Like a Miser

If you are the Scrooge McDuck of WR, that is you like to save and accumulate silver this is the way for you. Gather round because I’m going to tell a secret, a big one. Perhaps. I dunno man, judge for yourself.

You know when you lose a weapon or two, damage your leg? Those I call critical hits. If you don’t get any critical hits, that doesn’t lose any weapons or the legs of the bots you will a very, very low repair bill for that bot, sometimes even zero. So, go in, destroy bots, then blow up before they can crit you. I admit, it takes time to realise which exactly is the time to blow up your bot yet score decent damage, but when you’ll be saving tons in repair bills.

Misers are using this one simple trick to get Zero repair bills. The Blues HATE him!

Die Like a Strategist

This is almost the antithesis of dying like a knight. Instead of clinging to your bot in hopes of squeezing the last bit of damage points from the reds, here you preemptively self-destruct for strategic advantage. Reds are going to overrun your position? Destroy your Treb-Butch and get a brawler. Need some beacons? Switch to your Kumiho. Here, you’ll die only to bring pain and more suffering to your enemy.

A lot of the times pilots insist on driving bots who had half or most of their weapons blown off. This is counterproductive because you’ll waste more time than you’ll score damage. So, it helps to realise when you need to ditch your damaged robot.

Probably a good time to switch your bot

This is suitable for a number of occasions-especially in large maps where covering large distances is a hassle in a slow bot or one type of bot becomes unnecessary after some time in a match.

Oh look, it turned into one of those guides that help you play better. But hey, still, the guide to playing well is choosing to die well. See you in battle, pilots!

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